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Every Championship club’s run-in for the remainder of 2019/20 season

Every Championship club’s run-in for the remainder of 2019/20 season time, we’ve taken a look and listed below with the season fast approaching.

Leeds United and West Brom are the front-runners for automatic promotion to the Premier League, though have results not go their way and Fulham could potentially replace either team.

Brentford and Nottingham Forest look in good contention of getting a playoff place if they maintain positive results.

Preston occupy the last playoff spot, however have Bristol City, Millwall, Cardiff City, Blackburn Rovers, Swansea City, Derby County and QPR also in with a chance.

Reading, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham City are just below mid-table, having slim chances of a reaching the playoffs, but enough points of though down the bottom.

Stoke City, Huddersfield Town, Middlesbrough, Wigan Athletic and Hull City sit above the drop zone, and just a few points ahead of those in the relegation zone, which includes Charlton Athletic, Luton Town and Barnsley.

Take a look at every team (from 1st to 24th)’s run-in below:


Leeds United

Sun 15 Mar (A) Cardiff City
Wed 18 Mar (H) Fulham
Sat 21 Mar (H) Luton Town
Fri 3 Apr (A) Blackburn Rovers
Fri 10 Apr (H) Stoke City
Mon 13 Apr (A) Swansea City
Sat 18 Apr (H) Barnsley
Sat 25 Apr (A) Derby County
Sat 2 May (H) Charlton Athletic


West Bromwich Albion

Sat 14 Mar (H) Birmingham City
Tue 17 Mar (A) Brentford
Sat 21 Mar (A) Sheffield Wednesday
Sat 4 Apr (H) Hull City
Fri 10 Apr (H) Derby County
Mon 13 Apr (A) Blackburn Rovers
Sat 18 Apr (H) Fulham
Sat 25 Apr (A) Huddersfield Town
Sat 2 May (H) Queens Park Rangers



Fri 13 Mar (H) Brentford
Wed 18 Mar (A) Leeds United
Sat 21 Mar (A) Queens Park Rangers
Sat 4 Apr (H) Birmingham City
Fri 10 Apr (A) Nottingham Forest
Tue 14 Apr (H) Cardiff City
Sat 18 Apr (A) West Bromwich Albion
Sat 25 Apr (H) Sheffield Wednesday
Sat 2 May (A) Wigan Athletic



Fri 13 Mar (A) Fulham
Tue 17 Mar (H) West Bromwich Albion
Sat 21 Mar (A) Reading
Sat 4 Apr (H) Wigan Athletic
Fri 10 Apr (H) Charlton Athletic
Mon 13 Apr (A) Derby County
Sat 18 Apr (H) Preston North End
Sat 25 Apr (A) Stoke City
Sat 2 May (H) Barnsley


Nottingham Forest

Sat 14 Mar (A) Sheffield Wednesday
Wed 18 Mar (H) Huddersfield Town
Sun 22 Mar (H) Bristol City
Sat 4 Apr (A) Derby County
Fri 10 Apr (H) Fulham
Mon 13 Apr (A) Preston North End
Sat 18 Apr (H) Swansea City
Sat 25 Apr (A) Barnsley
Sat 2 May (H) Stoke City


Preston North End

Sat 14 Mar (A) Luton Town
Wed 18 Mar (H) Cardiff City
Sat 21 Mar (H) Derby County
Sat 4 Apr (A) Huddersfield Town
Fri 10 Apr (A) Sheffield Wednesday
Mon 13 Apr (H) Nottingham Forest
Sat 18 Apr (A) Brentford
Sat 25 Apr (H) Birmingham City
Sat 2 May (A) Bristol City


Bristol City

Sat 14 Mar (A) Blackburn Rovers
Tue 17 Mar (H) Sheffield Wednesday
Sun 22 Mar (A) Nottingham Forest
Sat 4 Apr (H) Cardiff City
Fri 10 Apr (H) Hull City
Mon 13 Apr (A) Middlesbrough
Sat 18 Apr (H) Stoke City
Sat 25 Apr (A) Swansea City
Sat 2 May (H) Preston North End



Sat 14 Mar (H) Derby County
Tue 17 Mar (A) Barnsley
Sat 21 Mar (H) Swansea City
Sat 4 Apr (A) Charlton Athletic
Fri 10 Apr (H) Middlesbrough
Mon 13 Apr (A) Hull City
Sat 18 Apr (H) Blackburn Rovers
Sat 25 Apr (A) Queens Park Rangers
Sat 2 May (H) Huddersfield Town


Cardiff City

Sun 15 Mar (H) Leeds United
Wed 18 Mar (A) Preston North End
Sat 21 Mar (H) Charlton Athletic
Sat 4 Apr (A) Bristol City
Fri 10 Apr (H) Blackburn Rovers
Tue 14 Apr (A) Fulham
Sat 18 Apr (H) Derby County
Sat 25 Apr (A) Middlesbrough
Sat 2 May (H) Hull City


Blackburn Rovers

Sat 14 Mar (H) Bristol City
Wed 18 Mar (A) Wigan Athletic
Sat 21 Mar (A) Barnsley
Fri 3 Apr (H) Leeds United
Fri 10 Apr (A) Cardiff City
Mon 13 Apr (H) West Bromwich Albion
Sat 18 Apr (A) Millwall
Sat 25 Apr (H) Reading
Sat 2 May (A) Luton Town


Swansea City

Sat 14 Mar (A) Middlesbrough
Wed 18 Mar (H) Luton Town
Sat 21 Mar (A) Millwall
Sat 4 Apr (H) Sheffield Wednesday
Fri 10 Apr (A) Birmingham City
Mon 13 Apr (H) Leeds United
Sat 18 Apr (A) Nottingham Forest
Sat 25 Apr (H) Bristol City
Sat 2 May (A) Reading


Derby County

Sat 14 Mar (A) Millwall
Tue 17 Mar (H) Reading
Sat 21 Mar (A) Preston North End
Sat 4 Apr (H) Nottingham Forest
Fri 10 Apr (A) West Bromwich Albion
Mon 13 Apr (H) Brentford
Sat 18 Apr (A) Cardiff City
Sat 25 Apr (H) Leeds United
Sat 2 May (A) Birmingham City


Queens Park Rangers

Sat 14 Mar (H) Barnsley
Tue 17 Mar (A) Charlton Athletic
Sat 21 Mar (H) Fulham
Sat 4 Apr (A) Middlesbrough
Fri 10 Apr (A) Wigan Athletic
Mon 13 Apr (H) Sheffield Wednesday
Sat 18 Apr (A) Luton Town
Sat 25 Apr (H) Millwall
Sat 2 May (A) West Bromwich Albion



Sat 14 Mar (H) Stoke City
Tue 17 Mar (A) Derby County
Sat 21 Mar (H) Brentford
Sat 4 Apr (A) Luton Town
Fri 10 Apr (H) Huddersfield Town
Mon 13 Apr (A) Charlton Athletic
Sat 18 Apr (H) Middlesbrough
Sat 25 Apr (A) Blackburn Rovers
Sat 2 May (H) Swansea City


Sheffield Wednesday

Sat 14 Mar (H) Nottingham Forest
Tue 17 Mar (A) Bristol City
Sat 21 Mar (H) West Bromwich Albion
Sat 4 Apr (A) Swansea City
Fri 10 Apr (H) Preston North End
Mon 13 Apr (A) Queens Park Rangers
Sat 18 Apr (H) Huddersfield Town
Sat 25 Apr (A) Fulham
Sat 2 May (H) Middlesbrough


Birmingham City

Sat 14 Mar (A) West Bromwich Albion
Wed 18 Mar (H) Hull City
Sat 21 Mar (H) Huddersfield Town
Sat 4 Apr (A) Fulham
Fri 10 Apr (H) Swansea City
Mon 13 Apr (A) Stoke City
Sat 18 Apr (H) Charlton Athletic
Sat 25 Apr (A) Preston North End
Sat 2 May (H) Derby County


Stoke City

Sat 14 Mar (A) Reading
Wed 18 Mar (H) Middlesbrough
Sat 21 Mar (A) Wigan Athletic
Sat 4 Apr (H) Barnsley
Fri 10 Apr (A) Leeds United
Mon 13 Apr (H) Birmingham City
Sat 18 Apr (A) Bristol City
Sat 25 Apr (H) Brentford
Sat 2 May (A) Nottingham Forest


Huddersfield Town

Sat 14 Mar (H) Wigan Athletic
Wed 18 Mar (A) Nottingham Forest
Sat 21 Mar (A) Birmingham City
Sat 4 Apr (H) Preston North End
Fri 10 Apr (A) Reading
Mon 13 Apr (H) Luton Town
Sat 18 Apr (A) Sheffield Wednesday
Sat 25 Apr (H) West Bromwich Albion
Sat 2 May (A) Millwall



Sat 14 Mar (H) Swansea City
Wed 18 Mar (A) Stoke City
Sat 21 Mar (A) Hull City
Sat 4 Apr (H) Queens Park Rangers
Fri 10 Apr (A) Millwall
Mon 13 Apr (H) Bristol City
Sat 18 Apr (A) Reading
Sat 25 Apr (H) Cardiff City
Sat 2 May (A) Sheffield Wednesday


Wigan Athletic

Sat 14 Mar (A) Huddersfield Town
Wed 18 Mar (H) Blackburn Rovers
Sat 21 Mar (H) Stoke City
Sat 4 Apr (A) Brentford
Fri 10 Apr (H) Queens Park Rangers
Mon 13 Apr (A) Barnsley
Sat 18 Apr (H) Hull City
Sat 25 Apr (A) Charlton Athletic
Sat 2 May (H) Fulham


Hull City

Sat 14 Mar (H) Charlton Athletic
Wed 18 Mar (A) Birmingham City
Sat 21 Mar (H) Middlesbrough
Sat 4 Apr (A) West Bromwich Albion
Fri 10 Apr (A) Bristol City
Mon 13 Apr (H) Millwall
Sat 18 Apr (A) Wigan Athletic
Sat 25 Apr (H) Luton Town
Sat 2 May (A) Cardiff City


Charlton Athletic

Sat 14 Mar (A) Hull City
Tue 17 Mar (H) Queens Park Rangers
Sat 21 Mar (A) Cardiff City
Sat 4 Apr (H) Millwall
Fri 10 Apr (A) Brentford
Mon 13 Apr (H) Reading
Sat 18 Apr (A) Birmingham City
Sat 25 Apr (H) Wigan Athletic
Sat 2 May (A) Leeds United


Luton Town

Sat 14 Mar (H) Preston North End
Wed 18 Mar (A) Swansea City
Sat 21 Mar (A) Leeds United
Sat 4 Apr (H) Reading
Fri 10 Apr (H) Barnsley
Mon 13 Apr (A) Huddersfield Town
Sat 18 Apr (H) Queens Park Rangers
Sat 25 Apr (A) Hull City
Sat 2 May (H) Blackburn Rovers



Sat 14 Mar (A) Queens Park Rangers
Tue 17 Mar (H) Millwall
Sat 21 Mar (H) Blackburn Rovers
Sat 4 Apr (A) Stoke City
Fri 10 Apr (A) Luton Town
Mon 13 Apr (H) Wigan Athletic
Sat 18 Apr (A) Leeds United
Sat 25 Apr (H) Nottingham Forest
Sat 2 May (A) Brentford

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