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England fans banned from singing and chanting in pubs during Euro 2020

England fans have been banned from singing and chanting in pubs during the Euro 2020 campaign across June and July, it’s announced.

For supporters up and down the country watching the tournament in a public house establishment, they will not be allowed to sing any rendition of the national anthem, nor can they belt out Three Lions, It’s Coming Home or anything other. Got to laugh really.

Gareth Southgate’s side begin their campaign against Croatia on Sunday before further group-stage clashes with Scotland and Czech Republic at Wembley Stadium.

Under current Covid protocols, the rule of six is in force indoors and the hospitality industry is operating on table service only.

Fans have also been urged by the government as well as doctors not to chant in a bid to prevent the risk of spreading the disease.

James Cleverly MP told Sky News: “We know the things which increase transmissibility: being in an enclosed space, being in close proximity to other people, speaking at volume because particles come from the mouth.

“We would encourage people to do things which we know are safe. Be outside, be socially-distanced, keep your face away from other peoples’ faces.

“We want people to enjoy the football, but we want people to enjoy the football in as safe a way as possible. We know what that is: being outside, being spread apart and not shouting or singing.”

Legal expert Graeme Cushion, who specialises in pub licensing, told the media: “I suspect our patriotism – particularly if England is doing well in the tournament – may get the better of us.

“Businesses showing games may ask you to sit down and not stand up to sing.

“And if indoors, as soon as you do stand up, you should wear a face mask, which is going to make singing somewhat more awkward.”

Although it will be somewhat quieter than usual for fans watching England in pubs, the match-going experience is thankfully slowly returning to some kind of normality.

After a Premier League, EFL and non league season played almost entirely behind closed doors, Wembley looks set to be getting the green light to host 40,000 fans during the knock-out stages of the Euros.

Talks over the increase are at an advanced stage, according to the Daily Telegraph , and the change should take place regardless of whether the easing of restrictions on the 21st of June is pushed back.

Prior to the knock-out stages, 22,500 fans will attend England’s Group D fixtures, with each required to prove they are fully vaccinated against coronavirus or have returned a negative lateral flow test at most 48 hours before kick off.

Meanwhile, Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate has called for supporters to show the unity they exhibited throughout the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it’s time for the country to unite, full stop. That’s how I see it,” he told the BBC. “If the team can be a catalyst for that then that’s brilliant.

“I think the England team is often a catalyst for bringing people together, bringing communities together, bringing families together, so of course in the process of doing that we want to play well, we want to win, we want to excite people but not all of that falls upon us.

“We’ve had lots of division and sometimes we need to remember what a strong island we are, what a strong nation we are, the great qualities that we have.

“There were moments at the beginning of the pandemic that were so powerful where people did pull together, I think we should always be striving towards that.”

Twitter users gave their reaction after seeing that England fans are banned from singing and chanting in pubs during Euro 2020…

@nicholson1_jack: Good luck with that.

@DanCook5: To be fair it’s a sensible move, the it’s coming home variant apparently has been known to be more transmissible by approximately 0.000000001% so safety is key here

@TomosEdney: do you really think darren is gonna think about the rules when he’s 6 stellas deep and england are winning

@Andy_Westfield: However, anything by The Vaccines will be encouraged.

@DavidNerd: Hahahaha old bill in every boozer tasering people as soon as they start shouting ‘everyone seems to know the score’

@hotelluxband: We’re on the ball it is then

@gooner239: Pity the bar staff who tries to enforce that one!

@bengreggles: I’m willing to be jailed for this cause

@MasonSpenceMK: You can take our freedoms, but you’ll never take away footballs coming home you tossers

@_efmb_: They can always hum it.

@Jaake_I3: Can’t we sing sat down? COVID doesn’t affect anyone sat down remember?

@AdamMil78741651: All the rules will go out the window as soon as that first goal goes in, #ItsComingHome

@KevlarSurrey: Amazing how just the one song can medically, virally and physically spread the virus so much more than any other song pelted out.

@Henni_Papenfuss: Who is possibly policing this? They genuinely think they can regulate where, when and how we breathe these days don’t they?

@SarahSanders58: Luckily after a few pints the noise made probably couldn’t actually be classed as singing.

@ba_robo: Imagine telling that to a bunch of lads 8 pints and a gram of sniff deep LOL

@LynneWatson60: Right like that’s going to work, people will do what they want & quite rightly so!

@CheethamBFC: u can ban us but we still will

@ShellOnTheVerge: So, getting drunk in a pub with loads of others is ok, as long they don’t sing.. Ffs. Yeah. Makes sense. Good luck with policing that.

@ab83635723: can we sing world in motion?

@BoroShot: Hahaha good luck with that

@LPP2014: I’m literally sat in a pub where two pissed up lasses are singing Angels on very loud Karaoke. Nobody gives a fuck anymore. It’s done

@MikeW_1988: Don’t do this to me

@FootballForY0U: Good luck stopping people singing 😂😂

@drs_5000: Saw two girls singing “Dancing In The Moonlight” on the tube the other day. Glad they knew not to sing “It’s Coming Home”, otherwise they would’ve gotten covid

@HarrisonWilks: Good luck policing that!

@weekzy1986: Fucking hell just when you think things can’t get anymore stupid. Hopefully everyone in every pub up and down the country unites and sings footballs coming home

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