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‘Games gone’, ‘Corruption’ – Two more countries consider joint bid for the 2030 World Cup

Two more countries reportedly consider a joint bid for the 2030 World Cup with the chances of England hosting slowly diminishing.

Since the trouble caused by thugs at Wembley Stadium before and after the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, Spain and Portugal have become the new favourites to host the 2030 World Cup.

However now The Athletic state that Saudi Arabia is considering a joint bid for it, with new European champions Italy understood to be top of their list of potential partners.

The report adds ‘Once frowned upon by world football’s governing body FIFA, joint bids are now encouraged as they reduce the financial burden of hosting the event, especially as it is growing to 48 teams and 80 games from 2026, when the tournament will be staged in Canada, Mexico and United States.

‘US-based global consultancy firm Boston Consultancy Group is understood to be advising Saudi Arabia on its potential bid and it is suggesting the oil-rich state make the broadest possible coalition.’

Yes, you read that right, whilst we are looking set for our players to experience the hot temperatures of Qatar next year, the same experience if not word could be seen when footballer travel and play matches out in the Middle East country of Saudi Arabia.

Of course, news that two more countries are choosing to consider a joint bid for the 2030 World Cup hasn’t exactly gone down too well with fans on social media…


Basic human rights ❌
Football tournament ✅

@Liamfitz02: Games gone

@rosieniven: Spain and Portugal would be pretty straightforward. I like the idea of co-hosts when they are neighbouring (and smaller) countries. Even Japan and Korea worked pretty well.

@charliemould95: Another winter World Cup because it’s 8000 degrees in the summer, ridiculous. And let’s kill 4000 workers while they build the stadiums again.

@Hasan_Notion: Milan one day, Jeddah the next. That’s nonsense

@thehbomb87: Buzzing for World Cup 2034 in New Zealand and Iceland

@GKW1908: Australia-Norway bid is gaining momentum I’ve heard

@kuipnickers: Can’t wait for the joint Bahrain-Brunei-Uruguay bid

@mcdon_al: Ridiculous. Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be anywhere near hosting the World Cup.

@scraggytees: Human rights v The Kerching of money ..let’s advocate oppression over ignorance .. welcome to the world we now live in .. the phrase lesser of two evils perhaps !!!!

@posephjarsons: Do all World Cups have to be held in hostile countries for LGBTQ people?

@returnofthemaff: I’d like to submit a Wales-India-Bolivia co-hosting bid for 2034

@KPB_264: Dear god

@lukemckinney: Hell yeah 2030 World Cup in Saudi Arabia, then the next one in Antarctica, then in an undersea dome, then 2038: WORLD CUP ACTIVE VOLCANO

@BeingCalum: what the fuck???

@AFCBeef: So random countries can team up now? We may as well do a joint bit with Fiji then.

@Yokhin: How about a joint bid of Antarctica and Mars?

@karan_tejwani26: I’m assuming, given the next Middle Eastern World Cup is in the winter, that this would mean group stage in Italy in the summer of 2030 and knockout rounds in Saudi Arabia in the winter of 2030? Wouldn’t put it past them.

@cricketcelt: I like the idea that England’s bid is potentially scuppered by crowd control problems on Sunday but FIFA have no issues with ethically questionable bids.

@AFCWaIter: How are we gonna let FIFA get away with corruption again? Gotta boycott this, simply can’t let it happen.

@billy_grimmel: Because teams travelling thousands of miles every day worked so well this summer. Can’t wait for the France-Australia World Cup in 2038.

@Decbo_CPFC: Would be another absolute fucking farce

@RTVWOW: It’s nailed on, isn’t it?

@Banksy0000: Looking forward to the Ecuador/Wales joint bid

@cmcmenamy95: The 2034 world cup will be held in Belfast and South Sudan. It’s not quite as crazy as it seems.

@_afclen: This might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

@Hydeinho: This multiple country nonsense needs to fuck off

@Ifc_wilI: Hope we’re all looking forward to the joint bid between Vietnam, El Salvador and the Moon in 2034.

@BenSte3le: This would be so so so shit which, of course, means it will definitely happen.

@ennyoueffsee: This kind of joint hosting is gonna become more common with expanding tournaments. The travelling thing wouldn’t be an issue if it’s just two countries and you split the draw between them like Japan and Korea did. Main problem is clearly that it would need to be another winter WC

@canadawnts: tbf climate change may have killed us all by then anyway

Meanwhile, DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP admitted the UK should not waste time on a “costly” World Cup bid in 2030.

The UK government has been debating ways to tackle online abuse and racism following black England football players being attacked for missing their penalty shootout.

However Mr Knight said aside from that, UEFA is majorly concerned about security and they fear a repeat of the Hillsborough disaster could happen if the problems at Wembley Stadium are not fixed.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Knight shared his honest thoughts on Great Britain and Ireland’s joint World Cup bid for 2030. 

He told the programme: “I hate to say, [it’s] dead in the water, but I was not optimistic beforehand.

“Because frankly, we don’t have a good reputation within the wider football community.

“But UEFA, and we need the backing of UEFA in order to enter the World Cup competition, they have the opportunity to back Spain or Portugal, or ourselves.

Julian Knight

“Frankly after this performance, I think is much more likely they’ll go for Spain and Portugal rather than us.”

Mr Knight was then asked if he thinks the Government should bother putting in a bit for 2030. 

He replied: “I think that the process is expensive.

“We were humiliated last time, I think we were the only country that voted for ourselves.

“And I really do hope that there is real thought on what we actually do in terms of the World Cup.

“It is more than frankly World Cups and that sort of thing – this is actually about safety.

“I was listening to some of the stories coming out of the crush and things like that, it was awfully reminiscent of Hillsborough

“What we’ve got to do first of all, before we think about any World Cup bids, is sort this now and know exactly what went wrong and ensure that something like this never happens again.”

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