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Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust demand answers from Chansiri after fresh EFL embargo

The Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust demand answers from Dejphon Chansiri after the club are hit with a fresh EFL embargo.

As if times for the Owls aren’t mad enough. They currently sit bottom of the Championship with just three points from 13 games, have already got rid of a manager, replacing him with ex-Germany assistant Danny Rohl and now this latest problem.

SWFC Supporters Trust want clarification from owner Dejphon Chansiri after it emerged the club have been placed under an English Football League registration embargo for non-payment to the HMRC, saying ‘they are “deeply concerned about the latest news from the club” and the governing body’.

The EFL confirm the club, and not for the first time, have been placed under a registration embargo because of ‘amounts due to HMRC’ under regulation 17.3. Meaning Wednesday cannot register any players without prior written consent.

The EFL state: “Sheffield Wednesday – Regulation 17.3 Amounts due to HMRC.

The definition of regulation 17.3 according to the EFL Handbook: “Consequences of a Default Event. Without prejudice to the general position (pursuant to Regulation 44.4) that all registrations must be approved by The League and subject to Regulation 17.3A, a Club which is subject to a Default Event shall be subject to a registration embargo such that it shall not be permitted to register any Player with that Club without the prior written consent of The League for the period that the Club is subject to a Default Event.”

A Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust statement read: “Fans are understandably worried about the club’s future and demand an immediate explanation from the Chairman.

“We urge Dejphon Chansiri to address the situation and provide a clear plan to get the club out of financial trouble. These announcements are a constant source of distraction and are making it difficult for our new manager to turn the team’s results around.

“The Trust is in communication with the EFL to resolve these issues and ensure the future of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. We now call upon all supporters’ groups and fans to come under one mission: to seek the truth from our Chairman.”

Joe Crann (@YesWeCrann) writes: “Just a few weeks after chairman, Dejphon Chansiri, said that he was ‘not willing to inject more money’ into the club, #SWFC have been placed under an embargo because of ‘amounts due to HMRC’.

“The ability to suck away even the slightest bit of growing optimism at #SWFC is genuinely incredible… Even completely winless and rock bottom of the league there was a bit of hope creeping in again – then this.

“Have paid six figures for a new assistant, but not paid HMRC.

“Just for clarity, #SWFC haven’t hit 30 days – today was the first we’re hearing of this latest embargo. Clubs need to self report late payments within two normal working days.

“My understanding is that #SWFC’s embargo doesn’t mean that they categorically can’t register Marvin Johnson or Momo Diaby as their 25th man… But they do need permission from the EFL.

“U21s don’t need to be in that squad to play, so they’re all fine.”

Alex Miller: “Answers have been demanded of Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri after last night’s bombshell news of the club being under another embargo.

“Fans deserve some clarity. No statement expected as things stand.

“To be clear, understanding is that SWFC late payment to HMRC is NOT a simple accounting error / similar.

“Is believed to be in-line with DC statement last month that included pledge to withdraw ‘additional funding’ to SWFC.”

This is what Twitter users had to say while the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust demand answers from Chansiri after the fresh EFL embargo…

@JackBottom7: How in earth can we go from hiring a quality management team to have an embargo put on us in space of a couple weeks? Absolute shambles. The fact that the HMRC haven’t been paid due to Chansiri not wanting to add addition funds is gonna ruin us! Time to sell up and GO! #swfc

@CJWalters82: #swfc chairman quick to release statements slagging fans off and withdrawing ‘additional funds’ from the club. Not so quick to explain what’s going on here though is he. #ChansiriOut

@ReeceDaviesSWFC: This man is a danger to our clubs very existence. Not paying HMRC is a very slippery slope to a winding up order. This is not even additional funding for the club, this is a legal bill he’s now refusing to pay. This is a real danger for the future of our club. #SWFC

@FayeMarieMorton: We’re honestly becoming like a storyline in Dream Team. Mayhem. #swfc

@LetchworthOwl: I can feel another club statement coming…ill guess its probably our fault as fans the tax hasn’t been paid – anyways only 4 weeks until he wants the cash for next year’s season tickets!! #swfc

@chunkyboy61: My lads twelve and in his early years of watching #swfc he’s already seen us win at Wembley and now relegation is nigh on a certainty. He’s currently on his Xbox singing “Chansiri get out of our club”. The highs and the lows eh??

@ConnorTSWFC: We all chant for Chansiri out before the game then tomorrow? Let’s all get there 10 minutes before kick off to chant for the bastard out? Then when the game starts leave it – and at full time, clap DR and players but sing it whatever the result? Is that a fair compromise? #swfc

@stuartowl: ‘Withdrawing additional funding’, whatever that means, definitely doesn’t mean not paying HMRC. Not even in the the crazy world of the current owner of Sheffield Wednesday #swfc

@RussAmos333: When you think the bloke couldn’t become any more a knob and then does this! He honestly has some kind of issues and needs to go and see someone #swfc

@dhunty05: Next time chansiri shows up at a game everyone in the stadium should be shouting for him to fuck off #swfc

@JamesK__1: Genuinely detest this owner. He’s proven that clueless , tone deaf and completely arrogant for no reason , that im actually missing Dave Allen…… get out of our club. #swfc

@howeybaby: It’s alright all of us feeling sorry for ourselves, we’re used to it! Feel sorry for Danny Rohl and his management team, they’ve had a week & prob thought, this is shit, at least there’s January… then Chansiri… Hold my beer! #swfc

@dp55tav: Under an embargo cos John from Stannington didnt buy a £51 ticket to watch Ipswich match. Can see the maniac coming out and saying something like this. Just sell up and fuck off. #swfc

@J_Thompson96: A lot of my social life is around football. For 90+ mins my problems go away with social life mixed with football. Chansiri you have ruined swfc for me I am heartbroken so much #swfc

@Jamesy_boy: Shocking, money collected and paid for HMRC isn’t the clubs to hold back. Basic U.K. companies law. Unfit to be chairman.

@ShaneLevitt11: So he’s not putting extra money in, but has just funded a whole new management team? The man is broken, and he needs to sell the club now… I can see a points deduction coming from a mile off

@EverattNastyowl: This isn’t “additional funding” this is basic payment that every business should do.

@jpowls: In what world is pay taxes “additional” spending?! It should be the first bill that’s paid

@willorwillnot88: Don’t understand how this is classed as additional funding? It’s paying a bill

@WAWAW_1867: So this is a threat essentially by DC?

@jfagej: See everybody is suddenly an HMRC expert now. It’s not the first time he’s done this is it. He is just a very poor businessmen that does things like this. HMRC is not “additional funding”

@barriestraps: Just sell the club. To lose that momentum from Wembley is unforgivable. It was all there.. and he blew it. Don’t know what to say anymore

@dickiecolton: HMRC payment is a given. Not for the chairman to decide if he pays it or not !!!

@ManicOwl1984: Let’s ramp up those chants on Sunday. Let him know he isn’t welcome in OUR club anymore #swfc

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