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Scotland fans ‘attacked’ outside Munich bar with chairs thrown in troubling scenes

A group of Scotland fans were ‘attacked’ outside a bar in Munich with chairs thrown in troubling scenes ahead of the Euro 2024 opener.

The Daily Record filmed what had happened, with a gang of hooligans trying to provoke a group of Tartan Army supporters who were peacefully sat at a table outside a bar with drinks.

The media outlet say: “Two people were seen to be arrested following the ugly scenes, witnessed by the Record, which erupted in the German City tonight Wednesday, June 12.

“Revellers were enjoying drinking in a beer garden in Marienplatz at around 9.30pm local time (8.30pm GMT) when an argument broke out between two men dressed in neutral colours and a group of supporters.”

The clip taken by the Record shows ‘thugs’ shouting and swearing at the group of Scotland supporters, launching chairs as bar staff tried to calm the situation down, approximately 9:30pm local time.

The two individuals returned shortly after shouting at the group again with police arriving with sirens on.

The duo were then arrested and taken away with Scotland fans singing ‘cheerio cheerio’ as they were being escorted from the scene. Two Scot were also arrested.

It is reported that both the attackers and group of Scotland fans escaped any injuries.

The trouble all came just after Scots belted out a rendition of Flower of Scotland in the central square.

Tens of thousands of Scots have arrived an already made an impression, drinking a pub dry, a bagpiper has fallen off table while serenading a packed out bar, while kilted Scotland supporters invaded Munich and belted out chants into the night.

Even those still making their way over in in high spirits, with bars in Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport also running out of the lager by the morning.

The opening game of the tournament sees Scotland and Germany take place on Friday (14 June), with kick-off at 8pm at the Allianz Arena.

@scottishmaninavan No Scotland No Party! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The poor piper 😂 Thankfully he was alright, got back up and carried on! What a legend! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #scotland #scottish #bagpipes #piper #tartanarmy #munich #euros2024 ♬ original sound – David – Scottishmaninavan

Germany are undertaking an unprecedented security operation for the Euros with around 22,000 officers expected to be on duty daily.

Local police will also be supported by international police forces including UK officers in with Scotland and England fans.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said the country were prepared for a range of problems, “from the threat of Islamist terrorism to hooligans and other violent criminals to cyber security.”

“The police will have a strong presence wherever large numbers of people are on the move. This will be a major effort, as I said before, but it is also crucial for the tournament.”

Large training exercises have taken place as to how officers deal with potential trouble.

Scotland boss Steve Clarke spoke recently of his side’s supporters: “They are a reflection of the Scottish people. They want to be good ambassadors when they go away, they want people to love them. The dress is probably unique, makes them stand out a little bit and people are curious.

“As the head coach of the national team now, we’re very appreciative of the support that the Tartan Army gives us. I think to have been part of the journey over the last four and a bit years, one of the things that we’ve managed to do is get the country back on side, we have managed to re-engage with the Tartan Army.

“I think what the Scottish supporter always wants to see from their team is when they go on to the pitch, they’re competitive. They don’t necessarily demand that you have to win, but I think they demand that you have to be competitive.

“And what we’ve got now is a very competitive group who want to do as well as they can for their country every single time. The Tartan Army can see that, they can smell it, so they understand that we are a group they should support.”

There was reaction from social media users after seeing Scotland fans ‘attacked’ outside a Munich bar with chairs thrown in troubling scenes…

@sheddybong1: For fuck’s sake 😡

@CMJames: How embarrassing. Absolute disgrace

@spudspuddy: but what did the other blokes do to cause it, clearly they said stuff and threw a chair first, bloke in white only retaliated

@user-xz9vu8tm6m: That didnae take long lol.

@dianecameron137: what is wrong with these idiots for gods sake shame on them the football has not even started and the thugs are out

@youkeepwalking: Uggh… hate to see this.

@louieknight1612: Didn’t take long

@ForeverOUFC: trouble already?! be careful out there, seems there are already people out there already looking to cause problems, simply no need for this at all

Paul Marsh: Really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in Germany over the next few weeks. Can do without all this, people out their trying to ruin it for others, just go enjoy the day sing chants have a drink but control yourself stay safe go to the game and be wary, dont rise to their taunts

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