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7th tier club wins second European cup title, two other English clubs reached semi finals

7th tier club FC United of Manchester wins their second European cup title, and two other English clubs reached the semi finals.

What is this competition? If you are still not aware, it’s a European competition for semi-professional and amateur clubs.

The 2023–24 edition of the FENIX Trophy, in it’s third edition, was held from October 2023 to in May 2024.

The UEFA-sanctioned competition consisted of 12 teams split into four groups of three. The four group winners will qualify for the knockout stage which will be held at Tre Stelle-Francesco Ghizzi, in Desenzano del Garda, Italy in May 2024.

The defending champions were BK Skjold after they beat Prague Raptors 3–0 last season.

The matches were streamed on the FENIX Trophy YouTube channel.

12 teams received an invitation to compete in this seasons competition. Brera Calcio who competed in the first two editions decided not to compete this year and rather, focus on running the tournament.

The teams confirmed teams are as follows:

KSK Beveren (Beveren, Belgium )
BK Skjold (Copenhagen, Denmark)
FC United of Manchester (Manchester, England)
Prague Raptors (Prague, Czech Republic)
Kraków Dragoons FC (Kraków, Poland)
FC Venus București (Bucharest, Romania)
Vinsky FC (Paris, France)
Gamle Oslo FK (Oslo, Norway)
Gilla FC (Helsinki, Finland )
Enfield Town FC (Enfield, England)
Lewes FC (Lewes, England)
Llantwit Major FC (Llantwit Major, Wales)


Group stage

Group A

1 Enfield Town FC4310104+610Knockout stage
2 Llantwit Major FC411267−14
3 BK Skjold4103510−53

28 November 2023

Enfield Town FC 3–1 BK Skjold
Youngs  35′, 85′ Wyllie  90+4′ReportSonico  80′

17 February 2024

Llantwit Major FC 1–0 BK Skjold
Kimmins  55′Report

5 March 2024

BK Skjold 1–4 Enfield Town FC
Skoning  88′ReportYoungs  20′, 67′ Taaffee  38′ Wylllie  43′

19 March 2024

Enfield Town FC 3–2 Llantwit Major FC
Otote  17′ Alves  83′ Cass  85′ReportMorgan  80’Williams  90+2′

9 April 2024

Llantwit Major FC 1–1 Enfield Town FC
Kelly 14′ReportHippolyte 70′

24 April 2024

BK Skjold 3–2 Llantwit Major FC
Vega  52′ Lysemose  56′ Taj  76′ReportMorgan  29′ Kimmins  46′

Group B

1 Prague Raptors4400124+812Knockout stage
2 Gilla FC4202179+86
3 FC Venus București4004319−160

24 October 2023

Prague Raptors 4–1 FC Venus București
Tarasenko  52′, 80′ Darvishi  65’Sabater  85′ReportCaraian  90′

18 November 2023

Gilla FC 2–4 Prague Raptors
Mettala  2′ Tammilehto  33′ReportCabranes  30′, 63′ Darvishi  56′ Rizzi  76′

6 March 2024

FC Venus București 0–1 Prague Raptors

Group C

1 FC United of Manchester4400262+2412Knockout stage
2 Kraków Dragoons FC4103318−153
3 Vinsky FC41031120−92[a]

Vinsky FC were deducted one point for fielding an illegible player.

25 October 2023

Kraków Dragoons FC 1–2 Vinsky FC
Sassini  77′ReportBouaziz  85’Semedo  88′

6 November 2023

Kraków Dragoons FC 1–4 FC United of Manchester
Lemmen  50′ReportBollado  12′, 76′ Ennis  65′ Gabidon  85′

13 February 2024

FC United of Manchester 4–1 Vinsky FC
Woodcock  53′ Oliver  82′, 90′ Munro  90+4′ReportBerriah  40′

9 March 2024

FC United of Manchester 14–0 Kraków Dragoons FC

Group D

1 Lewes FC431092+710Knockout stage
2 Gamle Oslo FK411243+14
3 KSK Beveren4103210−83

26 October 2023

KSK Beveren 1–0 Gamle Oslo FK
Dahmany  65′Report

7 November 2023

Lewes FC 1–0 Gamle Oslo FK
Lumbombo Kalala  15′Report

Attendance: 1,109

12 December 2023

KSK Beveren 1–3 Lewes FC
Pieren  75′ReportDreher  16′ Lumbombo Kalala