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Sol Campbell gives up on management, calls for more diversity in football, and pursues new career

Sol Campbell gives up on management, calls for more diversity in football, and looks to a new career having studied at Harvard.

The 49 year old former footballer has revealed he is turning his back on chasing managerial roles, having previously expressed frustration at being ignored.

He was last manager of Southend United between 2019 and 2020, then before that, he secured the job at Macclesfield.

A centre-back, he spent 20 years playing in the Premier League and also had an 11-year international career with the England national team.

He said to the PA news agency at Web Summit in Lisbon: “For me, it is about getting opportunities to fail.

“Some of my peers have had jobs and it’s not worked out and then they have had opportunities again straight away, they’ve always had a lifeline.

“That is a nice position to be in. I am not in that position, I would love to be, but those situations are not coming to me. I would love to be involved in football and have chances, but that is not happening.

“You have to look at football in a different way and that is what I am going to start doing and hopefully it will work out and I will be able to help players, just in a different way.

“I love coaching, so I am going to go back into football in a meaningful way. I have had to go away, studied at Harvard. I want to be in football in a meaningful way. It won’t be on the sideline.

“I am not applying any more for jobs. I’m happy to be in a different space now and one I want to be in.

“Football needs that diversity in terms of management, but for me it seems to have gone backwards in some cases.

“We need to understand not everyone is going to make it to be an amazing manager, but you have to get the opportunity or a chance to prove yourself right or even show you can do the job.

“Sometimes you get to the stage where you can’t fail. Sometimes you have to fail to suceed, but if you don’t get that opportunity how can you succeed?

“There are a few managers who are slowly having diversity in the backroom staff, that can help.

“Some of the top managers know if they could diversify their coaching staff it would help. That is a start.

“They are the ones in a strong position, where they have won things and are at great clubs.

“I think that is how people should start thinking, that is an easy way to kind of get experience and get through the door. Some of the top, top managers have to look at their coaching staff and mix it up a little bit.”

Sol Campbell was at the Web Summit along with the likes of Patrice Evra, Cesc Fabregas, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva and Andre Villas-Boas.

He gave advice about cybersecurity in sports while also opening up on racism and diversity and said he wants a more secure London.

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Here’s what Twitter users said as Sol Campbell gives up on management, calls for more diversity in football, and looks to new career…

@Dave_THFC_E2: I agree that there definitely needs more diversity in management. That’s a no brainer. Best person for the job always regardless of colour, race, gender or religion. But this guy is just stupid and that’s why he hasn’t succeeded in management.

@Bazro136: What management career 🤣

@BIGDTHFC: 😅😅😅 jelly and ice cream when he goes ✅

@SpursIad: What career? 💀

@MLong94: Didn’t realise it had started.

I’m calling time on my career as a size
0 model

@bibster541: I’m sure a non league club will give you a chance, try the Essex senior league sol 😂😂😂😂😂

@BryanGOBsmacked: Probably for the best as unlikely he was going to be offered any. Clearly had limited resources at Blues but his sense of entitlement plus generally bizarre observations made him unemployable;a victim mentality and lack of self awareness. Can the players have their ketchup back?

@LeeRyan2k22: I’d like to announce that I’m calling time on my career as an astronaut

@DarrenR28: He was just too good for management 😂😂😂

@IsmaeelFarooqi: It’s only right that I announce my retirement from being a F1 driver as well. It’s been a good run

@CurtisYxtes: Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t that good of a manager, or you don’t interview well? Could be due to your over inflated ego, hence you’ve only managed crisis clubs who are desperate

@Badgersno1: What a win for football

@WeRTottenhamTV: What managerial career?

@CheeseroomOC: Shame this. A great mind of the game 😂

@Jasonsnell17: I’m so heartbroken 😂😂😂🐍

@DN35GTFC: Another candidate off the list 😂

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