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Fans want mic’d up players and POV cameras attached to them after videos emerge

Fans want mic’d up players and POV cameras attached to them after videos emerge during the Premier League Summer Series.

Footage of Youri Tielemans’ Aston Vila debut from his point of view left viewers fascinated as it gave a great insight into the workrate, what is being side, their speed, and a whole lot more during a typical match.

Tielemans signed for Villa on a free transfer after his contract with Leicester City expired, and his first appearance came against Newcastle United out in Philadelphia with the game finishinng 3-3.

The 26 year old Belgium midfielder came on for his debut in the second half, wearing a bodycam as he entered the pitch, and has now gone viral with the video getting millions of views.

You can also get a unique look at Premier League teams in action with this ref cam of Harry Wilson’s incredible goal for Fulham.

Harry Wilson scored a screamer for Fulham in their pre-season clash against Brentford, and it emerged from the ‘body cam’ of referee Peter Bankes – with fans also wanting to see it become a permanent addition to the game.

Fulham went on to win 3-2 against Brentford on Sunday as goals from Harry Wilson, Bobby Reid and Carlos Vinicius sealed victory at the Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia.

In February 2023, a trial of the use of referee body cameras was introduced across four selected adult grassroots football leagues in England after permission was granted by the International Football Association Board [IFAB].

Approximately 100 grassroots referees sported the equipment while officiating adult grassroots football matches.

“Referees are the lifeblood of our game and we thank the IFAB for their support in allowing us to undertake this new grassroots bodycam trial, the first of its nature globally,” said Mark Bullingham, who is the FA’s chief executive.

“We’ve listened to feedback from the referee community, and we hope this trial will have a positive impact on the behaviour towards them – so that ultimately they can enjoy officiating in a safe and inclusive environment.”

Bruno Guimaraes also got mic’d up in this Premier League Summer Series friendly. Hear everything that happened as Newcastle United took on Aston Villa.

He wore a camera and microphone, below you can see the match through the eyes of the Brazilian midfielder.

As mentioned, fans say they want mic’d up players and POV cameras attached to them after videos emerge…

@20LegendSorare: So cool to see. Only pre-season but you get a feel for how quickly they’re closed down. Barely time to take a touch.

@poompze: Watching this has made me realise i talk ALOT of crap

@PaulJSpacey: Great insight. The only thing you don’t quite get from the camera is the peripheral vision of the player. Closing down seems crazy fast but for players it doesn’t feel that way 😉

@avfc_emery: I know most changes to football are met with fierce backlash, but please actually implement this in the EPL – we will all love it

@SWilliamson_8: Crazy fast even in pre season you don’t realise it in the stands or watching on television, would like to see it on a real quality player that makes the game look easy in terms of finding space and having time on the ball to see the comparison.

@Ghost_Valhalla_: This shows the work rate concentration and awareness that these midfielders need to have at this level absolutely loving this content hope they can continue giving us this throughout the season. It’s easy to criticize from the stands, but there is a lot more going on the pitch

@ibrahimyerima_: I’m never ever criticizing a professional footballer again 😭

@talkFT: Sick. Should bring this to the Premier League.

@rjbride: That was awesome. Some physical effort from all of them. So little time on the ball and that was just a friendly!

@grimmer1895: Should be the new camera available on sky sports

@RyanHorobin: It seems they have a lot more time when you watch on TV / in the stands. May finally be time to accept at 31 with no left knee and more splinters than starts in Sunday league that I may not make it in the Premier League

@DeanoB24: After 10 minutes I’d need a defibrillator attached to mine

@JxshObee: It’s like that nike advert from a few years back this

@GrahamButterw12: Gives you a great perspective on how fast your reactions have to be, along with your touch, probably ramp it up another 20% in a league game? Sky must be looking into this, if its comfy to wear then it would be good having certain players views during a game.

@steveha07602835: That’s amazing. Its impressive he talks to players in various languages (just football words) but processes who it is, which language to speak so instantly – when I played I could barely get a name right in the heat of the moment

@relation_ad: They get shut down so quickly

@toffee_tower:: If it doesn’t affect the players game, then they should do this with every player for every game.

@DeclanMcGrath1: Anthony Gordon looks like a nightmare to play against!

@matt_cooper85: The pace is incredible, you don’t get a second on the ball.

@DelayneSmith: They move the ball so quickly. The closing down is rapid and relentless, It’s incredible! To think that’s only a pre-season game 😮‍💨

@paulmhunter: Brilliant POV makes you see the pace of the game from a different perspective

@crumy82: Would be good to see this view split with the usual camera view to compare what you see watching the game compared to the pressure the players are under

@FPLFalse9: It’s insane how little time professionals actually have on the ball in a pre season game… my head is spinning watching this and trying to pick a pass out 😂

@th9230: Football doesn’t look to hard from the stands or the tv but this just shows you the intensity of football. You get a split second to make a decision or else you’ve got a man on you.

@benitoroberto12: Could watch these all day

@FrankieMaguire: Great stuff. It’s useful in demonstrating the tiny amount of time players get on the ball at the top level before they’re chased down & pressured by an opponent. Intense.

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