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Youri Tielemans produces an absolute ROCKET to put Leicester ahead against Everton

Youri Tielemans produces an absolute ROCKET to put Leicester City ahead against Everton in the Premier League on Saturday night.

Right on the verge of half time, Maddison sets the ball back to the midfielder on the edge of the box. Tielemans sets it up for a volley by controlling with his right thigh and then sends a perfect volley into the far corner which clips the crossbar as it goes in.

Just before that, there had been a break in play while referee David Coote talks to a policeman on the side of the pitch. It seems there are a huge amount of fireworks being let off in the ground seemingly too loud to hear anything on the pitch. It’s Bonfire Night after all. Play soon restarted and this time it was time for fireworks on the pitch.

Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher at Goodison Park: “Wow. He scored a special goal at Wolves, but I think that might be better.

“Leicester deserve to be in front. They’ve been really good with and without the ball.”

Sky Sports’ Charlotte Marsh: “There have been crackles of fireworks from outside Goodison Park – one even briefly made it onto the pitch – and Tielemans’ goal was certainly a cracker.

“Up until then though, the match had largely failed to live up to the fireworks outside, with a lack of finishing from Leicester and Everton looking sloppy.

“There were a smattering of boos from the home fans as the half-time whistle went and Leicester deserve their lead.

“Plenty for Lampard to get stuck into at half-time.”

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink on Sky Sports: “What an execution. What a goal. I don’t know why Pickford is diving – he has no chance.

“Perfection. Great technique.”

Pat Nevin (Former Scotland winger on BBC Radio 5 Live): “You’re always gleeful when you score a goal but when you score an absolutely worldie like that one! Tielemans’ smile is lighting up Goodison Park. What a hit that is! He knew exactly what he has to do, he was at an angle.

“I think that’s pure clean, straight over the goalkeeper. No chance. What a hit that is. You have to be honest, it’s deserved for Leicester.”

The second half started and just a few minutes in, Ward punched away two crosses into the Leicester area and then the visitors break, but their attack comes to nothing. 

There had been claims from the hosts for handball on Tielemans although replays show it hit his side.

Iwobi shortly after slipped Calvert-Lewin through one-on-one with Ward, but the keeper denied him with his feet!

The striker needed to lift the ball over him. Ward was off his line in a flash to stop that one.

Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher: 

“It’s one of those where I’d give more credit to the goalkeeper. When Calvert-Lewin looks up the keeper is right on top of him.

“The worry for Rodgers is every time Everton have had a chance it’s through Leicester being sloppy.”

Everton continued to really lack quality going forward. Patterson sent a cross straight out of play for a goal kick. Sums up their night.


Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher:  

“Barnes has had three or four strikes at goal and not caught hold of any of them – but this time he does with his weaker left foot. 

“I always felt Leicester needed another goal. And now they’ve got it.”

This is how social media users reacted as Youri Tielemans produces an absolute ROCKET to put Leicester ahead against Everton…

@0lesathewheel: It’s all this guy does

@relation_ad: That is filthy, bangers only from him

@CathalRobinson: What a goal

@Dan_Griffiths92: Take a bow

@BenPasley: Harder for him to score a normal goal

@ScottyHayter: Geezer’s never scored a tap-in in his life.

@DrewThomas11: PING!!!

@Ifcamy: Unreal that

@MainlyLFC_: Tielemans is exactly what Liverpool need right now. Obviously FSG won’t even consider making an attempt to sign him in January. #LFC

@GlennComms: This Tielemans strike gets better everytime you see it! The definition of perfect technique! 🤩🚀💫 #EVELEI

There’s a starman,
He plays in blue and white,
His name is Youri Tielemans,
He’s f*cking dynamite!

@davidlfc19: PICK THAT OUT 👏👏👏

@AdamBrownn11: Can this guy ever just score a normal goal???? 😭😭😭

@GingerPirlo_: Just seen this. My word. We will get Maddison in Jan but when we get Top 4 we can get Tielemans for free. 🤩🤩 #nufc

@JMF_United: Can watch this over and over again!!!

@cafczac: This guy needs to move to a big club

@itsdxnni: That is filthy wtf

@joeesmithh12: Rate that

@JH1884: Wank sorted for later

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