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PHOTOS: Away Fans in the Stands – 26th August 2023

We start our look at away fans from the week’s games with those at League One fixtures, check them out below…

BLackpool fans at Lincoln

READING fans at Exeter

SHREWSBURY fans at Fleetwood

PORTSMOUTH fans at Stevenage

BARNSLEY fans at Wigan

CHARLTON fans at Oxford

CAMBRIDGE fans at Leyton Orient (right)

WYCOMBE fans at Bristol Rovers

BOLTON fans at Burton

DERBY fans at Peterborough

CARLISLE fans at Port Vale

The beckoning floodlights
still work their magic,
the slight cold chill,
scarf wrapped round the neck.
Blood pulses through arteries,
moving as it should. Heart lifts
with every step towards the stadium.

An old pal texts me from
another game up north.
The name rings a bell.
He’s at a club where my job
was to phone over a few pars
for the Saturday Pink
from a kiosk outside the ground.

Games that I didn’t give a toss about,
dictated to a bored copy taker,
wishing I was somewhere else,
roaring my own team on to promotion.
But then, I remember Larkin’s sigh
it wasn’t the place’s fault I didn’t care.
A goalless draw can happen anywhere.

Poem by Greg Freeman

After stepping into the field
there is no way out
even before you start the game
you hear the fans shout

The players then sings their anthem
its football……
the most beautiful game…..

And when the whistle blows
the crowd starts their roar
in the 90 tensed minutes
the players got to score

Football is friendly only in name
because friendliness is not meant for football….
the most beautiful game….

So when the hard tackles go in
and injured fellow goes out
the crowd becomes furious
and starts to shout

Even after breaking one’s leg
there seems to be no shame
because its football….
the most beautiful game….

Poem by Rohan Roy

Take a look at photos of EFL away ends by clicking on the next page.


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