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Fans impressed as Truro City unveil proposed designs for much needed new stadium

Fans have been left impressed as Truro City unveil proposed designs for their much needed new stadium, to be built by March 2024.

Plans have been put in place for Truro to have their own ground back in Cornwall after leaving their Treyew Road home two seasons ago.

Alex Black, a consultant for Truro City, says they’ve been without a proper home since 2019: “We’ve been playing at Plymouth Parkway who’ve been very nice hosts but it’s not our home – it’s not even in the right county – it’s a long distance for fans and others to travel.

“Whilst it might not be the big, shiny stadium for Cornwall that we’d all hoped for, we’ve tried to cut our cloth accordingly – it’ll still be an important part of society.”

The Chief Executive of the Cornish Pirates, Rebecca Thomas, adds that the Stadium for Cornwall came up against a lot of stumbling blocks.

She said: “It has always felt like we’ve lacked that support for sport in Cornwall, which is really disappointing especially when it’s such a huge part of our lives.

“The main priority is now delivering a facility, getting Truro FC back and getting to a position where we can relocate as Cornish Pirates as well.”

The same holding company owns both Truro City FC as well as the Cornish Pirates.

Truro City, who sit 2nd in the Southern League Premier South, will call Langarth home, and the Pirates could also play there if funds are available to improve the grass pitch.

Alex Black said: “It looks most likely that it’ll just be football going in there at the start.

“You need a much more robust pitch for rugby than we can currently afford.

“I know that the Pirates are working hard to get those funds together and if those funds do get together before it’s completed then we’ll be able to do that.”

Truro City Football Club has revealed more details about its new stadium in Cornwall


As mentioned, fans have been left impressed as Truro City unveil proposed designs for the much needed new stadium…

@StewEwens: Looks good but a couple of those stands could be the length of the pitch

@Harriso91352631: Looks great lads 👏

@demodainty: Look forward to visiting once it is completed

@LeeHall1977: Exciting times @TCFC_Official 🙌

@Benjosymons1: Looks amazing 👏

@trevor_east: Very impressive plans, hopefully leading to exciting times ahead for the club. 👏👏👏

@ScottRo1982: This would be great and can only be a positive for the county surely.

@burngold: If it looks anything like this. It will be a great asset for Truro!

@WeldonHilary: Brilliant news 👏👏👏

Ray Eley: Brilliant now we to know when work will start and I might start to believe

@Elmhart: Sensible solution.

Nigel Dilley Dilley: Get it built!!!

Rob Richards: Can’t wait

Will Clift: A positive step forward!

@IanMcDo06417525: Great news, fingers crossed it happens

@zandiethornton: Let’s hope this happens 🤞

Alfie Bale Morris: At last 😍😍

Jerry Booker: Is it April fools?

Brendan James Wilkins: Could it be?!

Adam Geary: I’ll believe it when I see it

David Bickerton: How many years in the pipeline 🤦🏻‍♂️

Craig Evans: Good Luck to them , seems to have been going on for a while. been to the City of Truro a few times, great place. Be good to see Cornwall have an established team in the football League one day.

Malcolm Mutton: Sounds intresting lets hope it goes ahead

Dave Holmes: This has to be great news for Truro City and the Cornish Pirates. We’ve been waiting a long time. That Cornwall Council didn’t include it in the levelling up bid is a scandal.

Trevor Thomas: Lets hope Cornwall Council have looked after the money. 🤔

Mark Frain: Much more sensible than a 10k capacity stadium! Pirates only average about 1500 crowds and the last time Truro were in the conference south, they were getting less than 500! That massive stadium would have killed both clubs!

@KingBobIIV: It’s about time. It’s shocking, when Rugby is our National sport, when we have such talent, our facilities are so atrocious. However, why its not in Pool, with 3 X A30 exits, a direct train line, is beyond me. Truro simply doesn’t have the infrastructure.

@torpointboy: Excellent decision to cast aside the rugby and concentrate on Truro City with Truro City money

@dicaniojames: Lets hope for all the Truro City FC fans it does happen! Theres been so many delays ive almost given up hope of ever watching Truro play in Truro ever again! Lets get it started 👍🏼⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Below is a picture of a ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ which isn’t going ahead….

Work could start on long delayed Stadium for Cornwall next year - Cornwall  Live
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