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VIDEO: PSG ultras attack a pub full of Newcastle fans with chairs and flares thrown

PSG ultras decided to attack a pub full of Newcastle United fans with chairs and flares thrown as shocking new footage emerges.

Videos were posted on social media showing the Toon Army trying to block doors after having flares and chairs chucked into the venue, which reportedly had children, women and families inside.

This came as thugs discovered where their opponents were gathering a day before Tuesday’s Champions League tie.

Footage doing the rounds online showed a group of around 35 men dressed in making their way down the street in Paris, then 40 minutes later, other videos surfaced from the prospective of Newcastle fans showing PSG ultras wearing balaclavas causing carnage at the door.

Newcastle fans attempt to defend themselves despite everything chucked at them.

A Newcastle supporter called Jordan, who posted one of the videos, wrote: “Very welcoming place Paris. For absolute context, we were sat outside having a pint, families, kids etc.”

Around 1,200 away fans had been attending ticketed events at Irish pub Corcorans, and a restaurant called Seguin Sound, beside the river Seine. Police advice saw Corcorans close at 10pm in a bid to try and reduce any chance of trouble between the two sets of supporters.

The Newcastle United Supporters’ Club posted: “Stay safe in Paris tonight. Stick together and look after each other.

“DMs open
Email info@nusc.uk
French emergency number 112
For anyone that needs help or support tonight #NUFC

“We have responded to all emails and DMs. We will continue to be available for supporters.

“We were in the bar tonight that was attacked. Yes it’s shit but the videos make it look worse than it was.

“Our advice remains stick together and look after each other #NUFC”

One of the videos on social media seemed to show travelling Newcastle fans attempting to stop PSG fans storming a bar they were in.

Another video shows glasses being smashed and windows being broken as tensions escalated.

Twitter users gave their reaction after seeing PSG ultras attack a pub full of Newcastle fans with chairs and flares thrown…

@daveygormz: Glad i decided to not go to this 😂😂😂

@snorklton: Ah the chair 🪑 championships again

@LewisStubbs1302: There will be no condemnation from anybody the police will probably let them off but if Newcastle retaliate they’ll get fined and punished big time by the police. Absolute joke and disgraceful behaviour. Hope those fans there are alright.

@coxy231081: 4 lads holding back the 50 ultras. Lol French never change

@Shaunelious: Lad couldn’t wait to throw away half his beer

@Memecastle_Utd: Bed Bug FC vandalising their own city 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Dan_1160: Probably thinking twice about giving it the big one to them at home now aren’t they

@ShaunLFC9: Not good be careful out there newcastle fans

@Jimmygaskin6: Size of them pint pots ya wouldn’t want one of them on ya head 😂

@Jordan_Moody92: About 5 Geordie lads holding off 50 plus psg ultras 🤣🤣 easy work

@Matt_Pinner: Can’t they just enjoy the game

@BGarnon: What’s the point though. Cringiest behaviour

@Jonnypeg89: When will Uefa take action and punish clubs for their fans behaviour. Been happening too long now!

@1987lado: Omfg!!! What scumbags!! Hope everyone got out and back tot heir hotels safe! Feel so bad for the pub owners… @UEFA need to stop this!!!

@Joshmitchison: This is why I fell out of love with football. ITS 22 PEOPLE KICKING A BALL AROUND GET OVER YOURSELF

@Salahrnold: Hope everyone is OK… you need to get a life if you get this angry over football tribalism

@creativeskg: @UEFA assume there will be a ban for PSG fans soon!?

@dylancourt__: Got too cocky at home didn’t they hahahah, play with feathers…

@MiserableMackem: I told you all this was coming the second the Mags tried to be big and hard when they played PSG in Newcastle. Long may it continue as well. They’re minnows of Europe. On and off the pitch.

Newcastle could end Tuesday night seeing their side eliminated from the Champions League if they lose to PSG.

The Magpies go into the game bottom of Group F, having taken four points from their four games so far.

Eddie Howe said on the squad morale before the game, via nufc.co.uk: “The mood of the group is very good, especially after the result at the weekend. That was a pivotal moment for us because, again, it can be very easy to feel sorry for yourselves or to focus on the players that aren’t with us.

“The lads did incredibly well to blank that out and perform at a high level to win against a very good Chelsea side.”

On the decision to train at PSG’s Parc des Princes the night before the Magpies’ penultimate UEFA Champions Group F fixture: “A change of feel and a different routine. You never know how these things affect your performances and the results, you can never guarantee.

“We’re looking on an improvement from our two away games (in the Champions League) so that’s why we’ve done what we’ve done today.

“Some players might want that or need that. For us, it gave us a little bit more recovery time at home so that may be important with the schedule we have.”

On team news, including an update on Joe Willock and Sean Longstaff: “We are pretty much as we were at the weekend, but just with a few absentees who can’t play in the Champions League. Joe (Willock) is seeing a specialist tomorrow, we are still unsure on him.

“Sean (Longstaff) has not travelled.”

On the challenge of facing Paris Saint-Germain, looking for a 7th consecutive home win across all competitions: “They have quality in every position. Since we’ve played them, they have scored goals for fun so we will do our best defensively.

“Our structure in the team and defensive resilience has been good bar the Bournemouth game. We’re going to need to be every ounce as good as we can.

“It’s good to have all those mixture of emotions going into a match. We need to play on the edge. That is when we are at our best. They have quality in every position, we will need to be as good as we can be.

“We will need every ounce of motivation and energy to get a result. This is a defining moment in our Champions League campaign. We’re well aware of where we sit in the group and what can happen tomorrow so we are going to give it everything.”


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