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VIDEO: Chelsea’s Eden Hazard reveals future plans after winning Europa League Final against Arsenal

After finding out that Eden Hazard hinted at leaving Chelsea for a move to Real Madrid after winning the Europa League final against Arsenal tonight, fans took to give their reaction…

@Sidaway_ to BT Sport: Badger him some more why don’t you

@MarkfullerCT6: Class player… glad he going

@MichaelElsey: Bang out of order asking him the leaving question tonight.

@AshRobson95: Don’t think your interviewer would of let him go until he forced that out of him, feel sorry for the lad

@__benbrown: Your journalist is disgusting. Clearly uncomfortable answering so he asks the same question in 3 different ways. V professional from Hazard.

@butterfield91: Properly shite interview. Asking him questions he obviously doesn’t and probably can’t answer at the time. Keep pestering and ruin his night though yeah?

@ArFaN_137: watch the madrid start turn on him like they did with ronaldo and bale lol

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