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Baffling penalty incident at Bedworth sees Cambridge City goal controversially ruled out

A baffling penalty incident at Bedworth sees a Cambridge City goal controversially ruled out with many confused as to how it didn’t stand.

Cambridge City FC (@cambridgecityfc on Twitter) said: “We finish here 0-0 with @bedworth_united in the @NorthernPremLge best chance of the game fell to Daniel Cotton who was denied by the linesman 🤔”

The video has gone on to get hundreds of likes and thousands of views, with many rather perplexed as to how they came to that decision to ruled it out…

Bedworth in their match report, stated: “On the 30th minute, there was a dramatic five minute period at The Oval. Bedworth conceded a penalty. Niall Rowe had fouled his man and the referee pointed to the spot.

“What followed was chaos and confusion.

“Dan Cotton stepped up and the ball appeared to strike the post.

“However the ref believed the ball had crossed the line and hit the inside of the post (possibly the wheel that helps move the goal) and over the line before the ball bounced out.

“However, after deliberation with his assistant, the referee changes his mind and the goal was not given!

“Supporters around the ground had different opinions on if the ball went in or not, all depending on where people were standing!”

The result means Bedworth are 2nd in the Northern Premier League – Midlands Division with 17 points from 9 games played, two points behind leaders Spalding who are two points clear and have two games in hand over Bedworth. For Cambridge City, they are 13th with 8 points from 7 games played.

Twitter users had their say as the baffling penalty incident at Bedworth sees a Cambridge City goal controversially ruled out…

@michelle_hume: Feel so sorry for the team, the travelling fans and especially Dotty, having a perfectly good goal chalked off. An inexcusable error this one 😒

@Inasha2005: We know how it feels. Ridiculous.

@BuntingsWorld: That is a stinker, but why do teams persist buying these goals with bottom stantions and wheels?! It’s continually asking for these situations to occur!

@H4rryH4rris: That’s shocking. The goals need looking at!

@Cress31: These goals aren’t actually meant to be allowed. But the FA and leagues have been getting lazy and not checking. This is the reason these goals should not be used

@HayesSeb: How has that not been given?!

@PieCarlton: Only 2 yards over

@IrishRed89: Them bar’s shouldn’t be their at the side of the goals only asking for trouble

@JeffGooding: Should be a ban on those type of goals!!

@JadenLister: Although this is an awful error. There has been many times where this has happened to different teams. I think the wise choice would be to replace the goals.

@melon2711: Grass pitch with proper goals and this doesn’t happen….

@hackabusi: What on earth…

@_danbarnes: Staggering. The referee gave the goal but was somehow talked out of it 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Udders38: Too close to call, that 🙈

@alenbardet: That’s robbery.

@Cassiu1964: The perfect penalty as well

@farmra: Farcical.

@RobRuddy: This is a complete and utter shambles 😂

@Keano80: Oh that’s bad 😳

@Ingreyman2: 2 hours on a Tuesday night and the linesman overhauls the refs decision of a goal on the opposite side. Think it’s the worst decision I’ve seen in my time in non league 🤦🏻‍♂️😕 @refsupportuk

@Galbo81: Are you fucking joking!!!????

@jgeef23: Forget linesman, referee standing there ffs. You’d go mental. I’d of ran on pitch and showed him this vid

@CraigYB1989: Inept officiating all down the divisions

@OldManPlodder: Get rid of these goals they cause nothing but problems.

@Cricket1406: Why oh why oh why do clubs persist with these terrible goals? I always pre-warn clubs pre-match of the pitfalls of such goals.

@chris_cgriffa: Those goals are shit. I’ve seen that happen before with those bars at the bottom and also the ball pinging back out the goal off the wheels

@YouYeltz: This is happening a ridiculous amount with 3G goals. Normally I’m mildly forgiving of the officials but presumably the lino is stood on the line ready for this, with one specific job? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@BuntingsWorld: So hard to keep seeing these vids of 👻 goals bouncing out and officials getting a hammering. Genuinely my worst fear as a ref, got saved from my own disaster by a lino 🚩just a month ago. Surely time to ban 🥅 with any apparatus within 1m of the post?!

@AJ_Howarth: If you’re a non league regular, this decision probably won’t surprise you. Dreadful.

@rjbrook76: Not the 1st time this has happened and won’t be the last until these types of goalposts are banned

@NicoYork: How can you possibly think that’s hit the post 😂 if it hits the post at that speed it’s absolutely flying away. Great penalty that.

@Alex_Frost85: How is this happening so often? Does anyone genuinely know why the standards getting worse?

@OffTheBallLive: How the hell did the referee miss that??? He’s literally standing by the penalty spot!!

@AndyC154: One of the worst decisions I have ever witnessed. Officials had a mare of a game and that is being polite

@LeeScourfield: How has this not been given as a goal?

@sdfcbwa: Wow that’s gone in clear as day

@AndyClarke5: What an awful decision. Miles over

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