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AFC Wimbledon to change club crest – fans put forward other designs

AFC Wimbledon appear to be changing up their club crest, but only slightly, and there was a vote to ‘guide’ the board’s decision according to AFC Wimbledon audio fanzine 9yrspodcast.

The phoenix club have used the exact same logo since their formation in 2002 when they started life in the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League.

The crest is based on an older version of an Wimbledon FC logo but have the wording ‘AFC’ and ‘WIMBLEDON’ on the outside of it.

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Now however, they want to have the text inside the logo, making it easier. Have a look at the two very similar proposed designs below…

The League One side, currently on an incredible run to escape the relegation zone, have stated:

“Why does the club badge need refreshing? The current badge was designed quickly in 2002. Since then, the badge has achieved a high degree of ‘brand recognition’. Many football supporters recognise it and associate it with us and our unique story.

“However, we have also encountered a number of issues when using the badge in everyday situations. Most of these occur because the lettering ‘AFC Wimbledon’ is currently outside the body of the badge. These include:

– “1. Issues with readability. Although we have a version of the current badge with yellow-coloured text and one with blue-coloured text, sometimes the readability of the text is negatively affected by the colour of the background. This is a problem in particular: o for some people with impaired vision o when the badge is laid directly over a non-solid background (such as a photo) or used on screen (such as video on our club’s social media channels or on television) with moving images behind it.

– “2. Lack of consistency. Having the text outside the current badge also means it is easy for people to ‘go rogue’ and adapt the text. For example, we have seen versions with italic and non-italic lettering, as well as non-official versions with completely different lettering.

– “3. Missing elements. It is also extremely easy for people to cut off the lettering completely, in which case the badge sits alone with no text to identify it as our club badge.

– “4. Difficult to reproduce. The current badge adds to the complexity of producing our club’s clothing merchandise and playing kits. While the main body of the badge can be sown onto the clothing as a patch, the manufacturer has to separately embroider the club’s name.”


9yrspodcast asked fans in a poll and after 324 votes on the Twitter post, the second option (with the blue text) got was the most preferred with 40%. The first option got 32%, neither had 28%.


After looking at those ‘new’ proposed logos, fans took to social media to give their reaction, there was also quite a few other designs put forward (one of them suggested but not created by us) – check out what they had to say on the next page.


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