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England training footage shows Jack Grealish and Declan Rice ‘clashing’

England training footage shows Jack Grealish and Declan Rice ‘clashing’, with the clip going viral across various social media sites.

A behind-the-scenes video has emerged showing a fallout between Premier League duo at Hotspur Way, ahead of the 1-1 draw against Hungary.

At 10:10 in the YouTube footage, the Man City summer signing could be seen dribbling on the edge of the box, when Rice flies in and knocks him off the ball.

Once the attack ends, the £100m man decides to moan at the West Ham midfielder, who spreads his arms out as if to ask what the issue is.

Then, at 10:40, Grealish can be heard saying: “I don’t get how you can say that isn’t a foul.”

Rice then hits back, saying: “I tried to block and you ran into me. Let’s watch it back.”

Thankfully, the pair don’t appear to be holding too much of a grudge against one another as at 11:00, Rice is stood with his arm around Grealish, telling the cameras “We’ve made up now ain’t we Jack. He was mad but now we’ve made up. It’s because we’re too good, that’s the problem.”.

The 22-year-old does, however, conceded that Grealish was “mad” with him earlier in the training session.

Grealish acknowledges Rice’s comments with a smile but doesn’t say anything back.

As the England training footage shows Jack Grealish and Declan Rice ‘clashing’, it then saw fans tear into Grealish for ‘diving even in training’ while others had something else to say on it…

@Kane988: Trying to win free kicks in training, seen it all now

@tottidambra: You got tackled by a world class player Mr Grealish. Get used to it! ⚒

@JubileeLine90: Don’t care if it was or not. Awful temperament for short shin pads.

@oliverwantsmore: Surprised Grealish isn’t still rolling.

@Dave230964: Go in harder next time Deckkers, he needs toughening up

@tonysmi86747439: Grealish runs into someone and demands a foul. Been getting away with it for too long with shit refereeing

@scottj77: Definitely a foul, Dec wasn’t even going for the Alice band

@AlexNexusMD: I suppose he has to practice diving

@markNbrogs: Rice should have walked for that.. could have killed big jack 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

@ThePaddyArms: Absolute melt

@Rob_S_Wilcock: Can’t even stay on his feet in training. Dear dear

@MarkShurben: Never a foul!

@camwestham: This really cracks me up, imagine diving in TRAINING and then crying about being fouled….

@hammer_gp: Total whinger, and then Dec has clearly made the peace. Only one future captain there.

@smokee78: Get up you mug….. can’t deal with the master….. 😂

@luke50490576: Think Jacks being an absolute tart ffs

@SaundersEl: Whining brummie. If he concentrated on the game rather than spending every match and now training bleating he’d be fouled – he’d actually be a half decent player. Overrated IMO and it wasn’t a foul. Dec the boss ⚒👍

@HighwaymanX: Grealish is like a big baby, lucky he wasn’t playing in the 70s and 80s.

@markcallow10: Subbed against Hungary so this is what happens when you face real quality you diving soft arse

@westhamonline5: Grow up Jack Grealish

@kylelitton: Can’t understand why grealish is tryna win free kicks in training now 🧐 Diving practice anyone?

@isaacwt2004: Grealish diving ap 🥱

@zakronaldofan: he’s even diving in training

@westhamsam27: Grealish s literally practicing his dives in training ffs, what’s the point in going down like this 😂😂

@whucharlie_: can’t not love rice

@yshealthyv2: Grealish is actually a bitch wth is he on about

@MissVJFxx: – Rice is missing his Kalvin x

@Noble16Fake: KNOCK HIM THE FUCK OUT DECCERS!!!! Diving in training!? Probably voted remain too.

@haribododgson: Grealish even dives during training! 😆

Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate suggests the decision to take Jack Grealish off, when he was one of the best players on the pitch, backfired during England’s draw in midweek.

Speaking about the Grealish substitute, Southgate suggested it was to improve their defensive shape, although it didn’t help them offensively.

“We wanted to change the shape to pose a different problem but also to stop the counter attacks, and you have to take one of the forwards off to do that,” Southgate explained.

“That made us less vulnerable but it didn’t really improve our attacking play. There were individual pieces of skill rather than fluid team movements.”

ITV pundit Ian Wright meanwhile questioned the change, with the former Aston Villa man one of the few players to really trouble Hungary’s low-block.

“You have to give Hungary credit, they closed down from the front, kept their energy up all the way through the game,” Wright said.

“Jack Grealish, disappointing to see him go off because he was the one player who did have the spark but in the main you just have to hold your hands up and say well it didn’t quite happen we didn’t lose the game but there’s a lot to think about.”

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