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Wigan fans hit back as chairman speaks for first time after club are deducted points

Wigan Athletic fans hit back as chairman Talal Al Hammad speaks for the first time after the club are deducted three points.

Talal Al Hammad has committed his long-term support to the Latics’ rebuild by saying he will be in town “in the coming days” to meet the club’s angry fanbase.

Their side now sit eight points from safety in the second tier after the EFL has confirmed that they have been docked three points after failing to pay players wages on time.

Talal Al Hammad


It is my second full season as Chairman of Wigan Athletic, and this season has not progressed as any of us wanted. Mistakes have been made, some of which may take some time to repair, and for this, I apologise. But we are working to put things right. It is disappointing, but it is not unexpected that the EFL has confirmed that the suspended 3-point deduction has been actioned. All of our focus is now on rectifying all mistakes made, and to that end, I will be back in Wigan in the coming days.

I understand that the supporters expect – and deserve – a detailed explanation of the club’s position and our plans for the future.

Our immediate focus is to resolve the remaining wage issues. But as soon as these most pressing issues have been resolved, we will provide a full update for supporters.

I stand by our mantra that ‘actions speak louder than words’, and I expect to be judged on those actions. But given how much I know this club means to its community, I also felt it important to try to reassure you that Phoenix21 remains fully committed to Wigan Athletic.

In the days, weeks, months and years to come, we will do everything we can to make amends for this season’s mistakes and restore your faith – and we will share more details on this at the earliest opportunity.

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Dear Tics,

I am writing to you today to reflect on what has so far been a difficult and challenging season for our beloved football club. It is no secret that we have experienced our fair share of ups and downs over the past few months.

As a Club, we have faced some tough challenges. We understand that this has been a source of genuine concern for many of you, and I want to assure you that this is a temporary situation that will, along with the wages issue, be resolved next week.

However, I also want to take this opportunity to address some rumours that have been circulating in the media about the Club’s financial situation. I want to make it clear that the Owner is financially committed to building a stronger and more stable future and that the Club does not have any debts.

We know that the fans are the heart and soul of this Club, and we want to thank you for your unwavering support throughout the season, even during this challenging time. We understand that it has not been easy, but we ask that you continue to stand with us as we work towards a brighter future.

In closing, I want to reiterate that the ownership is fully committed to our Club and to our fans. We know that there will be challenges along the way, but we are confident that with hard work, determination, and your unwavering support, we will emerge from this season wiser and more resilient than before.

Thank you for your continued support.


Talal Al Hammad

As mentioned, Wigan fans hit back, wit others had something else to say as the chairman speaks for the first time after the club are deducted points…

@ryan46495351: But it is not unexpected about the 3 point deduction…are you serious 😳 it shouldn’t be happening in the first place, just do us all a favour and find a new buy that can pay staff and players there wages.

@moonay97: 👏 You obviously feel the angst from the fanbase, who have been badly let down before, and are therefore wary about being let down again. It’s good that you talk about about the future in the way you do, and it seems you know you have a lot of bridge building to do. Believe. 👊

@Garswoodlatic: If as seems likely we get relegated, the non-playing staff levels will have to be reduced. As the relegation will lie at your door, will you ensure that anyone made redundant is supported FULLY to find alternative employment and be paid a fair redundancy package?

@P_Rourke: Perhaps if you hadn’t offered a previous manager a new 3 year contract only to sack him weeks later you would have the monies to hand to pay players and therefore have some chance of staying up ☕️

@Greg__7: If you want to be judged on your actions then don’t be surprised that these comments are going to be angry towards you. If you intend to stick around I think it’s time you put fans in that boardroom so we have a voice and know what’s going on! #wafc

@Kellybayor :There has been many words and very little action.

@GallenLeung: Just curious how can you rectifying the mistakes by being in Wigan? Unless you bring all the cash over? Even bringing cash over still can’t cover the mistake of paying late 4 times

@Hehehehesiii: @RequestABet odds that talal used chatGPT?

@jay_tics: The hierarchy at the club have let the club, the players, the fans and the town down. After everything we experienced from Choi, you needed to do better. All we wanted as fans was stable ownership and no drama. Any trust we had had now been blown away. It’s irreparable.

@Chris150379: but again why is paying the wages such a big issue? surely its one of the most fundamental things you need to do? may remain committed but if you keep delaying or not paying the wages we will end up playing AFC Bury due to the 900 point deduction for the 96th time of late payment

@Josh_Beesley03: This is the second ‘announcement’ you’ve done in the space of around 2 weeks. Wages still haven’t been paid since the first one – how many more tweets until you do your jobs

@StuartGlover: I cannot see any way in which this situation could have been unavoidable. Basic business is to ensure there is enough cash flow to meet liabilities, and the most important one is wages. That this has dragged on for so long is deeply concerning and very damaging. #wafc

Too late for words, Talal.
We want action. NOW!!!!
Not Tomorrow.
Not Next Week.
Not Next Month.
Get the players paid. NOW!!!

@MattyMelling1: I mean If he turns up to wigan, has a proper fans forum and rights the many wrongs made. It’s half a step in the right direction. I’m not trusting him, but I’ll give him a chance

@LeeSharps316: Actions speak louder than words, are you joking. Paying staff on time and running a club successfully which is your rolespeaks louder than words.

@MattttONeill: You’ve still not answered WHY this is happening. Thats all we’re asking for and you still can’t give it.

@dhassallwafc: Got any of them caps left pal?

@mightybongsmon: Another announcement that tells us absolutely nothing. Your ownership group has completely lost the faith of the majority of the supporters base and all the above statement is are more empty words

@GaryOwen69: Good luck Talal, you are going to have a hell of a job persuading the fan base as you have always said, “action speaks louder than words” and this season those words are meaningless and those actions speak volumes #wafc

@FloatyFrocks: Greatly disappointed in you Talal. You have lost the loyalty that many Wigan supporters gave to you in buckets. You have a long road to get this back. I just hope you mean all you are stating today. We are watching

@RyanUnsworth80: If actions speak louder than words then the actions should have been to pay the staff and run the club properly, nothing short of disgraceful that you can let this happen time and time again. Sadly for you the fans have lost your trust, I’m not sure how you regain it again 🤷‍♂️

@Ashtoncrouch: Box ✅✅ ticking exercise sadly and 9 months too late of which the team and club have gone backwards , back to where they started under the Bahrain ownership , more clarity in writing and backing the manager and team is a start

@WillLatics71: Actions speak louder than words and you’ve failed to deliver on every single promise you have made this season. You’ve embarrassed our beloved football club, you took our support and our money for granted, you’ve now lost the support of the fans. It’s time to go.

@shakerfacts: Warning from #buryfc….get them out.

@CraigFarrimond: You’ve lost the fan base… Sign us mbappe and Bellingham and we will forgive

@LucyLovesMJ: I hope you can rectify all of this but it’s a big task now to regain every Wigan fan’s trust. I hope that everything you’ve written here is true. Up the tics 💙⚽️

@dhargo7: 4 times you have not paid our players, and that has put the club at risk. It’s a massive kick in the face for those fans who donated their hard-earned money to keep the club afloat during COVID. We want positive actions that show the club is travelling in the right direction.

@NGFC83: Don’t stand for this Wigan fans. You already know what happens

@HaroldKinghorn: I think most people would like a detailed explanation as to why the wages were paid late and why the EFL “Agreed Plan” wasn’t fulfilled. More so, just saying it will be rectified isn’t enough, tell us what’s going to change!

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