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Championship player burgled by thieves who stole £100,000 Range Rover, watches and handbags

Championship player Josh Tymon has been burgled by thieves who stole £100,000 Range Rover, watches and handbags, he reveals.

The Stoke City star has become the latest footballer to be targeted by a robbery gang, with the 23 year old writing on social media that his home was broken into on Friday by a gang who stole his vehicle along with other prized possessions.

He said the raiders smashed their way into his house in Cheshire through a back door in a post on Instagram, and now becomes the latest in a growing list to have been targeted. hey also had CCTYV but the culprits managed to block it by disabling the WiFi.

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A post shared by Josh Tymon (@josh_tymon)

He wrote in his post: “CAR STOLEN!!! Not something I want to be writing but unfortunately you can’t have anything in this world.

“On Friday 18th November our house in Cheshire was broken into whilst we were away between the hours of 8pm-2:30am.

“They’ve smashed through the back door taken everything in the house of value! High value watches / jewellery / bags / shoes.

“But most importantly they’ve stolen our Range Rover Sport SVR (Urban dark grey/blue)

“We know this is a long shot but would appreciate if everyone could keep their eyes out (it may now very well have different number plates) please share this and let us know if anything that may help in the investigation. Thank you.”

As can be seen, Tymon has asked for help possible after thieves broke into his house to take ‘everything of value’ and then drove away in his car.

It comes a year after League One striker James Norwood offered a reward after having his car stolen in a burglary at his property.

The then-Ipswich Town player was left furious at the not just the theft of his Range Rover but also items that were taken from his home in West Suffolk.

He has since offered a £5,000 reward for information and has claimed photos of his home had been shared online, before going on to say that his own Instagram had revealed he was away at the time.

Other players to have suffered a burglary at their property in past years include Harry Kane, Riyad Mahrez, Jason Pearce, Philip Billing, Fabinho, Sadio Mane, Dejan Lovren, Roberto Firmino, Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, Jerzy Dudek and Danny Ings.

Gavin Hennessey, who is an operations manager at Global Telemetrics said keyless thefts were becoming increasingly popular.

Like West Midlands Police, he suggested drivers invest in a Faraday bag that blocks the signal from your fob to the tracker device.

He said: “So many still do not realise a thief needs only a few minutes to capture the signal emitted from keyless entry ‘keys’ or to clone your key, nor do they realise it can be done from outside the property without having to physically handle the keys.”

He added: “Attacks of this kind are becoming increasingly popular as car thieves, particularly among organised crime where cars are stolen to order, utilise advanced technology to steal cars within seconds. When you consider this can be prevented with the use of a Faraday bag, which blocks the key’s signal transmission to outside sources, it’s hard to believe keyless theft continues to be such an ongoing issue.”

West Midlands Police has compiled a handy list of prevention advice. It details things you can do to stop your car from being stolen. You can find out more here.

  • Make sure your car is locked and passengers haven’t left a window or door open slightly
  • Use a Sold Secure tested and approved steering wheel lock that provides full coverage of the wheel
  • Sheild your keys to protect against a “relay attack”
  • Check with your car dealer that recalls are completed and software and firmware are up to date
  • Check if security measures can be retrofitted to older vehicles
  • Explore what aftermarket security products are available from third parties
  • Considering installing an approved aftermarket vehicle tracker
  • Keep full control of your keys – valet parking, car washes, and even some garages have been found to copy keys
  • Don’t leave anything visible in the vehicle
  • Park in a well-lit location with natural or electronic surveillance
  • Use a garage and consider installing security lights or CCTV to deter crooks
  • Think about where you leave your keys when at home
  • Do not leave keys close to the front door
  • Try to park in a well lit covered by natural surveillance

This is what social media users said as Championship player Josh Tymon reveals he was burgled by thieves who stole £100,000 Range Rover, watches and handbags…

mattjglewis: Can’t people make an honest living 🙄 hope you get it back in one piece Josh 🙏🏻

lauramalkin88: Can’t have anything nice

katethacker123: 😮 This is awful! Hope your both ok x

alexpavelk0_: Sorry to hear Josh, hope they find the buggers

lesleyanderson6: Need good electrical company my husband and his team can sort you a proper alarm .. we are in Stoke message if you want .. good luck in getting your possession’s back… glad really you weren’t @ home..

tropic_tc: That’s awful, really hope you find who did it

helen_buckley_22: That’s awful! Hope you’re both ok😢 xxx

danielwynninteriors: That’s awful! Hope you’re all ok & they get who stole it! Evil b******

jayfoy82: 🐀 🐀 horrible scruffy bastards

philbarnett78: Absolute scum bags.

dianemarson: How awful. Hope you are all ok

david.whale: Bastards

aaronc8613: Absolutely disgusting … the fact they have been in your house your private place disgusting hope you and your family are ok

jillsidebottom: Hopefully found in some side street waiting to be picked up like my mates high end vehicle. Bastards

pettitchloe: Arseholes.. fingers crossed they find the culprits 😢 hope you guys are ok x

lee_frosts_capture_of_life: That’s shit mate! What bastards. Hope you get everything back.

ollie_long_93: Scumbags Josh . Hope you find the people that did this

xox_natasha_jade_xox: Absolute scumbags 😡 hope you find the scumbags.

rhodesstefan: Unfortunately it’s probably in a shipping container out of this country. Absolute scumbags , atleast yourself and family are ok though 👍

rob_garnham85: Wankers. Utter scum bags

dakotasmummy2014: What scumbags @josh_tymon hope you get it back mate. Shared xx

alann69: Scumbags!!! 😡😡😡 Will share @josh_tymon

stokie_ian: Scumbags…. Shared with my colleagues in the motor industry. I hope them thieving low life’s get what they deserve. Keep the faith @josh_tymon 🥰🤞

maceyycook: Oh god court hope your both okay this is awful

katiejoanne20: Wtf!!! This is so bad. Hope it gets found

jayborg123: This is fucking disgusting. Sorry to hear that!

tommollatt2: If you speak with Land Rover they should be able to pin point where it is. And if it’s on finance they can disable the car.

samanthacarts22: Bloody scumbags. Earn your own money!!! 😡😡😡

csturgess74: Absolute scum can’t have anything these days 😡

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