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Barnet and Dorking Wanderers anger fans by leaving changing rooms in a state

Barnet and Dorking Wanderers anger fans on social media by leaving changing rooms in a state following their matches at the weekend.

Photos were uploaded onto Twitter and Facebook showing all kinds of mess including bottles, tissues, banana skins and mud left on the floor and seating areas.

As can be seen above, former footballer Nick Clarke expressed his disappointment at how the Bees left the changing rooms after a 1-1 draw at Stockport.

Fans gave their reaction on it…

Another changing room was left is a messy state at the weekend, Dorking ended up losing 1-0 at Hemel Hempstead, and fans have said the away side lacked manners…

There was also comments posted over on Facebook groups as Barnet and Dorking Wanderers anger fans by leaving changing rooms in a state…

Malcolm Fox‎: Thanks barnet for leaving your dressing room like this ya must be proud

Stephen Vernon: Seen better changing rooms in grassroots football

Ali Knight Percival: Uneducated animals

Gray Flight: One word RESPECT

Colin Perreira‎: I see Dorking were very gracious in defeat to The Tudors yesterday [Saturday]. Disgraceful state of the Away changing room. This is the way the Dorking players left it yesterday.

Rob Saville: Classy club

Laurence Daly: Quick sweep up job done

Colin Perreira: Still disrespectful, shouldn’t have to be swept up because the players are adults and surely should clean up after themselves? Nobody expects it to be spotless, just be courteous enough to leave it relatively tidy and throw stuff in the bin

Daphne Gibby: Good manners cost nothing. The manager should have taught them to respect teams property

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