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Full price list of every Premier League club’s beer and pies amid West Ham controversy

The full price list of every Premier League club’s beer and pies amid the West Ham / London Stadium controversy last weekend.

As widely reported, fans at the Hammers last weekend were faced with paying a minimum of £7.30 for a pint – with only Amstel draught being sold at that price point while Heineken draught and Birra Moretti were priced at £7.60 per pint.

After supporters took to social media to share their dismay at the prices, especially with many struggling with the cost of living, The Daily Mail has reported that West Ham have threatened legal action against the owners of the ground.

The club doesn’t profit from the in-stadium catering, nor set the prices, and when approaching catering firm Delaware North about the costs being levied on fans, the business said it could not alter prices without permission from the London Stadium.


West Ham have a Comparable Clubs clause in their agreement with the London Stadium which means that prices should remain at a mean of surrounding clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. That would put the price at roughly £5.75 per pint.

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is currently the second-most expensive to grab a pre-match pint, with Camden Hells being priced at £6.35 according to recent data.

Even if fans at the London Stadium opted for a soft drink, images posted to social media show that a Coca-Cola would set you back as much as £4.50.

West Ham hopes that changes will be made before their Europa Conference League clash with Viborg on the 18th of August – and have threatened legal action if their contract is not honoured.

The row over beer prices is the latest in a long line of public spats between West Ham and their landlords since the club became the stadium’s anchor tenants almost 10 years ago in what critics branded ‘The Deal of the Century’.

The London Legacy Corporation said: “We do not agree with reports that there has been a breach in the concession agreement and had shared the pricing with the club before the start of the season, but we are reviewing the prices with our catering suppliers and continue to liaise with the club concerning any changes.”

Check out the full price list for a pint and pie at every club in the top flight:

West Ham –
Pint – £7.30
Pie – £6

Arsenal –
Pint – £6.35
Pie – £4.85

Fulham –
Pint – £5.80
Pie – £5

Leicester City –
Pint – £5.80
Pie – £5

Chelsea –
Pint – £5.70
Pie – £5.30

Southampton –
Pint – £5.50
Pie – £4.95

Brentford –
Pint – £5.25
Pie – £5

Aston Villa –
Pint – £5.20
Pie – £4.65

Nottingham Forest –
Pint – £5.20
Pie – £4.10

Tottenham –
Pint – £5.19
Pie – £4.29

Crystal Palace –
Pint – £5
Pie – £4.50

Leeds United –
Pint – £5
Pie – £4

Wolves –
Pint – £5
Pie – £4

Brighton –
Pint – £4.95
Pie – £4.90

Newcastle United –
Pint – £4.90
Pie – £4.80

Manchester City –
Pint – £4.60
Pie – £4.75

Everton –
Pint – £4.55
Pie – £3.90

Bournemouth –
Pint – £4.25
Pie – £4.25

Liverpool –
Pint – £3.30
Pie – £3.20

Manchester United –
Pint – £3
Pie – £4.20

Simon Jordan emptied both barrels on West Ham and the owners of the London Stadium live on talkSPORT over the prices of pints.

Jordan said: “If you don’t know the price of what your valued fans are going to be charged at a fundamental part of the experience inside the stadium… why don’t you know?

“If there’s a clause in the contract… then it will be very simply rectified won’t it? Ultimately there is no vested interest for West Ham besides bad publicity. That bad publicity has got them off their backsides and made them aware of it.

“Dollars for doughnuts Karren [Brady] would have been aware of it, and they haven’t paid much attention because there’s nothing in it for them.”

He went on to accuse the Hammers and the stadium owners of profiteering, saying: “West Ham profited by getting a stadium for nothing. West Ham’s responsibility was to ensure that a contract was upheld”.

The ex-Crystal Palace chairman blamed the latest issue on the original agreement to rent the stadium, adding: “West Ham have nicked this deal and there is an element of resentment from the people who allowed them to nick it.”

Twitter users react as a full price list of every Premier League club’s beer and pies emerges amid the West Ham controversy…

@PeterObiRatioer: Nice idea mate let man u fans know the cheapest ale in the land to drown their tears in after every match in the theater of nightmare 👍

@NeilMcGinnity: More like the glazers will find out and double the price

@Kloppaholics: I went into a pub the other day and they tried to charge £6.50 for a pint of peroni. Walked straight back out.

@craigwhitehouse: £6 at Leeds last week for whatever piss they were serving

@CairneyhelpyouV: Need the alcohol to watch the football

@AdamHDGamer82: London Rip Off Central

@key_udd: Only table we’ll be topping for a while

@walshcat1: £5.19 😂😂

@Mike_LFC84: Out of context here, £3.30 for warm Carlsberg at Anfield is criminal. Worst beer going

@ghwgate: still better than 7 quid for a pint of amstel

@Jyates1988: £7,30 West Ham want relegating on that. Disgusting

@guvpaul1: Complete disgrace from @WestHam

@DonnyCustard: The south really is the pits.

@ryan_whiteman: £7.30 for a pint! 😳 those poor fans!

@dj_zotov: Never drink in ground, always pre-match and post-match for me. Queues always too long & beer overpriced! 😳

@HyettRobbie: Tbf £5 or over is a massive piss take especially for a non premium in a plastic cup on a piss soaked Concourse 🤣

@JonnoBell: £5.19 what an awful price 😂😂😂

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