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Luton tell fans what chants aren’t appropriate to sing in the stands

Luton Town tell their own fans what chants aren’t appropriate to sing in the stands on matchdays going forward after they got some backlash.

A statement was published prior to their last Championship game before the international break, at home to Huddersfield Town at the beginning of October.

Certain chants heard coming out of Kenilworth Road in the past have been noted and publicly criticised, and it seems this is something that seems to be continuing.

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Luton Town Football Club is proud of its inclusive approach to bringing an enjoyable matchday experience to all members of our hugely diverse local community.

In recent days the Club has received numerous objections and complaints via email and social media from a range of supporters about chants heard at matches this season that are offensive and inappropriate.

Luton Town take such concerns very seriously and are extremely disappointed to hear anything that could tarnish the hard-earned, progressive reputation of our Club. javascript:(function(){return;})()

While the return of fans and the backdrop of noise we had missed for so long is welcomed by everyone, we would kindly ask supporters to consider the words of certain songs, and how they would explain them to a child asking what they mean. Would they make your fellow supporter sitting next to you feel uncomfortable?

Whilst we have no desire to dilute the lively and colourful atmosphere that Kenilworth Road has always become known for, our home has also always been a stadium that so warmly welcomes several generations of families together on a matchday, and we want this to continue for future generations of Town supporters who will come to Power Court, right in the heart of the broad community we represent.

Staff and volunteers at the Club worked tirelessly to win the League Two and Championship’s Family Club of the Year awards for 2017-18 and 2019-20, as well as becoming one of just ten EFL clubs to be awarded the Family Excellence Gold Award just over a year ago.

Luton Town Football Club wants to retain these prestigious titles and will always be committed to tackling all forms of abusive and discriminatory behaviour, both in person and online. It has no place in football or wider society.

We have one of the most racially diverse playing squads in the EFL, and just as they have chosen to do this season in the moments before kick-off, we politely ask all supporters to stand together with them in creating an equal, inclusive environment for every single person at Kenilworth Road.

Luton Town Football Club’s commitment is to promote inclusion and to confront and eliminate discrimination, whether by reason of age, disability, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief.

People can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and in particular that they are able to work and watch football in an environment without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment, bullying and abuse. Should you wish to report a specific incident, please contact your nearest steward or download Kick It Out’s free, confidential reporting app on the App Store or Google Play.


Twitter users reacted as Luton tell fans what chants aren’t appropriate to sing in the stands…

@HungryHatter: To be honest, I’m only surprised it took this long for the club to say something. I can think of a few chants that really need to be consigned to history. If we’re smart enough to come up with “Tell LuaLua…” I’m sure we can replace them with better ones – wouldn’t be difficult.

@LTFC_Dave: I think some of our chants are a bit embarrassing and can be quite generic but why are we getting on our high horse now all of a sudden? That song about Pelly and his sizeable genitalia has been sung for years for example

@ltfcocr__: idk about what they’re talking about but some of our chants need binning, not cos they’re offensive they’re just not good chants

@kevshat: Well said. Some of our cringey chants need a swift trip to the dustbin.

@Jon_White99: If you disagree with this, you are not a Luton Fan

@Lutontilidie: Great statement from the club. The chants that come from a certain block, as well as from some in away games are terrible. They’re mostly either unnecessarily antagonistic towards opposing fans, or rude. Let’s sing about the many positive things about our club instead.

@chrisnev166: Pelly or CMG having big dicks isn’t offensive. If it’s the Thorpe mum one, should we sing “we don’t like this player?” It’s football. People swear. None of the chants are racist or homophobic, it’s just a select few being offended, which in today’s society makes them right.

@mickkent2: I love the coarse, edgy terrace humour in Block F but there are 4 Luton songs that are excruciatingly painful to hear: the latest Elton John chant needs to be kicked out – likewise Carlos Gomes, Sonny Bradley & Pelly’s. Just don’t hold your breath tho. #COYH

@wearelutontown: Got to be wholeheartedly honest with this, sentiment is spot on. But it’s been half arsed which is very unlike Luton. Needed to be clearer, offence and inappropriateness is subjective to each individual also separate but linked to discriminatory behaviour. Just needed a stronger statement for in my opinion, leaves it wide open.

@Mattdros: Clearly some chants are unacceptable, however I think the club need to be clearer on this. If we are honest, half the repertoire is close to the bone. If there is a shift in the clubs stance as to what is acceptable, they need to communicate exactly what that is.

@LutonAnalytics: Great statement and very glad to see the club is taking a stance on this and not hiding away from the objections and complaints.

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