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Fans love what Rodon and Davies did in brawl with Turkey’s Burak Yilmaz

Fans absolutely love what Wales’ Joe Rodon and Ben Davies did in a mini brawl with Turkey’s Burak Yilmaz towards the end of the game.

In the 91st minute, tensions were rising with the Turkish trying to get an equaliser while the Welsh were trying to hold on to or extend their lead.

A bit of a scuffle played out in the Wales box. The initial foul was by Yilmaz so there would be no penalty and added more time onto the minutes already issued.

Fans love what Rodon and Davies did in brawl with Turkey’s Burak Yilmaz

The referee decides to book three players for their part. Mepham, Davies and Yilmaz. 

Calhanoglu was booked for the protests whilst Davies is the one who looks to have been fortunate. He raised his arms to Yilmaz but the VAR check was happy that no further action is required. 

Aaron Ramsey had already put Wales ahead late in the first half from a brilliant Gareth Bale assist.

However, they were given a big chance to make it 2-0 with a spot kick, Bale then blew that by skying his second half penalty.

Up came Connor Roberts’ added time strike to seal the victory to give them a huge boost in their chances of making the Euro 2020 last 16.

Wales midfielder Joe Allen said: “I’m knackered, but what a great feeling.

“There was so much riding on the game, like we’ve done previously we have grabbed it with both hands.

“We started great, created chances throughout, and I think we were well worth the win.

“On another day we may have got another couple goals.

“As a player you want to play in this environment, but we are a confident group who like the underdog tag and we did that tonight.

“We’ve given ourselves every chance now to get through to the next round.

“We’ve got a huge game against an even stronger team this weekend so we need to recover before that.”

Wales captain Gareth Bale said: “I’m absolutely delighted with the win, we fought hard, worked our socks off, yes I missed a penalty but I feel I showed good character to keep going.

“That second goal at the end was the icing on the cake.

“Aaron [Ramsey] got in a few times, we’ve always linked up well, it was important to get the victory today.

“You’d like to think that [four points] would be enough, we will have to wait and see, if you’d offered us four points at the start we would have bitten your hand off.

“Playing in front of no fans is difficult, the fans were fantastic, I know most were Turkish but the Welsh fans were great too. It helped get your adrenaline going.

“We want to thank the fans at home too who I’m sure will be cheering in their millions.”

Wales goal scorer Connor Roberts said: “That’s the best moment of my career that will probably never be matched.

“To be playing in a major competition is the pinnacle for me, and to almost seal us through to the next stage is incredible.

“Today is a massive step towards that, we have a massive game on Sunday, but it has done us no harm winning today.

“They [Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale] are world class players, we know what we expect from them, Gareth said he was sorry for missing the penalty but without them I don’t think we win tonight.

“We are a young group but we have resilience, people who will run until the last minute and we did that tonight.

“Chris Mepham had told me not to go forward for that corner! But that’s just what I do, it’s an incredible feeling.”

Wales goal scorer Aaron Ramsey said: “I felt a bit of relief, I had two chances before to score but that first half today was superb, we really dominated.

“Second half we showed great character and I think we thoroughly deserved the win.

“The penalty was a big moment but we didn’t panic, we didn’t leave anything out there, and we worked hard from each other.

“We’ve given ourselves a brilliant opportunity now, we’ve got another big game to go, we are in a good position now.

“I’ve got a few [Juventus] team mates playing for Italy so it will be nice for me out there, but I’m representing my country now and we will do everything to win that game.”

As mentioned, fans love what Rodon and Davies did in the brawl with Turkey’s Burak Yilmaz…

@Nabyesta: Joe Rodon is fcking solid

@_shelbie97: Joe Rodon putting his life on the line, things you absolutely love to see

@by_dremar: Joe Rodon, my type of centre half

@conkhailou12: Joe Rodon what a hero No way this is the most personality I’ve seen from Ben Davies

@garanllyr: Yilmaz about to experience the wrath of Joe Rodon

@unfitforpurpose: The highlight remains Ben Davies doing a violence.

@TomJerrett: Thought Yilmaz was meant to be the main man. Not even a good hard man, he got dropped by Ben Davies

@rhyswills26: Fucking Hell Joe Rodon that took some balls to do, commitment of the highest cause

@darrenwhitfield: Interesting to see everyone praising Ben Davies for sticking up for his team mate, which is fair enough. But barely a mention of Joe Rodon’s ridiculous overaction that caused it all. It’s so accepted as part of the game now.

@ChrismanSpurs: How has Ben Davies just put the biggest headcase at the Euros in his place I love this game

@TomBru98: I’d still back Joe Rodon to slap them all up

@JamieLongman77: Jeez if Ben Davies would have swung a haymaker at Yilmaz, Savage still would have defended him #biased

@danjh97: I want Ben Davies flooring Burak Yilmaz on a t shirt.

@CConnell8: Love seeing Ben Davies have Rodon’s back like that. And that Bale guy may be pretty good.

@Matthew_Beach26: Ben Davies and Rodon class!

@VaughanJon: Nobody fucks with Joe Rodon.

@mccoolecreative: Ben Davies had every right to go ballistic then. #TURWAL

@Tangan_goat: Davies just moved up in my list of most liked spurs players he sat down that bastard

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