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Torquay fans protest outside stadium and have banners removed during 4-0 defeat to St Albans

Torquay fans protest outside Plainmoor stadium and have banners removed during their 4-0 defeat to St Albans on Saturday afternoon.

Manager Gary Johnson expressed his disappointment with his team’s performance following their 4-0 defeat at home to St Albans in the National League South.

The visitors took the lead through Shaun Jeffers in the 7th minute, with Giorgio Rasulo doubling their advantage after 36 minutes.

Jeffers then scored his second goal just five minutes later, with Rasulo completing his brace nine minutes before the final whistle, becoming Torquay United’s second consecutive game conceding four goals.

Johnson’s side fall to 9th in the table with 45 points from 29 games played while St Albans are 6th with 48 points from 30 matches.

“I’m very disappointed, of course,” Gary Johnson said to BBC Radio Devon.

“The boys didn’t perform anywhere near where they might have done or where they could have done on some occasions.

“But on today’s game that was just a very, very poor performance from our boys.

“They’re gutted in there and we’re going to have a meeting just to say, ‘What do we need to do to turn it around?’

“I know some people say, ‘Get rid of me,’ and that’s their prerogative, but to be honest with you the supporters are entitled to give us stick when the performance is that low.

“We think we’re better than that, we’ve been better than that, but at the moment we’re going to need some form of change around.

“Who that is, what personnel that is, we’ll wait and see.”

“I didn’t enjoy watching the game from the director’s box, which you have to go in when you’re suspended because I’ve had three bookings over the season, and it was tough,” Johnson added.

“The whole club will have discussions and we’ll see what comes out.

“But I agree that all people today who support Torquay United will be disappointed with our performance.”

Twitter users reacted with Torquay fans taking to protest outside the stadium and have their banners removed during the 4-0 defeat to St Albans…

@Tommyktufc: Feared this would happen. This club is dead. Disgraceful attitude from those inside the club. #tufc

@donttakethepeas: Hi @TUFC1899. An official statement would be in order here. Are banners not allowed? If so, say so and say why. Or… You need to make a statement saying you’re a club that acknowledges fan’s right to peaceful protest and you condemn them being removed. Which is it?

@C_Fleet: Looking at the car crash that is Torquay United. GJ needs to go for his own health as well as the club. The real focus, though, should be much higher up with Uncle Clarke. He will be quite happy deflecting the attention to someone who is quite obviously struggling. #tufc

@rtc67coleman: As always it’s the fans at a football club who feel the most pain. They are the one’s who really care. Owners and managers are transient. Some maybe not transient enough

@RichHeesem: This is unacceptable @TUFC1899 hang your heads in shame everyone at the club. We have rights you know. It’s called freedom of speech. George Edwards you know what you asked the stewards to do. #tufc

@devonyellow: First time I’ve ever left early. Edwards and Osborne you are killing this club. You’ve already had my money so doubt you care. #tufc @TUFC1899

@scottbrehaut: Kept quiet – and kept the faith – for a long time whilst people are around for calling for GJ to be sacked… but can remain silent no more. Gary, please, leave the club I love. It’s breaking my heart to see us in this position. #tufc #garyout

@capitalgull: Next tweet needs to be “Club Statement”

@salts06: “We will have a bit of fun in coming back up.” Gary Johnson, April 2023.

@TORQUAYTALK: This club is run like a joke. We are an embarrassment and this board, it’s owner, the so called management should be absolutely ashamed. #JohnsonOut

@jamiepikeonline: Shocking. Nothing illegal about displaying a banner. We’ve yellow ones all across the back wall. How is that their remit. Joke club

@Shireboy1959: Johnson has your Chairman up his ass so he is there for the long run. The only way you will get him out is to stay away, every Chairman hates losing money. It’s whether you get together and boycott games to hurt them in the pocket. Never easy but necessary.

@jjskeffington: And they’ve taken to turning up the PA. Drowning out all sound of dissent after the game

@jordan__ian: Our football club is dying and being taken from us. We want our club back. Johnson Osborne Edwards it’s time to go. Give us our club back. Do the right thing walk away and have some pride!! Embarrassing… #tufc #yellowarmy #ourclub @TUFC1899

@IFaustus: If you want respect, George Edwards, then respect your customers. Nothing offensive on display, just heartfelt dissatisfaction presented in a non-violent way. Your actions merely stoke the flames, and are childish in the extreme.

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