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YouTuber ‘Speed’ in heated argument with fellow Man Utd fan then gets mobbed by Man City fans

YouTuber ‘Speed’ got in a heated argument with a fellow Man Utd fan then gets mobbed by Man City fans when trying to leave Wembley.

It came at Manchester United’s FA Cup Final win over their rivals, with the 19 year old American streamer IShowSpeed, who claims to be a fan of the Red Devils himself, experienced the wrath of United supporters when watching the game.

Despite his presence in the club’s most recent home strip, IShowSpeed’s behaviour during the game angered the supporters who were trying to enjoy the match behind him.

Known for his eccentric reactions and love for Cristiano Ronaldo, Speed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr., got up out of his seat and energetically gestured back to those giving his grief, to which he urges them to match his enthusiasm, before security/stewards came over and had a word with him.

Speed shouts: “Come on yall, be wild, we’re winning. What are you all doing?”.

After one fan recognises him and gives a high five, Speed, was quickly told to ‘shut up’ by another individual just off camera who was clearly annoyed at being told what to do.

He replied: “Shut up? We’re winning 2-0. It’s 2-0, we’re winning”.

A fan can be seen getting up and telling him to ‘sit down’ with Speed baffled as he says ‘we support the same club’ before sitting back down.

He says “what the hell is he mad for. What the f***. Sit down. What’s wrong with you bro. I should’ve watched the game on my own.”

After the game, he had another bizarre incident, this time with Man City fans as he was being driven out of the ground.

A number of Man City fans hit on the car window, shouting abuse, and one individual is heard saying ‘Munich’ in relation to United’s Munich Air Disaster.

Speed reacted to it by saying ‘f***ing City fans, they just piss me off bro.

“I couldn’t even leave the f***ing thing. Why they getting so mad? What the f*** is their problem. They just want to start things for no reason.”

This is how Twitter users reacted with YouTuber ‘Speed’ in a heated argument with a fellow Man Utd fan then gets mobbed by Man City fans…

@David180000: He’s a bad, bad beaut that fella. He’s obviously on the side of the pitch. Want an atmosphere? Go behind the goal. Proper fans can’t get tickets and this space cadet just walzs in and just spouts utter bollocks

@HarryAfc86: Refreshing to see proper fans putting this mong in his place

@GreenawayMarcel: Everything that is wrong with the YouTube influencer lot. A genuine lifelong Man U fan should have been able to go instead

@PHcufc: Just want to start this by saying that I don’t actually like this guy at all, his content is actually dreadful and he’s just way too fucking arrogant. BUT…. he is right. Why the fuck would you go to a live football match, and complain when someone is cheering your own team???

@SeanKGriffiths: Would be unbearable being sat near this guy at the football but also pretty disappointing no one’s started a ‘who’s the wanker standing up’ chant

@JakeValiant1876: Worst part about this is that Speed right.

@NorthBankStar: You don’t sit in the corporate seats if you want atmosphere.

@Nottsclassics: Embarrassing 😂 watch the game you muppet

@NWolstenholme: Attention seeker! Pure coincidence that there’s someone filming all this puerile nonsense obviously…

@WeAreLiv3rpool: To the lad who told him to shut up. I owe you a beer. We’ll played

@redham43: Speed is annoying and I’d be just as annoyed. Not for standing up but because of that ridiculous screeching voice of his

@PePsiColaIsFine: If I was a United fan I’d find him an embarrassment to the club, He’s too cringe man

@TTBurnsy_: Imagine getting a ticket to the FA Cup final and landing next to that prat. 1 in 85,000 chance 🤣

@JamesJuniper3: Nah I couldn’t stand a fully grown man barking in front of me at the footy!

@soarinthemorn: Is it bad that I find myself siding with Speed. 2-0 up and it’s like a library

@AdamXArsenal: americans saying ‘geezer’ 🤢

@cultureforce1: It’s videos like these that make me happy I support a small club. No big influencers, plastics or OF girls using the club I support for their own personal gain. We might not get the glamour, but at least we don’t get this shit 🙌🏻

@DaleTucknott: 10 seconds in to the clip and I am fed up with him already too. Whoever he is. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

@JoeTomRed: Is it just me or is this guy a monumental bell end?

@ewins_gary: Embarrassing…..

@henniganp: To think there’s fans that couldn’t get a ticket

@ben_utv: Don’t like speed but I actually agree with him on this

@FollowEverton: Speed is a g8bshite that’s why

@dannyoberry: This clowns up there with @markgoldbridge. Muppet show.

@WatchRatio: YouTuber is right. 98% United “fans” just for day trip. Atmosphere looked like a library. Would have been totally different story with Coventry fans.

@LoyaltyUtd: Annoying but he’s right. Sat with the prawn sandwich brigade. They are an absolute embarrassment

“We support the same club?!?!?”
That doesn’t change that fact that you’re an insufferable cunt though

@robdugg: Imagine spending your hard earned money to go watch your team in a Cup final, but when you get there and take your seat you realize, you’re in the same block as Speed or whatever the fuck his name is.

@MissVJFxx: Because you make yourself look a d!ck wherever you go. Film everything for clout. Respect how British football is, sit down and shut the fvck up

@TheLawless: He’s got a point. You’re the underdogs beating the Premier League champions 2-0 in a cup final and you’re sitting down silently like you’re watching the snooker, embarrassing.

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