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A Return To The Premier League Behind Closed Doors: What Does This Mean For The Fans?

As the coronavirus continues to take hold of the world, there are a majority of us out there that are hoping to see a return to sport in the near future. But with social distancing still in place and the R rate still reaming close to one, the moves being made have to be calculated. In this article, we will be looking into the club’s reactions regarding refunds for fans.

Postponement Of The League

As the UK surpasses Italy in the number of cases of Coronavirus, the ongoing lockdown measures are still widely in place. Though there have been small changes allowing for extended periods of exercise and meeting people from outside of your household, sports resuming soon is still a long way off. This has, therefore, meant that a number of the premiership world-leading sports teams have seen a huge loss of revenue. This is evident as Manchester United have recently seen a loss of revenue of around 12%. With the cancellation of sporting events as a result of Coronavirus, there have also seen losses of 33.4% of revenue as a result of no broadcasting. This is just one of the many incidents that you will see of the 20 major premier league clubs experiencing huge losses at this time. However, with talks of the league continuing, these losses could be recovered within just a few months through streaming and marketing deals.  

A Stance On Refunds For The Fans From The 20 Major Teams

With this lack of revenue has come the question of refunds for season ticket holders and fans that have bought tickets to upcoming games. Though this has been vastly uncertain at this time, all 20 teams have now released their stance on what they will be offering their fans in terms of refunds. This comes at a time where betting on different football leagues and sponsorships are few and far between due to the lack of sporting events.
Here, we will be providing you with an outline of where a majority of these clubs stand in terms of a refund at this time:

Arsenal – Supporters will be entitled to a credit or a refund for match tickets and other hospitality packages.

Aston Villa – There has been no sign of refunds available at this time, however, this may change for season ticket holders. However, refunds can be made on specific matches but not season tickets at this time.

Bournemouth – There have been no signs to provide refunds to any ticket-holders at this time however, they have provided season ticket holders with a payment holiday.

Brighton and Hove – The club has offered those that wish to, to postpone their season ticket at this time, however only a small number of fans have taken advantage of this at this time.

Burnley – Fans are entitled to a full refund as a result of the pandemic

Chelsea – currently sitting at fourth in the league Chelsea have offered a full refund for those that have purchased tickets for matches that will now be played behind closed doors.

Crystal Palace – There are no signs of refunds for fans at this time, however, there will be updates on their social media platforms when this changes.

Everton – Season ticket holders are entitled to either credit or refunds for the remaining five home matches that they cannot attend.

Liverpool – As the front runners of the league at this time, this club is one of the frontrunners hoping for the league to resume. However, with the ongoing pandemic, the club has chosen to freeze season ticket prices in this time.

Manchester City – City has provided supporters with 2 options when it comes to refunds. They can either have a refund in full for the remaining 6 home games or they can opt to put the refund towards their season ticket next season.

Manchester United – They have said in a statement that they are more than happy to refund ticket holders for the matches that they are missing out on.

Newcastle United – There have been no signs of refunds for season ticket holders at this time. However, this may change in the near future.

Norwich City – Refunds will be given on a pro-rata basis the games that they are not able to attend.

Sheffield United – There is no sign of refunds at time, however, the club are not seeing season tickets for the next season during this uncertainty.

Southampton – The club is awaiting the announcement of the season being over before they decide the refunds.

Tottenham Hotspur – Refund will be given if they are applied for. However, this refund money can also be put towards a season ticket for next year.

Watford – There has been no announcement from the club regarding refunds as of yet.

West Ham United – There has been a range of refund options given to fans at this time. Or they can put the money towards a season ticket next year.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – This is one of the very few clubs that have yet to announce refunds for their fans at this time.

As the talks of the season resuming continue, only time will tell how well tell how the clubs continue to issue refunds to those with season tickets.

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