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EIGHT clubs named that could follow Bury’s demise and Bolton’s financial struggles

We continue to find out which five other clubs have been listed to potential go down the worrying of direction Bury and Bolton suffered recently…


Current league position: 24th in the League Two table

Loss for 2017-18: £3.6m

Reason for concern: Wages far exceeding income

It is said in the Daily Mail: “Bottom of League Two, Scunthorpe’s finances are as concerning as their form.

“With wages exceeding income there is nothing left to pay for the day-to-day running costs and the club has incurred losses averaging £50,000 a week over the past six years. Owner Peter Swann has underwritten these but the club’s outstanding borrowings have ballooned. If relegated there would be a substantial fall in income as they would lose solidarity payments from the Premier League as well as seeing EFL broadcasting money halved once parachute payments dry up.”

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Current league position: 20th in the League Two table

Losses in 2017-18: £452,000

Reason for concern: Losing money despite lowest wage bill in English football.

It is said in the Daily Mail: “Many fans would struggle to name any Morecambe player, the colour of their home shirt or the name of their stadium. They had the lowest wage bill in League Two in 2018 of those clubs who reported such details (many clubs use legal loopholes to reduce their transparency). Yet still they have failed to pay players on time at least four times, most recently November 2018. Their average wage paid is less than £1,000 a week, but with crowds averaging only 2,000 they still lose money. They are reliant on the goodwill of owners and with new owners in place and Jim Bentley being the longest-serving manager in all four divisions, hopefully they can put such issues behind them.”

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It is also stated that there are worrying signs for Swindon Town, Oxford United and Southend United who also have delayed wage payments last season.

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