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Spence aims dig at Warnock | Corberan bemoans use of VAR | Colback’s verdict on penalty call

Djed Spence aims dig at Neil Warnock as Carlos Corberan bemoans the use of VAR and Jack Colback’s verdict on penalty call is an honest one.

Spence, 21, has poked fun at his former boss Warnock at Middlesbrough after gaining promotion to the Premier League with Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

Back in November 2020, the now retired manager claimed that the player had the talent to play in the Premier League, but that his dedication to the game could see him playing non league football in five years’ time.

Spence played the full 90 minutes in Forest’s 1-0 playoff final win against Huddersfield at Wembley, and he couldn’t resist issuing a post on Warnock.

‘Oh, Where’s my Manners! Welcome to Twitter @warnockofficial,’ Spence posted, alongside a picture of himself holding a cigar, with the play-off trophy at his feet.

Warnock recently signed up to Twitter, and Spence made it rather clear that he should be prepared to face stick from former players and fans going forward.

Before leaving Middlesbrough in November, Warnock was happy to send Spence out on loan last summer, and the promising full-back has flourished at the City Ground outfit this term.

He went on to make 50 appearances in all competitions, registering three goals and five assists to help guide his side up the second tier table to winning promotion and a place in the Premier League next season.

Neil Warnock issued a tweet after the game: “So gutted for all you Terriers fans tonight, some very poor decisions, and what were VAR doing? You had a great season, better than I think anyone expected and hopefully can go one better next time @htafc.”

Warnock, who managed the Yorkshire outfit back in the 1990s, said prior to the game that he was backing Huddersfield.

“I just want to wish everyone at Huddersfield Town all the best of luck over the weekend,” he said in a video posted to his Twitter account. [It is] a great game to look forward to against Nottingham Forest for the fans and players.

“I know how good it is; it’s a great feeling, when you come away winning. So I hope you come away with the same feeling I had and still go back to the memories of those days years ago when it was a fabulous occasion. I hope you get back into the Premiership.

“I’m looking forward to catching up with each and every one of you on September 23 at the Huddersfield Town Hall. People like Andy Booth and Ronnie Jepson I’m sure will be there. I want to wish everybody a great weekend.”

Meanwhile, Huddersfield Town head coach Carlos Corberan chose not to criticise the officials after his side had two strong penalty shouts turned down in the second half.

Referee Jonathan Moss deemed Harry Toffolo to have dived inside the box when challenged by Jack Colback and even booked the Terriers left wing-back, with VAR opting against overturning the referee’s decision despite replays showing a clear touch on Toffolo’s ankle as he tried to skip over the challenge.

Lewis O’Brien then went down just inside the box after Max Lowe looked to have placed his shin firmly into the back of the Huddersfield man’s calf, though unlike the Toffolo incident there was no clear indication within the ground that the decision had been reviewed by VAR.

Asked about those incidents, Corberan said: “I didn’t watch them yet but the players that received these fouls were thinking that if they hadn’t received the foul they would have finished the opportunity to attack.

“But you have the VAR and the referee, and if they understand there is no foul, I can’t say anything. The only thing I can do is to accept it. I understand that with only one referee it is complicated but when you have the support of the VAR the possibility to make fair decisions increases, so if they understand it was not a penalty it’s because maybe they were not penalties.”

When pushed about it further, Corberan added: “I have been through the season without VAR and I don’t understand well what the process is. I don’t know if the referee needs to ask to review, I don’t know if the VAR can do something when they see, I don’t know if they can review action when the referee doesn’t ask.

“But if you have VAR and the referee and they understand that there was no penalty, I only can accept it was not a penalty.”

Nottingham Forest legend Stuart Pearce on Sky Sports Football: “I think there’s contact. I would have given a penalty on the back of that. I think there’s an element of frustration in that the referee wasn’t asked to go to his monitor to re-check it.”

Jack Colback felt Huddersfield Town defender Harry Toffolo purposely ‘initiated’ contact.

“He caught my foot but I felt he initiated the contact,” began the 32-year-old, as he spoke to Sky Sports after the game.

“I’m thinking someone behind the screen, might see it differently, it weren’t the best to be honest but thankfully went in our favour,” concluded Colback.

Sky Sports pundit and former Huddersfield defender Hefele was outraged that VAR didn’t overturn either decision.

He said: “Shocking. Huddersfield were robbed. The VAR is here. If you don’t give the penalty for the first one then you have to give this one as you know you made a mistake for the first one.

“If the ref can’t see it, and his team can’t see it, which is poor, then, obviously, we have got VAR for such a big game and they have to see it. It is unacceptable that they don’t give a penalty, because it is a clear touch. I’m not being a bad loser whatsoever, but this is a clear penalty and how on Earth the guys from the VAR can’t see this is shocking.”

Pundit Jobi McAnuff agreed that VAR should have helped the referee more. He said: “There is contact [on O’Brien] but it’s how that contact is initiated. That is a tough call. Much tougher than the first one which I would’ve given. But again, there was no check or time for the referee to have a look. If you’ve got VAR, go and use it. We’ve got it here for this specific purpose. Look at how much is at stake. Just go and look at the monitor then make your decision. I think we can then all live with that decision a bit better.”

Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper on Sky Sports Football: “I’m really pleased for the players and the supporters. I think we played well in the first half. And of all the good goals we’ve scored this season, we get one like that – but it doesn’t matter. And we managed to see it through. Everyone connected to this football club deserves this today. We’re looking forward to a positive future.

“It’s relief of course but it’s pride. I love being at this football club. It’s changed my life. My family are here, the players’ families are here – this football club is about belonging to a city. It comes together on matchday. We’ve taken over Wembley today and are in the Premier League.

“This football club is built on positive eras from the past and we want to build on that. We are proud of that but at the same time we need to think ‘what if?’ Can we get the Premier League? Can we play attractive football? What if we can develop young players? And that’s what we’ve done showing an attitude and a commitment to not get beat. We deserve this.

“It’s a glamorous world being a footballer and a manager but it’s also a a harsh and spiteful one. And I just wanted the players to know I will be their biggest supporter and give them everything through thick and thin. It doesn’t mean I’m soft with them or don’t demand of them but everybody loves to be loved. That’s what we’ve tried to do with the players.”

Fans, players and pundits reacted as Spence aims a dig at Warnock, Corberan bemoans the use of VAR and Colback’s verdict on that penalty call is revealed…

@lloseby: Warnock said that Djed was shite… now he’s fucking dynamite 🧨

@Willbooth88: Fucking love you, Djed

@bennufc_18: @warnockofficial you gonna let him talk to you like that?

@connorre10: You literally proved him right 😂😂 what a strange tweet after just getting promoted

@alexcmfc: Every day Spence proves Warnock right, not wrong. I don’t think people realise that

@Neeks_77: Doesn’t do the bad attitude rep any wonders here Djed, be gracious in your victory and enjoy it, you’re where you are now because of Mr. Warnock, who knows where you’ll be in 12 months time..

@LiamStainthorpe: Nothing wrong here for me. No one knows exactly what was said privately between them. Everyone’s a winner in this situation. We get a big fee. Djed gets a move/Prem footie.

@MatthewBye13: Not sure there’s any need for that… on a day for celebrating that’s the first thing you think to tweet?

@ChrisSquiresWBA: The Ego has landed. We’ve had players like this before at WBA. All the talent in the world but can’t put it out on the pitch more than 1 in 5 games, a couple of good games and the agent will be talking shit. Awful to have in a dressing room. Best place is on somebody else’s bench

@batty_paul: Tbh both can be correct. I liked Spence at the Boro, thought he performed well. Warnock thought he had a better player for the right back berth. Not a great fan of self publicist Warnock and Spence has earned the right to gloat a bit. Good luck in the Prem, money for UTB.

@Bcafc1981: Tweets like his prove Warnock had a point, just celebrate getting promotion and not having a dig at an ex manager, he needs to keep his head down and concentrate on his career before he gets a reputation as Billy big bollocks

@NorthBankSummit Good fucking riddance to Jon Moss. An absolute proper disgrace of a referee. Who the hell also gave him this play off final game, deserves sacking for that decision alone. How many years have we got to put up with Paul Tierney. The bloke is absolute corrupt.

@AFCMax9: Imagine not getting promoted because of shambolic VAR/refereeing… that’s a blatant penalty man

@louorns: Jon Moss not only not giving two stonewall penalties for Huddersfield, he’s now not enforcing the rule of Samba having to go behind the goal to be subbed. One of the worst refereeing performances I can remember. Not only is it a blindingly obvious penalty for Huddersfield. Jon Moss has the audacity to book Toffolo for diving. Yet again a terrible referee getting a huge game and potentially costing a club huge rewards — with their mates on VAR scared to undermine them

@_omeara_r: Implemented VAR specifically for this game and they still can’t make the right decision. Baffling

@SANDRA_HTFC: Jon Moss retiring from the game because he can no longer cope with the demands of the game given the job of officiating the richest game in football. Shouldn’t it be a ref in their prime?

@Nu_Joshi: Don’t feel gutted about not getting promoted. The game in general wasn’t the greatest. VAR and the officiating were a complete joke! Thank god Moss has retired. Good luck to Forest. Proud of how far we’ve come these past 12 months #UTT #HUDNOT 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

@TheFLHub: As a neutral I feel sick for Huddersfield, they’ve been robbed of a chance to make the premier league. Two clear penalties waved away, it’s not acceptable and the lack of mention it’s getting on
@SkySports is a joke. #HTAFC

@LeeSimmo73: VAR and the officials have just robbed Huddersfield the chance of about £160m. The exact reason it was brought in. Absolutely disgusting. #playofffinal

@Camclaret1Calum: Huddersfield have potentially missed out on a return to the Premier League and all the £ involved because VAR officials watching a tv screen didn’t see a trip from behind as a penalty. Worth over £100m. Yet VAR officials don’t have to explain themselves. Disgrace

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