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James McClean’s wife Erin shows vile abuse after he stood apart during respect for Queen

James McClean’s wife Erin shows just some of the vile abuse sent to them after he stood apart during the minute’s respect for Queen.

The footballer was seen wearing a black armband before Wigan’s EFL Championship clash with Huddersfield – but decided to stand away from his teammates during the commemorative minute of silence.

There was speculation as to whether the Republic of Ireland international would wear the black armband as he has previously refused to take part in gestures honouring elements of the British empire such as wearing a poppy.

McClean shared a post calling him a 'legend' for separating himself from the silence

However, he stood separately from his teammates as they joined arms during the minute’s silence and bowed his head down, with the black armband before later sharing images on his Instagram account of an Irish boxer branding him a ‘legend’ for his stance of separating himself.

One message sent to Erin, read: “Please leave the UK, you’re not welcome here.”

Another person went much further as they commented: “James McClean should be in a box.”

He was also heavily booed at every touch of the ball throughout the match but did get to silence the abusers in the 82nd minute when he whipped in a low cross that met Callum Lang who managed to engineer himself a bit of space before firing a low shot past the keeper in what proved to be the winner as Wigan secured a 2-1 win.

The travelling support sang his name at full time while the players went over to applaud them.

Much of the controversy stems from McClean previously refusing to wear a poppy and, in 2020, appeared to imitate a member of the IRA – ‘teaching’ his two young children during lockdown.

He argues that as someone brought up in Derry, a city in Northern Ireland which saw serious conflict over the constitutional status of Northern Ireland during the late 20th century, he cannot wear it.

If the poppy only commemorated those who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars, however, he claims he would happily wear it with pride.

He previously took to social media to say: ‘I know many people won’t agree with my decision or even attempt to gain an understanding of why I don’t wear a poppy.

‘I accept that but I would ask people to be respectful of the choice I have made, just as I’m respectful of people who do choose to wear a poppy.’

After the EFL announced that minute’s silence will be held before matches, with black armbands to be worn by participants, flags to be flown at half-mast and the National Anthem to be played in stadiums, McClean took to social media to express his own views.

In a message on Instagram, he said: “Unless you are a nationalist that was born and raised in Derry or anywhere else in the north of Ireland then don’t assume or speak on our behalf unless you can relate i.e. Miguel Delaney.”

IrishPropaganda🇮🇪⚽️ (@IrishPropaganda) / Twitter

His statement includes a reference to British newspaper The Independent’s chief football writer Miguel Delaney, who has previously talked on social media whether wearing a poppy is the same as donning a black armband in the wake of the queen’s death.

In 2015, the Derry native outlined his reasons for not wearing the symbol in an open letter to Wigan owner Dave Whelan.

He wrote: “I have complete respect for those who fought and died in both World Wars – many I know were Irish-born. I have been told that your own grandfather Paddy Whelan, from Tipperary, was one of those.

“I mourn their deaths like every other decent person and if the poppy was a symbol only for the lost souls of World War One and Two I would wear one; I want to make that 100 percent clear. You must understand this.

“But the poppy is used to remember victims of other conflicts since 1945 and this is where the problem starts for me.

“For people from the North of Ireland such as myself, and specifically those in Derry, scene of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre, the poppy has come to mean something very different.

“Please understand, Mr Whelan, that when you come from Creggan like myself or the Bogside, Brandywell or the majority of places in Derry, every person still lives in the shadow of one of the darkest days in Ireland’s history – even if, like me, you were born nearly 20 years after the event. It is just a part of who we are, ingrained into us from birth.

“Mr Whelan, for me to wear a poppy would be as much a gesture of disrespect for the innocent people who lost their lives in the Troubles – and Bloody Sunday especially – as I have in the past been accused of disrespecting the victims of WWI and WWII.

“It would be seen as an act of disrespect to those people; to my people.

“I am not a war monger, or anti-British, or a terrorist or any of the accusations levelled at me in the past. I am a peaceful guy, I believe everyone should live side by side, whatever their religious or political beliefs which I respect and ask for people to respect mine in return. Since last year I am a father and I want my daughter to grow up in a peaceful world, like any parent.

“I am very proud of where I come from and I just cannot do something that I believe is wrong. In life, if you’re a man you should stand up for what you believe in.”

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Fans gave their reaction as James McClean’s wife Erin shows the vile abuse sent after he stood apart during the respect for the Queen…

@ryan_pickup: As an Englishman I completely understand why James McClean does what he does. It baffles me people don’t just spend 5 minutes doing a bit of research

@Giobaldyvan_JL: James McClean will never change his views and beliefs. Whether you like it or not, that’s his beliefs. Let’s not pretend we’re offended or look to be offended at last night. He still stayed in silence, that’s it.

@AdzWhitcombe: James McClean stood in silence. He didn’t do anything disrespectful. Anti-Irish racism is the only reason he is getting abuse.

@AnnemarieDray: What exactly do people want from James McClean? Stood silent and respectfully for the Queen and wore an armband with the rest of his teammates.

@colingarner1: James McClean has his beliefs, I have my beliefs, you have your beliefs, we are all different. He stood there in silence, bowed his head, wore a black armband when in all honesty he didn’t have to, yet everyone still criticising him for it, it’s borderline harassment. Respect James #wafc

@McDougall1994: James McClean wore a black armband and stood silent for the minutes silence and is still getting abuse for it? Make it make sense.

@i_am_meganrose: James McClean is still living rent free in some amount of heads 🤡🤡🤡

@Yourmannugget: “James McClean is happy to go to England and take money with the queen on it” The money where he’s from has her on it too. That’s kind of the problem.

@JFaeTheYY: James mcclean has his ways and he sticks by them. Fair fucks to the boy BTW. Doesn’t bend his morals for no cunt

@stottiecakeboy: James McClean stood with dignity and with respect. But he also made a very important statement. The bigoted reaction shows that anti-Irish racism is alive and well in 2022 in the UK. Well done James for being brave #wafc #JamesMcClean

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