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Boreham Wood claim they were hacked after posting tweet mocking Chorley

Boreham Wood have claimed they had their Twitter account hacked today after tweets mocking tomorrow’s opponents Chorley.

The National League match is set to be televised tomorrow evening, but could be a much feistier contest if the players and staff caught on to what was posted.

One tweet read: “@chorley hope there’s no crying tomorrow after the Boreham Wood boys have given your team a good thrashing”.

Another stated: “@chorley your chairman loves to have a sniff off your old trophy cabinet.”

A third read: “We cum tit village”.

Not long after, the Wood deleted the tweets and said to the 13,900 followers that they were hacked.

Their post said: “Apologies for any unsavoury tweets, our account was unfortunately hacked. #WeAreTheWood”

This is the second time in recent months that this has happened.

The club’s social media page had their name removed and got an umbrella put in it’s place (now changed to ‘oops’, tweets have been deleted and profile pictures changed to what appears to be an arty picture of light from within the sky, images not used anywhere else online it seems.

The club’s location name also was switched to ‘bacctothaaunderground’ also with an umbrella beside it.

Tweets from the club until midway through December 2018 were removed. The only ones that was up was talking about Allah to an unidentified user called @coltn.

The club themselves wrote on their website: “Unfortunately, over the Bank Holiday Weekend Boreham Wood FC’s official Twitter account was hacked into.

“We are still working hard to try and gain control of the account but in the meantime please watch the chairman’s final interview of last season.”


After coming across the tweets mocking Chorley, fans took to laugh at the situation Boreham Wood suffered on their Twitter account – find out what users had to say on the next page.


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