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Horrifying video shows Nottingham Forest fan run and headbutt Billy Sharp

A horrifying video shows one Nottingham Forest fan run onto the pitch at full speed and headbutt Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp.

Nottingham Forest beat Sheffield United on penalties to set up a Championship play-off final meeting with Huddersfield Town despite losing a thrilling semi-final second leg at the City Ground. See more on that HERE.

However, as majority of fans celebrated after the shootout by invading the pitch, one idiot decided to leg it on and aim his head at Billy Sharp’s face, sending him to the ground.

The Sheffield United star was viciously attacked by the Nottingham Forest pitch invader with the evening soured by a disgraceful attack on the striker Sharp, who was standing watching the celebrations minding his own business and not trying to cause trouble whatsoever.

Sky Sports captured a man run full speed at Sharp before smashing him to the floor as you can see below.

It is not yet clear if Sharp suffered any injuries but it would be a very very lucky escape even if he wasn’t concussed considering the speed the fooligan went in there.

Furious Blades boss Paul Heckingbottom said on the incident: “I watch every Monday Night Football, every Super Sunday, my time up in Scotland, there has been so many people talking about seeing things thrown on the pitch, fans invading the pitch, seeing things that put players’ health and safety in danger. And nothing is ever done about it. There will be something done about this.

“We’ve seen what’s happened, we know what’s happened.

“There’s a prison sentence there without a doubt.

“How can you come to a place of work minding your own business and be assaulted in that fashion?

“It’s just bang out of order and it’s everything that’s wrong. Too many times we hear people condemn it, but nothing’s done about it. We’re the ones that suffered.

“It’s upsetting for a lot of reasons – I don’t want to say too much more about it. He’ll be dealt with.”

Twitter users reacted as to the horrifying video which shows a Nottingham Forest fan run and headbutt Billy Sharp at full speed…

@kieranpatel_: That’s an absolute disgrace on billy sharp, disgusting, the guy who played his heart out for the club, the guy who everyone loves and a bloke who’s had too much pop does that, get him behind bars and don’t let him out for a long while! 😡😡! Not a fair reflection on forest fans!

@The_Bladesman: Just seen the Billy Sharp video. Whoever that is is an absolute disgrace to Nottingham Forest and football. Get him banned from all stadiums for life. Disgusting. #twitterblades #sufc

@KopFinest: Behind you skip, justice always comes don’t you worry❤️⚔️

@trainfanmatt: At a time of celebration for #nffc, you can guarantee some gutter trash of the human race will appear! This bloke who attacked Billy Sharp needs to be found, banned from all football grounds forever & given some accommodation at her majesty’s pleasure for a few years. Twat!

@claytoniix99: Hope who ever assaulted gets caught , this is not how one should celebrate ….

@originallasagna: We still love you at Forest @billysharp10 whoever did this will get lumps kicked out of him round Nottingham.

@samjroyle: You’ve just watched your team win a play off semi final and get to Wembley for the first time in 30 odd years and the first thing you do is assault billy sharp? What the actual fuck

@shaney1982: Its assault! It shouldnt just be a stadium ban needs arresting and charging with ABH

@onlytobehere: So happy with forest and absolutely buzzing tonight. But shame on the twat that nutted Billy Sharp. That’s disgusting behaviour and not the way any normal forest fan conducts themselves. The bloke has put a downer on the night for me. Disgrace. #nffc

@Jamie22407854: #NFFC fans reporting this hard. We love Billy from his time here and that was a disgrace. I can speak for most when I say we hope he’s ok, and also that the ‘fan’ never sees the City Ground again. Great ties between the clubs and the best of wishes for next season!

@AnnaFranklin01: Thoughts with @billysharp10 ❤️⚔️ Embarrassing for @NFFC after such a great match. Fans and the club should be doing all they can to find him, ban him and get him charged with assault. 😞

@d_p_ball: From a Forest fan… this does not represent us. Fantastic player who served us too. Hope he’s found and barred for life

@Harriso06550975: From a forest fan
1. To whoever it is what the fuck
2. Especially a player whos played for us absolutely mental to even do that 👍🏻

@joshlishnffc: Whoever clattered billy sharp you’re an absolute dickhead; top bloke only ever says good things about forest #nffc #sufc

@AJK_86: The more I watch professional football these days the more I can’t be arsed with it, football side of it is fine but behaviour off the pitch is just pathetic. Minority spoiling it for everyone else.

@KirkMagic: I hope Billy Sharp is Ok, there’s always that one football fan that let’s their team down. Coward running onto pitch and headbutting him.

@scousericey: Absolute coward this fella. Hope Billy Sharp is okay. @SheffieldUnited

@Joshhenry99: Does he realise he’s bald and wearing bright yellow, they’ll never find him

@AaronLedster: Imagine how much of a fucking monghole you’ve got to be to miss the first time your club plays at Wembley because you’ve whacked Billy Sharp

@Thogden: Don’t think he’ll be attending that playoff final anymore. Rightly so.

@Tomo_scfc: He may as well get his prison bag ready 😅

@doogalman10: Awful assault..Saturday night 2am stuff. Identify him and take him down.

@maddogrobbie: What the fuck is wrong with people.


Nottingham Forest’s Steve Cooper on Sky Sports Football:

“My feeling at the moment is one of joy. I’m really pleased for the club and players to get to the next step, but obviously nothing is completed. You need a lot to get through these semi-finals. You need to play well, suffer and have a bit of luck. At times we haven’t played so good, but I’ve never seen teams be outstanding over two legs in the play-offs so I’m not ashamed of that one bit. The most important thing is that we’re through.

“We’ve been brilliant this season. We gave automatics a real push. We were outstanding at the weekend and that’s helped us get over the line. But these play-offs are a little bit different and you have to do a bit of everything to get through, and that’s what we’ve done.

“The support was incredible. We went 2-1 down and the crowd got better and louder. This is a magical place anyway, but it was particularly good tonight and I’m very grateful for them getting behind us and sticking with us. It’s a special club and we’ve got to keep going and keep believing. Credit to Sheffield United who have been brilliant over the two legs, now we’ve got a tough game to come against Huddersfield.”

Sheffield United’s Paul Heckingbottom on Sky Sports Football:

“The result and the fact I know we’re out, I don’t think that’s sunk in yet. The overriding feeling is one of pride. The performance today epitomises all the work we’ve put in. I think the fans will be proud. I wanted us to show fight and be proud. We never wanted to go out with a whimper, and we did that. All the way throughout the game it was end to end. It must have been fantastic viewing. But now we have to go again. It’s a big congratulations to Steve and Forest, they’ll go into the game we wanted to be in, and unfortunately we can’t be there.

“I honestly thought we’d win and go through. Everything on the pitch showed me the same. Even at two down at half-time, I knew we should go through. The boys showed that, we just didn’t quite get it over the line.

Sky Sports’ Don Goodman on the result: “The first thing I have to say is commiserations to Sheffield United because they were truly outstanding tonight, the better team. But penalties are a true lottery and they blew it big time.

“Nottingham Forest will know they got away with one here, they were never really at it. They will have to play better than that if they are going to beat Huddersfield. Congratulations to them, they are going to Wembley.”

Sky Sports’ EFL Editor Simeon Gholam at the City Ground: “The dream continues for Nottingham Forest. The pitch invasion begins! I can barely hear myself think. What scenes. What noise.

“Forest are going to Wembley. They will play Huddersfield for a place in the Premier League – where they haven’t been for 23 years. They have finally won a play-off semi-final.”

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