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Scunthorpe fans reveal how they plan to protest as news emerges of winding up petition

Scunthorpe United fans reveal how they plan to protest at an upcoming match as news emerges of a winding up petition this week.

The National League‘s bottom club have an uncertain future, and this was made more concerning are being served a winding-up petition over an alleged unpaid tax bill.

The petition for an order was filed by HM Revenue and Customs on the 11th of January 2023 – issued when a creditor requests the court to close down a company.

If the debt failed to be paid on the specified date, and the court finds that the debtor has no ability to pay it, the bank account of the company will normally be frozen.

The official receiver will then sell any assets or property. Peter Swann, the owner of the company, has acknowledged that the petition was filed but has not provided any further comments.

Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert, spoke with BBC Radio Humberside, claim the club would likely have received multiple notices prior to a winding-up petition being served.

He said that this isn’t the first time such notice has been sent to a football club, but that ‘most stories’ are positive and clubs find their way out of financial difficulties.

“We do see these with other football clubs, Southend United for example, they practically have season tickets with the HMRC with the number of times they have been served with winding-up orders, but at the last minute the club owner manages to find money to pay them off,” he added.

Peter Swann stated in December 2022 that a deal was being made to transfer ownership. However, this has yet to happen.

According to a club statement, Scunthorpe stated that they needed to pay the club’s wages for the previous month. This was possible thanks to the agreement.

The statement read: “We needed to ensure that the club wages for November were paid as soon as possible, which will happen later today or tomorrow thanks to the deal and ensure the long-term future of the football club with new investment.”

The club’s next fixture against Woking this Saturday will go ahead proceed as normal, however fans are planning a protest, with some mentioning invading the pitch and making their way into the centre circle mid second half.

Mark Frost wrote in a supporters group: “Right.. on the pitch this weekend 72 minute centre circle. It has to be done! I’ll even come up from london for this one. Not just a few kids but this needs everyone off their seat and on the pitch. We are on the verge of going bust. We are losing everything we are passionate for! Emotionally and financially. We aren’t getting no media attention and I rang talkSPORT earlier and they weren’t interested. We have to do it. We are going to lose the club!”

This is what Twitter users are saying as Scunthorpe fans reveal how they plan to protest while news emerges of a winding up petition…

@KieranCraig2016: Horrible, horrible situation. Makes me feel so grateful we are nowhere near this mess. I really hope Scunthorpe and their fans can get out this mess

@KEITHSTEWART60: Times like this I’m glad Tranmere have the Palios’. They may not be forthcoming with the ‘readies’ but a financially stable club is a blessing these days. Surely after Bury and Macclesfield went under, clubs should have taken note.

@JohnnyR55380733: Sad but clubs HAVE to live within their means. Remember Bury gaining promotion and their fans giving us grief then failed to start the following season.

@CrosenderWay: Awful to see HMRC gunning for such a historic club thanks to another example of poor ownership. Makes us grateful for our set up being a members associated football club. Wishing Scunthorpe supporters all the best in resolving this issue. Fan ownership really is the way forward.

@_WestHamReport: This is exactly why the German ownership model needs to be introduced ASAP. Ever heard of a German club in financial issues like this? I didn’t think so.

@UTM_Mariners: Swann, hang your head in shame you shady ****.

@Dlnorton150879: Honestly how is this allowed to happen!? You never want to see any club go out of business, and if its your local rival, your own club is worse off without them. I’m a Lincoln fan and we almost lost our club 20 years ago, and it’s awful what’s going on up the road 👎

@harryfinnigan: Finally getting national media attention when it’s nearly too late to matter. My club could be gone in a matter of weeks, only a month after being given hope of a sale, just gutting. Praying for a miracle #UTI

@SirSebastian20: Absolute shambles from top to bottom. Scunthorpe fans deserve so much better than this.

@follow_peanut: Sad… but you don’t put NL teams on the box in the FAC instead of already shown all PL ties. You’re in a position to push money down the pyramid and opt not to.

@Chappy151174: We all want decent signings and we all know that costs money, imps fans at the minute not happy but at least the club is in great hands and not spending above their means… could be a lot worse!

@blakedcfc: EFL with more blood on their hands.

@Mark0_dcfc: A sad state of affairs. Went to watch Derby there in a league game and a cup game.

@locko98: Bury. Chester. Macclesfield. Now Scunthorpe. The @EFL need to take responsibility for their complicity in allowing clubs at the heart of communities for decades, and even centuries, go under. The fit and proper persons’ test does not stand up to a modicum of scrutiny – shameful.

@lu_wtid: Living near the town it is horrific to see what Swann have done to the Iron – destroyed by one man – 10 bob millionaire 🥸

@ryantizzard: Should never be allowed to happen, regardless of the size and stature of the club 😔

@ajtommo1991: Sad to see Scunthorpe handed a winding up petition. Yes we’re local rivals, yes they bantered us for getting relegated – as we did with them, but they shouldn’t be going under because of the ineptitude of one man. Hope they find a buyer soon

@AncientSaddler: Another of the clubs that Walsall FC has traditionally competed with in big trouble, largely due to their owners actions. Hereford, Bury, Darlington, so many others.. All the best to Scunthorpe.

@JordWilso: We’re now in a winding up order. Very close to saying goodbye to Scunthorpe United #UTI

@Ashmerr22: As a lad from Grimsby and fan it’s so sad 2 see this fingers crossed 🤞 it gets sorted and we can enjoy local games again in the football league GOOD LUCK

@DarrenHolmes67: Hope they find a owner such a shame we was close so know how there fans feel 😢🐏

@Tooneyram: These owners should be the ones punished, not the fans and local businesses that rely on game day revenue… look at macclesfield, bury, nearly derby (who still are restricted) ruined by owners.
a club vanishing isnt good when the owner can just walk away, hope its sorted #dcfc

@neary7: Why don’t you do a report on the corrupt owner of the club who has GAMBLED our club in to the ground. Now refusing to sell because his only last clutch of power is the land associated with the ground which he conveniently transferred in to his Ltd company name.

@Lorbobo1: Can’t the owners just liquidate the company that runs the engine room subsidiary that runs the football club?Then, all of the debt is no longer a problem and the Club can continue debt free and unfettered.

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