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Raging QPR fan travels to Ibrox to slam Rangers boss Michael Beale over ‘integrity and loyalty’

A raging Glasgow based QPR fan travels to Ibrox to slam the recently appointed Rangers boss Michael Beale over ‘integrity and loyalty’.

Just weeks after announcing he revealed his commitment to the Loftus Road outfit – he made a quick U-turn and left a bad taste in the mouth at Queen’s Park Rangers by taking another job after turning down Wolves.

One QPR fan took it upon himself to stand outside the gates at Ibrox, seen making an astonishing rant just before Beale was confirmed as manager, he said: “The manager? He ain’t the manager, he ain’t nothing.

“Micky Beale, home of Ibrox, home of the Rangers. Three months. His first job, his first job he has been employed, and he hasn’t even made half the season.

“Integrity and loyalty? And here he is look, ready to sign today. He wouldn’t know how to spell those two words.

“He has taken all those boys from QPR training and he has told them what? To come all in with him. To come with him, trust him, come to the club.

“And he has left them all. In the middle of the World Cup, he’s run.

“He’s done a runner, come up the road and in here.

“And when he signs today he will be talking about all his integrity and loyalty, and what he is going to do and how good he is and what he is going to achieve in the game.

“He is going to achieve nothing, he’s coming to a team that is second in the league, ain’t got a squad, ain’t got an academy.

“They’re absolutely useless – but that’s what he wants to do, chasing the money again.

“If I ever see you around Micky Beale I’ll tell you what I think of you.”

Former QPR striker Kevin Gallen says the club’s players will be feeling hugely let down by Mick Beale’s decision to leave.

Beale has taken over as manager of Rangers after just 21 games in charge of QPR.

QPR say they are “hugely disappointed” to lose Beale but Gallen believes it is best for both parties that he has departed.

“Young players have come to the club – I’d say Tim Iroegbunam because of his connections at Aston Villa, maybe Laird came to the club because Mick Beale sold him a story,” Gallen said, speaking on the West London Sport QPR Podcast.

“The players that have come in in the summer have been sold a story that they’re building a project and we’re trying to get promotion.

“I feel sorry for them. They’ll probably feel let down. The disappointing thing for me is they’ll have a new manager coming in now and everyone starts again.

“But if you’ve got a manager who keeps having his head turned, I think it’s best he leaves.

“If you don’t want to be here, if you don’t want to be at QPR, go and get someone that wants to be at QPR, move on and move forward stronger.

“You can’t have a manager who is always looking for something better.”

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This is what social media users said as a raging QPR fan travels to Ibrox to slam Rangers boss Michael Beale over ‘integrity and loyalty’…

@leftcoasttm: Things have changed alot at rangers TV

@DavidMcGill7: 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 well said that man 😭😭😭😭😭

@TehamThomas: There’s no money there either big fella 🤣🤣

@Charliebhoyahoy: Good man. 🍀

@homer_bundy1916: Well said sir 👏

@Sweendog1981: Hopefully your mob put up a challenge now, or you’ll be claiming this league doesn’t count either

@AvengingAngel10: Don’t hold back pal. 😂

@onestafc: Love it, proper raging haha

@DavidOReilly3: Tremendous content

@AllyBongo52: QPR fan travels to Ibrox to moan about their ex-manager, get a grip !!

@ManoFlem: Buy that man a pint.

@allykerrfinance: Let’s see how many players follow him! P.S. is this guy outside Ibrox? He travelled all that way to make a point or does he live close by? 💙

@qprs_fault: Good lad. Telling as it is.

@jamiestephen43: 6 months and he’ll be looking for another club.

@TonyHaywood3: If he had lost the last 5 games with QPR he would have been sacked in a heartbeat. Boot on the other foot?

“Mum, wheres dad?”
“Don’t worry he’s only driven to Govan to have a rant about Mick Beale”

@steviebronco1: It’s a shitty feeling mate. Happened to Rangers in much the same way just a year ago too so why there’s so many fans gloating about how this was done is baffling for me.

@swingingwinning: Oh dear, the fume is real hahaha

@Chooky72: Sounds to me someones raging.

@deanomac55: We can add QPR fans to the ever growing list of salty pricks out there!

@Bosey82: If you’re going to be the one to proclaim loyalty then don’t leave 5 minutes later. Every fan knows it’s a business and generally accept our place in the football food chain. So he’s not naive that if successful Beale would go. It’s always the manner of a departure that matters

@c_southan: All jokes aside, this bloke has it bang on. Beale has done himself absolutely no favours what so ever. He gained a lot of respect when he turned us down for the reasons he gave. Merely weeks later he’s out the door! What message does that send!!

@RyRy180: Couldn’t of said it better. The man is an utter 🐍

@LStradomsky: Wolves dodged a bullet. Was trying to hype him up when we were linked, then the whole “I’m staying loyal” speech and jumping ship to Rangers changed my opinion. He’s a massive weapon.

@tay_vwilliams: Couldn’t agree more with this fella

@batesybates00: He probably flown up there to give mick a slap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@deanbowey: This fella has it spot on ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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