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VAR controversy leaves Klopp reeling as 96th min own goal sees Tottenham beat 9-man Liverpool

Huge VAR controversy leaves Jurgen Klopp reeling and Sky Sports pundits baffled as a 96th min own goal sees Tottenham beat 9-man Liverpool.

An incredible ending saw Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham win 2-1 to take them second in the Premier League after seven games and just a point behind Man City, who lost today at Wolves.

It was Pedro Porro’s cross which was slammed into the back of his own net by Joel Matip that saw ended Liverpool’s unbeaten start to the season and given Tottenahm their joint-best ever start to a Premier League campaign.

Liverpool were down to nine men after Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota received marching order, but looked set to picked up a vital point after Cody Gakpo cancelled out Heung-min Son’s opener.

But as mentioned, it wasn’t to be for Jurgen Klopp’s side, who will have been gutted to lose that.

But, we have to get to it, there are some proper controversial talking points that needs going over.

The Reds suffered a controversial red card, the first being for Curtis Jones on the 26th minute following a VAR intervention.

But it wasn’t just that which had Liverpool reeling, with their opening goal by Luis Diaz ruled out by a VAR decision which saw the officials making the decision quickly WITHOUT showing the offside line graphics we’re used to seeing.

A statement from the refereeing body, the PGMOL:

“PGMOL acknowledge a significant human error occurred during the first half of Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool.

“The goal by Luiz Diaz was disallowed for offside by the on-field team of match officials. This was a clear and obvious factual error and should have resulted in the goal being awarded through VAR intervention, however, the VAR failed to intervene.

“PGMOL will conduct a full review into the circumstances which led to the error.’

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou speaking to Match of the Day: “Particularly the manner in which it happened, it leaves the real impact and impression on everyone involved. Another challenge for us today. We had to cope with a fair few things and show a different side of our game today. Second half I thought we were really good.”

On having to play against nine men: “It doesn’t make it easy. They’ve been top for a while, have a top mentality and are still dangerous on the counter-attack.

“We just tried to overdo things, rush things, do things individually and let them in the game in the first half. In the second half we were consistent with our pressure.”

On if the own goal was unfortunate for Joel Matip: “We’ve had a couple ourselves this year so that’s part of football. We probably didn’t get into those areas enough, that last cross I thought was a quality delivery into an area no defender likes to deal with.”

On the disallowed Luis Diaz goal: “That’s not my decision, that’s their [the referees’] decision. If they’ve got it wrong I’m sure there will be an explanation and Liverpool will be disappointed with it but that’s nothing to do with me or us.”

On the momentum behind Spurs with the support at the moment: “It’s important. We’re still a team in its infancy in terms of the way we want to play, the age and experience of the group. The support behind us at home the last two games had been unbelievable, the energy they’ve given the lads. We’re going to need that going forward, we’ll have more challenges and particularly having the support behind us at home will make a big difference.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports: “I was never more proud of the team than today. I never saw a game like this with the most unfair circumstances, crazy decisions.

“We scored an own goal, that is really tough to take but I am really proud. The first red card, Curtis steps on the ball and goes over. Not a bad tackle.

“It looks different in slow motion. He steps full throttle on the ball and goes over the ball. That is unlucky.

“[For Diogo Jota] first yellow was not a yellow. Then he gets a second and to defend with eight outfield players is tricky.

“You want to build something you need players with mentality and I saw them today, they fought. Pretty special tonight.”

On Joel Matip’s own goal: “It looks a bit like destiny or someone had to put the foot there. Joel defended outstandingly well today. He put the foot out and it goes in the goal.

“There are worse things in life. That is how it is.”

On Liverpool having a goal ruled out for offside: “The offside goal. That is not offside when you see it, they drew their lines wrong.

“The ball is between Mo’s legs, they drew the line wrong and didn’t judge the moment when Mo passed the ball right.

“It is so tough to deal with it.”

VAR controversy leaves Klopp reeling as the 96th min own goal sees Tottenham beat 9-man Liverpool, cue the Twitter reaction…

@Birdiex94x: Premier League officials are a disgrace to the sport.

@CharlieP2304: Slapped wrist and theyll be back doing it again next week or next couple weeks. Same old stories yet again.

@primewallace: The VAR staff for this game need sacking, show some backbone.

@squeaky_time: VAR has only made the game worse. It wasn’t meant to be used to re-referee the game and yet it is. It was also meant to cut out (majorly reduce) the human errors that were being made & yet they’re still having them, so, Klopp has a point. What difference does it make to point out a mistake you’ve made (PGMOL) if it doesn’t help the team that’s been aggrieved? They’re better off just keeping their mouths shut or maybe send the person who made the error to remedial training because obviously they don’t know what they’re doing.

@Logicull: An apology is great but it doesn’t give us the points back, it doesn’t take our suspensions away and doesn’t replenish the 9 men who were run ragged with energy. In a situation like this, there has to be some sort of compensation

@JediNabber: howard webb going to say his referees need to be protected even more? needs to be sacked NOW

@MikeDenyer: Everyone knew it was onside and they knew they messed up which is why they didn’t show the replays nor provide the lines. Factor in the dive for Jotas first yellow and it gets worse. You could argue either way the red for Jones was fair but an apology isn’t good enough now

@JasonBudd70: When everyone apart from about 3 people in Stockley park can see it’s onside you do wonder what the hell is going on. Clearly system failed so they went with the on field decision .. seems ability to grow a pair and make a decision long gone .. tonight prob final straw ..

@Jamieelfburns: Not a Liverpool fan and couldn’t care less that they lost but that being said, if the PL/PGMOL had utilised the semi-auto offsides used with VAR, as in Europe, then that game is completely different and there wouldn’t be continuous human errors would there!!

@watling_a: The PGMOL saying it was a mistake doesn’t help the clubs who have lost points it doesn’t help managers who lose there jobs. Human error didn’t happen as much before VAR came in. It’s like the offside and hand ball rules they don’t help it should be black or white no grey areas

@kylelwr_: Mistake? How could it be a mistake? I’m a Utd fan but that’s just cheating. Clearly onside you don’t have to be a professional match official to know that. Disgraceful.

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