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YouTuber Speed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo and both their reactions are priceless

YouTuber Speed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo and both their reactions are priceless with a video of the moment going viral online.

Speed, a Cristiano Ronaldo super-fan, was unable to contain his excitement when he finally got to meet the man he looks up to following Portugal’s 3-0 victory over Bosnia.

The social media user missed watching the striker after flying over to the UK from America only to discover that he was left out of the Man Utd squad due to illness.

Speed’s wish however has this weekend come true, and as the moment took place, he fell at Ronaldo’s feet on Saturday after meeting him outside of his car.

He took a picture and shouted “Oh my god I love you”, with Ronaldo seeming amused by this interaction.

The two recreated Ronaldo’s famous SIUU celebration and hugged each other while surrounded with confused security personnel.

Although it’s not everyday that a fan gets the opportunity to Ronaldo’s knees in admiration, the Portugal international had experienced this and more earlier that night.

A pitch invader embraced the Al-Nassr player as Portugal sailed to a comfortable victory earlier that evening, thanks to Bruno Fernandes’ and Bernardo Silva’s goals.

The pitch invader, holding the Portuguese flag, also fell to his feet, and performed his “Siuu” celebration, before grabbing him and gave him a bear-hug, then bowed down in front him.

Ronaldo, who appeared to be equally baffled by the incident as well, stood and watched the pitch invader rise to his feet again.

He lifted the legend a few feet in the air, before dropping him to the ground and then quickly ran away from the security guards.

Ronaldo shared a few photos of himself with the caption “Great win, Team!” on Instagram. Thank you to the Portuguese for your support!

After Portugal’s World Cup defeat to Morocco and the move of Al-Nassr to Saudi Arabia, there were doubts about whether CR7 would be selected.

Ronaldo scored two goals in each of his previous international matches against Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

Portugal’s 100% qualifying record was maintained despite his goalless performance against Serbia.

Two weeks ago, Speed was on the receiving end of some trouble in the stands ahead of kick off at Wembley for the FA Cup Final.

It was alleged that a Man City fan lashed out at him, only for the culprit to be dealt with by ‘security’, as you can see in the video below…

Speed said: “What happened today ain’t cool, but I’m able to forgive. We cool. Big love to the FA and Wembley security for looking after me. Insane atmosphere today. Manchester till I die.

He added: “All right guys, unfortunately, y’all… let me give a huge shout out to FA and my team for, like, you know, letting me come out to the FA Cup final and enjoy myself. To see my favorite club in England, Manchester United, play. But, there was an incident, where that happened in a stream and I can’t continue to stream. Because, you know, there has been an incident and I got contacted that I can’t continue the stream.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as YouTuber Speed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo…

@davina_thfc: this is actually kinda sweet

@PhilKeenan11: That’s class to be fair, good on Ronaldo as well 👏❤

@UtdEra_: Gotta hand it to Speed, he’s been following Ronaldo around the world and finally gets to meet to his idol. This is so wholesome ❤️

@janedarling97: Bro finally made it in life 😂💔

@CurseMD_: So happy for him man!

@Giveaway103: Finally bro this took way too long, speed won’t sleep for days now 😂😂❤️

@SamFurlong9: Hopefully now he’s met him we never have to hear of this guy again.

@LFCPierre: I don’t watch the guy but this made me so happy man this is so wholesome

@Archffc_: Honestly brings a smile to my face

@GabrielAsamoah4: Rafael Leao actually waited with Speed and stopped Cristiano Ronaldo’s car asking him to please meet Speed. This is all so wholesome 😭

@HarveyNorton18: It finally happened 🥲

@Henryspanks1130: Rafael Leao doing the work what a legend

@LeverGav: How cringey is this guy

@david_b712: I hate how cool this is despite the cringiness

@fuccwuan: The barking alone got Ronaldo scared 😂😂😂

@RayRayOfficial: Man you travelled far and wide to get this moment! I hope it was wild brva 👌🏼👌🏼

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