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‘What a shambles’ – Major Derby County update emerges as fans are furious

A major Derby County update emerges over the takeover, which is still ongoing as fans are left furious over on social media.

Shocking reports emerged of how members of the Rams squad still haven’t been paid their full December wages as we going into the middle of January.

It had been reported months ago that Sheikh Khaled was on the verge of purchasing the Rams from Mel Morris, and it was hoped that the deal would be completed by as early as Christmas.

However we are seemingly still waiting for it all to be confirmed, and it was revealed on New Years Eve that players hadn’t been paid, although that issue was going to be sorted when the deal went though, which was ‘imminent’.

Again, that hasn’t been the case, and The Athletic confirmed that some involved with Derby are still awaiting payments for last month’s salary with the wait going on.

On Monday morning, details have come to light that as soon as the funds arrive at the lawyers the deal will close completely, and the funds have been sent, DerbyshireLive understands.

Wayne Rooney, who has named as sole interim boss for nine league games, is set to be named manager once the takeover goes through and the club can then press on with signing new players in the January transfer window, which has not been possible while the takeover has been pending.

Current owner, Mel Morris, is expected to remain at the club, who sit 22nd in the Championship table, as a consultant to the new owners.

During the latest episode of The Price of Football podcast, finance expert Kieran Maguire discussed the reports regarding the unpaid wages and aired his thoughts as the major Derby County update emerges.

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He said: “This had been rumbling on a couple of weeks ago and, at the time, people thought it was connected to a potential takeover but we’re now [at] 10th January.

“You would have thought that any short-term issues would have been sorted out, so, it’s not helping a situation which has rumbled on far too long.

“I think Derby do need to turn over a new leaf and be in a position under new ownership to go wherever they want to go.

“But yeah, it’s further embarrassment on what’s not been a good time for them historically – 2020.”

As can be seen in what the finance expert had to say, he reckons that if the unpaid wages were in relation to the takeover, then they should have been sorted out by now.

He also expressed his belief that the situation has “rumbled on far too long” for the Rams now and it is not a good look for the club.

Fans have been left furious, saying ‘what a shambles’ with a few major Derby County update emerges…

@swigger67: The whole club is a shambles at the moment. Some information needs to be forthcoming!!

@TridentRAM: Hopefully this will force them into an unwanted statement. God knows they hate communicating with the fan base about anything concerning be refunds and the “takeover”

@redfern_i_j: The situation at #dcfc has now gone beyond farce, to something far more sinister. Accounts 9 months overdue, wages not paid, communication with fans (& players) totally deficient, takeover completion ‘targets’ missed & borrowing taken against PPS/Moor Farm. Administration next?

@DCFCTILLIDIE94: Probably then liquidation, if a pandemic wasn’t going on, fans have a right to be protesting

@marktheram7: Jesus Christ, this is getting embarrassing (and quite possibly shambolic)

@AmbroseBarnaby: Mr Morris nowhere to be seen either, when things were going well he was everywhere, funny that…

@TomSNewton: Head in hands, think we’ve all given up on the takeover, we need a statement of either it’s not happening or why the delay, if not happening what’s the way forward with finances, also only 3 weeks until end of the transfer window, if Mel doesn’t sort it out we could be in Div 1

@Kingkennyl: Absolutely no surprise, clearly only played today for whatever the cash was for being on TV

@MarkSpendlove: This is bullshit the takeover is nothing but a myth at this stage. Morris incurring the wrath of the fans now and even if the new owners do come through they will be greeted by an irate fan base . Having heard any new ownership is nothing to get excited about I fear for the club.

@StefanBroome: Remember when @dcfcofficial gave a statement out telling all us fans the takeover will be done before Christmas, since that statement, we’ve heard absolutely nothing, club doesn’t gove two sh*ts about us fans, completely left in the dark what a circus!!!!!

@BenedwardsBen: This is pathetic. This takeover talk has been going on for far too long. Either Mel Morris puts money into the club to pay the players and possibly get some more players in or he makes a statement on when the takeover will be completed. 1 last thing Mel Morris has ruined us

@JamieSmithSport: Another quiet week covering DCFC eh?

@fearsatanremix: What a ragtag operation we have become and Mel Morris takes full responsibility . Out of the Cup by a non league team , in relegation slot , no activity on transfers, no manager , takeover doubtful . Can it get any worse ? Perhaps flog Sibley and Knight to Leeds for peanuts ?

@Backo10Db: The takeover can take as long as it needs. The problem is the absolute silence on it. If its something that cant be talked about then it just needs a simple statement to tell the fans. The longer it goes on the more fans think there’s a problem.

@FirstCenobite: Apprently 1st team squad on strike nothing to do with COVID. Call games off for snow when there isn’t any, sell the stadium back to the club that owns it, tell FA players got COVID when they haven’t. Fake Sheikh- Is there no end to the club’s tinpotery #dcfc #dcfcfans #nffc

@False_Alarm_: This is an absolute disgrace and you should be calling for an investigation and punishment from the FA (in the same way you wanted Sheff Wednesday to be investigated and punished for spreading Covid).

@GasPanic93: Fucks sake, Derby. Why are we so overly committed to being the league’s laughing stock? Why couldn’t it have just been a simple fucking takeover, like everybody else’s?
@kalum1884: Need to get this fucking takeover done ASAP otherwise we are gonna be the next bastard Bolton

@Coops_011287: This is now getting very very concerning now and I do fear administration and a possible repeat of the circumstances which happened to us in 1984. Communication is so important which is not being given. More needs to be done with this area but it probably is being covered up…

@JimmyDCFC: When Mel took over we were so so stable. Years of work totally undone by reckless spending for no reward. What a shambles we’ve become that two years in a row we have failed to pay players for a given month on time. #dcfcfans

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