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Derby fans demand answers as Tom Lawrence posts baffling photo with Chris Kirchner

Derby County fans demand answers as player Tom Lawrence posts a baffling photo of him with Chris Kirchner, who failed to takeover the club.

It comes just a week after Chris Kirchner’s bid to buy Derby County collapsed, which has since been described a ‘shambles’ and a ‘farce’.

But now, for some strange reason, Tom Lawrence has had his photo taken with his arms around Chris Kirchner whilst at a golf course, with Rams fans still left angered by the situation the club find themselves in.

Then of course they have been left even more confused as to why the Derby captain for 2021/22 would post such a thing to his Instagram story.

Chris Kirchner sure does love his golf, the last time he was spotted on a course, he was confronted by sports editor Dan Roan who tried get answers from the American businessman who was keeping Derby fans in the dark as to how the takeover was going and if it would be completed.

Kirchner had been playing in the LIV Golf pro-am series in Hertfordshire with professional golfers Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter at the time. On his way off the course, he was approached by Dan Roan from the BBC.

“Chris, hello sir,” Roan said. “BBC News, can we just ask from the fans of Derby how things are progressing, sir? Is the deal about to collapse?” Kirchner replied: “No comment”.

Roan followed up: “Anything you can tell us at all about it, just for the fans who are worried about their club? Anything?” Kirchner responded with: “It’ll come out soon.” He was then asked: “How long have we got before it’s too late, do you think?” The American businessman did not answer that question.

Kirchner said that all the paperwork was completed, with Bank Holidays in England and America proving the only stumbling block for the necessary funds to be transferred across the Atlantic.

Derbyshire Live were alerted of issues regarding the completion of the deal and the transfer of the money required to finalise it.

But the money that has been claimed to have been transferred from America was yet to reach the UK with sources telling Derbyshire Live that it has been snagged in financial red tape due to the huge sums that have been moved across.

The Rams have been in administration for nine months after multiple failed attempts – and overspending – to reach the top flight, and were relegated from the Championship last season, due to a 21-point deduction – 12 for entering administration and a further nine for previous financial breaches.

In a protracted saga, Kirchner was named the preferred bidder in the administration process in April and given ‘conditional approval’ to acquire the stricken club in May, with the EFL setting a deadline of May the 31st to get the deal done.

However that failed. And even though the American consistently failed to produce the money required, the deadline was continuously stretched until he finally withdrew his offer last Monday evening, leaving Derby County back at square one and in an even more desperate search for a buyer.

As a result, Derby are now closer than ever to going out of business, but there are as many as eight potential bidders looking to save the club.

‘They have let it drift and drift and drift and we are now at one minute to midnight,’ Niall Couper, head of Fair Game, which campaigns for an independent regulator for football, told Sportsmail. ‘We are on the brink of a club that won the league going out of business.’

‘We are in a situation where delay is what has made it worse,’ he added. ‘It is causing heart ache and pain where it is not needed.’

Ex-Crystal Palace owner turned talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan explained why Chris Kirchner withdrew his bid to buy Derby County.

Speaking on the radio station, Jordan spoke about “buyer’s regret” and the influence other people with an interest in his businesses could have had in changing his mind about a deal for Derby.

“I’m trying to work backwards to work out why he won’t do it,” Jordan said. “When he was on the golf course last week and he wouldn’t talk to anybody, at the time, I thought he wouldn’t do this deal. I talked myself into him doing it because he was committed into the deal, why would he carry on the way he’s carrying on and why would he put on a non-refundable deposit down for about two million quid?”

When Jim White talked about the buyer’s regret, Jordan said: “That’s key terminology because if you look at Chris Kirchner, Goldman Sachs have got about £60m invested in the business he owns at a certain multiple of six so his business is worth about £300-400m. This man has got the means now and in the future.

“I think there’s an element of walking up to the finishing line. I nearly walked away at the completion stage with Palace because you get this situation where you’re confronted with the reality of certain aspects and you think ‘why am I doing this?’ I wonder if people that are invested in other businesses that he’s got are sitting there going ‘why in god’s name would you be doing this?’

“To a point, if you’ve got someone like Goldman Sachs who are a very, very heavyweight investment bank giving investment into a structure that you’ve got, which is a logistics business, you start to look at it saying ‘hang on, are some of the deals you’re wanting to do the most sensible thing you should be doing?’

“I’m surmising, this is a fishing expedition on my part trying to work out why someone would walk up to the finishing line and then pull back from it. I hear lots of things, I hear highfaluting football agents in behind this deal, I hear people like Garry Cook, I hear a lot of different dynamics. I hear (Mike) Ashley is at the table but won’t get involved until there’s nobody else there, doesn’t want to be involved in a bidding competition, wants to do the deal as he wants to.

“They didn’t want to buy the stadium and the best time to buy the stadium is at the time you purchase the football club because if you have success, someone will leverage you when you try and buy it.

“I had felt initially he would do it, I know he’s got the money to do it and he’s proved up. Something’s changed in his mind.”

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As mentioned, Derby fans demand answers as Tom Lawrence posts baffling photo with Chris Kirchner…

@dcfcg02: Whilst wanting to remain positive on the Derby situation this week, I genuinely don’t know what Tom Lawrence was thinking, He is meant to be our captain who should be setting an example to the youth and other players on and off the pitch 🤷‍♂️ #dcfcfans

@gary34881: I honestly think Tom Lawrence thrives off being a bit of a prick 😂

@Nathwyn: Either Tom Lawrence is thick as pig shit or he’s got a clause in his contract that requires him to purposely piss us off 😂 #dcfcfans

Mel Morris; I’m the biggest wanker Derby have ever known
Chris Kirchner; No I’m the biggest wanker
Tom Lawrence; Hold my golf club

@1805cam: Tom Lawrence. Wasted potential on the pitch and a complete idiot off it. Madness how he was ever made club captain

@matijakrajnik92: Tom Lawrence is a twat. Pass it on.

@_LRG91: Tom Lawrence, bell end. #dcfc

@jaykamara_: Tom Lawrence is either very stupid beyond belief, or knew exactly what he was doing and has absolutely 0 respect. Or both. #dcfc #dcfcfans

@RamsFanatic1884: Tom Lawrence is off, you know it and i know it. It just shows the loyalty of some footballers. Crazy to think Tom will probably know why the takeover failed and we, the fans, havent got a sodding clue #dcfc

@scottyw82: Curtis Davies would never do anything like this. It tells you everything about Tom Lawrence. Irrelevant whether it was before the deal collapsed. Once a bell end always a bell end.

Tom Lawrence is a complete cock
Always said it and he has always proved me right

@arealfootyfan: I feel for Derby fans. Ran through the mud with the joke thats going on. Then Tom Lawrence casually goes and plays golf with one of the wankers associated with the mess. No class

@jcrossland88: Tom Lawrence had to piss Derby fans off one last time before he left

@PageDcfc: Injured and ended our club captain and now out golfing with the man who may have put the final nail in the clubs coffin, what did Derby ever do to Tom Lawrence 😭

@whatson2002: Calling Tom Lawrence brain-dead would be incredibly unkind, to the brain-dead person. #dcfc #dcfcfans

@Adam_Webster96: I think Tom Lawrence hates Derby as much as I do.

@Rams_Chat: Tom Lawrence really lacks any form of self awareness doesn’t he? Why would you post a picture playing golf with Kirchner when the majority of your following is Derby fans

@meikleee03: Tom Lawrence golfing with a potential owner that backed out is very very weird, nothing weirder than folk I guess #dcfc

@TomRodgersFJ: Tom Lawrence man 😭😭😭

@FrancasTweets: Surely Tom Lawrence can’t be that insensitive? It must be an old photograph. Or else he’s totally out of touch with reality. I can’t think of any other explanation. #dcfcfans #SaveDerbyCounty

@RollWithIt86: Please just make an announcement telling me Tom Lawrence is no longer at the club. Genuinely have never understood why this bellend gets so many chances on and off the pitch. & People question why he isn’t in the Wales squad 🤣 #DCFC

@dcfckoopa: Tom Lawrence was made captain of this club OVER Curtis Davies btw

@khaismith26: In a week where Curtis Davies has proven himself to be a leader once again Tom Lawrence has let himself down again

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