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West Ham fans taunt Leicester with chants before supporter gets knocked out in fight

West Ham fans took to taunt Leicester with chants before a supporter gets knocked out in a post-match fight on Sunday evening.

Everton midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure’s strike against Bournemouth sealed a 1-0 win to send Leicester out of the Premier League as the Foxes ended a five-game winless run but couldn’t avoid the drop.

Harvey Barnes and Wout Faes put the Foxes 2-0 up before Pablo Fornals halved the deficit, the Hammers fans took the opportunity too wind up their opponents throughout the game.

West Ham fans took the opportunity to mock their rivals. They chanted several times from a packed out away end when news of Everton’s win reached the King Power Stadium.

As Leicester fans made their way for the exits, West Ham fans chanted ‘say hi to Millwall’, ‘Cheerio!’ and ‘We’re Going to Prague, You’re Going Down’, the latter referring to the Hammers upcoming Europa Conference League Final against Fiorentina next month in Prague.

After their Premier League relegation, a group of raging Leicester fans were seen fighting each other in the stands.

The frustration continued outside the ground, with West Ham and Leicester fans clashing, one fan getting knocked out with a punch to the head.

Leicester interim boss Dean Smith to Match of the Day: “We played well today and deserved the win. For 60 minutes we were really good. Pleased with that aspect but devastated for everyone in the club we couldn’t get over the line.

“I didn’t [follow the other game]. I felt it was irrelevant for me. I was concentrating on trying to win the game. From there we’d see what happens.

“The remit was always seven weeks and eight games and I felt we’d need 11 points. We fell short with nine. I’ll look back on the Leeds and Everton games where we lost points.

“People will have to look into the future and what the club does. There will be a review. I can’t comment on that. My remit was seven weeks and try to keep us in the Premier League and I failed on that.

“Everyone knows this club is built to be an elite level club. You get knocks in life but your job is to bounce back. The place is set up for success. Unfortunately this has been a tough year. In the short time I’ve been here, [I think] they’ll bounce back.

“The beauty of it is they [fans] will continue to support their club. They’ll come back. Hopefully the club can be successful and bounce straight back. The fans would deserve that.”

On whether he stay at the club: “I have no idea. We haven’t even discussed it, talked about it, thought about it. The job was to come in, concentrate on each game – I couldn’t even tell you who was out of contract. Unfortunately I feel like I failed for the owner but it’s a long season.”

Leicester captain Jonny Evans to BBC Sport: “It’s difficult for the club and everyone involved. I have no doubt the club will bounce back. The Premier League is where everyone wants to be.

“We played well today but it doesn’t mean anything. We had to make sure we won our game and hope the other games went our way but they didn’t.

“It’s hard to know [why they struggled so much]. The bad start sticks in my mind. It’s not easy to turn around. It’s hard to win matches. We found it difficult to recover.

“For the last couple of months we said big game, big game every week. But at the end of the day it went down to the final minutes.”

On what decisions the club might make: “I don’t have the answer to that. I’m sure they have a lot of decisions to make. A lot of players are out of contract. There is a lot of talk of players moving on. When there’s a relegation that usually happens. There’s a lot of decisions for the club to make and I’m sure they’ll make the right ones.”

This is what Twitter users said as West Ham fans taunt Leicester with chants before a supporter gets knocked out in a fight…

@Partyparry83: Doing a man while he’s already down is reyt hard!

@antwall81: Where was knollesy

@Padstar_Aguero: Booting a man in the head then running away. Cowardly.

@wfcjon: Don’t look like Leicester wanted any of anyone standing up.

@NoelGreig: 💯 gonna get nicked for that !! What a Toby the melt !

@martinhammer999: How brave kicking a bloke in the head, when he was down, wanker 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬⚒️

@mdickson121: Dirty stinking coward. Get him named and jailed.

@A_ldo1872: Rat bag kicking when the guys on the ground

@the_chelski_ger: That boot i head is act of a pure coward

@RickMcGurty94: Booting someone in the head when they’re already down, lowest of the low

@_WestHamReport: Booting someone in the head who is on the floor is not fighting. Full stop. To then do it and run away is beyond cowardly. I sincerely hope the blue jumper bell end got the shit kicked out of him for it.

@adambrown93: That kick in the head shit house. Quickly runs into the crowd after 🤡

@AT_1049: That’s fucking disgusting don’t understand pricks that do that. The fact he then runs off too

@SM1_1SKY: Kicking someone’s head who’s already down, how stupid and embarrassing can you get

@CraigPodevin: If people wanna scrap then go for it as long as nobody else is involved (families, kids etc), but kicking a man’s head while he’s down is so scummy

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