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Police slam ‘disgusting scenes’ as Sheffield Wednesday and Lincoln fans clash

Police have taken to slam ‘disgusting scenes’ as fans clash before and after during Sheffield Wednesday v Lincoln on Saturday.

South Yorkshire Police have described how officers were pelted with bottles, flares and stones as rival fans were fighting at and around Hillsborough.

A mounted police officer said a ‘significant minority’ engaged in disorder before and after the League One clash.

PC Phil Reed, of South Yorkshire Police’s mounted unit, was among the officers who had to deal with the trouble which flared between supporters.

He said: “Disgusting scenes as a significant minority made concerted and organised attempts to engage in disorder. As is always the case, genuine fans and families trying to go about their day found themselves caught in the middle.

“We had bottles, flares and stones thrown at us and all the horses certainly earned their keep and kept the two groups apart. I saw some extremely brave officers, greatly outnumbered, hold their ground and keep the peace until the cavalry arrived. Huge respect.

“Billy slipped on the tram tracks and fell over sending our sergeant scuttling across the concrete. I’m pleased to say they are both absolutely fine now. The behaviour we saw has no place in a civil society, let alone a family game. Special mention goes to Police Horse Hoober who did all asked.”

The actions of those involved were roundly condemned on social media.

One person tweeted: “So appalled at this behaviour. As you say, it has no place in civilised society. Very pleased to learn no officers or horses were hurt but so ashamed of my fellow ‘humans’ who thought this was OK.”

However, as police slam ‘disgusting scenes’ as Sheffield Wednesday and Lincoln fans clash, it was supporters who thought the policing was atrocious…

@doug_jeff: South Yorkshire police at it again. All my worst experiences of policing at football games have involved them as a force. Had to be something institutional. Hope this get the attention it deserves but sadly doubt it.

@Dirtbag7: My son is in that video, he’s a forest fan. This was his first lincoln game with his mates who are all lincoln supporters. He got escorted back on the train to lincoln! They got a train to Meadowhall instead and then got a taxi to the ground that way.

@foxy81: South Yorkshire finest at it again! Not fit for purpose.

@flyingmonkeyuk: How come they made them get back on a train?

@declankenny94: Said some bottles had been thrown and a flare set off. Think we can all see kettle 500 supporters is indiscriminate and disproportionate

@SizzleStevie: But if you sit in the middle of the motorway in the name of pollution they won’t touch you!!

@CTHaS6: TBF they police the matches terribly, the Sheffield Derby a few years ago was outrageous.

@goat_jorge10: That was some of the worst policing Ive ever seen

@LindseyWarwick1: most of these fans had spent a lot of money to get to this match & support their club, only to be treated like animals! Those that didn’t get shipped back home were then escorted to the ground, straight past a home pub, where SW fans ran at them throwing punches!

@st3ve89: well, They’re the worst police force in the UK after all. Especially when it comes to football…

@8aggy75: Bunch of cunts @syptweet absolute disgrace and you are the worst police force in the country. Maggies in the mud @Stilldeadmaggie

@veggiekrays: I don’t necessarily agree with how syp police games… But, it’s not unusual for large groups of football fans to be held at the train station and escorted to either the ground or waiting buses to the ground. If bottles and flares are being thrown, what do ppl expect

@vinceandpen: They weren’t escorted anywhere…… they were forced back onto a train back to Lincoln. Families, kids, old ‘uns. Never, EVER seen this as a Lincoln away game…… oh, and it’s almost 40 years since we’ve played in Sheffield…….

@HCAFCawaydays: SYP have always been the worst in the country by a mile. Last time we were at Hillsborough none of that knew were the emergency exits were at the ground! A joke of a ‘police force’

@Ifull12: Football fans still being treated like shit again, work hard all week and look forward to the match,but the police think it’s ok to send them back rather than follow them about,yes it is disgusting behaviour from the police but it is SYP so we shouldn’t be surprised

@sentrynimrod: Let’s hope that LCFC make a complaint and take it further.

@bulmer1889: Our police force is an embarrassment to local fans it’s policing in the dark ages they still treat home and away fans like it’s the 70s or 80s something needs to be done about them

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