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York owner slams how police treated fans amid shocking scenes as trouble erupts in Hartlepool

York City owner Matt Uggla slams how police treated fans amid shocking scenes as trouble erupts at an away day in Hartlepool United.

Shocking scenes as trouble erupts with fans and police after Hartlepool United beat York City in the National League on Saturday.

York fans have criticised how heavy handed policing was following the game with batons reportedly used as things turned sour with it spilling out near the train station nearby the ground.

Fans claim that young children could be heard crying after witnessing what was playing out while some fans were left bloodied down on the ground.

The game itself saw Hartlepool win 2-1, Emmanuel Dieseruvwe breaking the deadlock on 72 minutes, before adding a second from the penalty spot on 88 minutes.

Akinyemi grabbed a consolation for York in stoppage time but it was too late to grab an equaliser.

York City owner Matt Uggla tweeted: “Seen some worrying stuff about how the police treated York fans and it’s pretty disgraceful. A dog fully biting someone when all he’s definitely just trying to get through the station. Will sit down Monday and make sure we make a complaint. Poor from the police.”

York City statement via their official website: “York City Football Club are shocked by the footage seen, and are very aware of events that unfortunately occurred, following Saturday afternoon’s fixture against Hartlepool United.

“We strongly condemn any form of violence, in any setting, from anybody.

“Further steps are now set to be taken to fully investigate Saturday afternoon, ensuring that the right measures are in place for the future.

“The Football Club will make no further comment at this stage until it has met with key personnel surrounding yesterday’s events.”

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This is what social media users said as the York owner slams how police treated fans amid shocking scenes as trouble erupts in Hartlepool…

@Chris_Davis1997: Vermin. They were terrible. Completely made things worse as per.

@adam_stead9: Cleveland police are always the same, normally with the home fans like and not away. Absolute cunts the lot of them ACAB

@George_ycfc: Treat us all like absolute vermin Matt! Seeing little lads with their dads in tears because they’re scared was awful. Cleveland police hang your heads in shame

@Chloe__Watson_: Was stood just to the left when this video was been taken and it was just horrible to see. Kids around having to witness this. People been dragged out of the station by dogs and violently thrown around. Just so unnecessary!

@ftlotg66: Seen that guy on the floor sat against them railing covered in blood surrounded by police. Hope it was worth it

@Rugbychick2440: It was police brutality! I’ll be complaining to and it’s my own police force 😡

@durhamchris1983: Cleveland Police for you Matt. Good luck with the complaint. They aren’t one of the worst performing forces for no reason. They’re just as bad with sections of our home support. Best wishes with it

@1908pools: Cleveland police for ya do the same to the home fans

@George_Coultish: Never seen out like it. Ridiculous overreaction from the police. They weren’t interested in stopping any Hartlepool fans…

@gregdunning20: Cleveland police for you that

@Duffieldnomad: Been to Hartlepool many times over the years and the police are always the same!

@Chloe__Watson_: Complete overreaction from the police! People getting dragged out the station by dogs, hit and thrown to the floor. Really scary and completely unnecessary.

@George_ycfc: Weirdest thing of it all was we was about 50 yards if that from the station entrance and then they just start hitting people. Would love to see the station cctv

@TheDB30: Massively OTT policing. Don’t condone violence and I get that Hartlepool and York fans don’t exactly get along but this level of heavy handedness isn’t doing anyone any favours.

@JackHeartshorn1: I’d love to see them back up cctv and body cams

Sarah Poole Johnson: Police are a disgrace 😡😡 What I experienced was shocking. Police just started, and for no reason, pushing people not just a little shove either, full on push in the chest as we approached the station. They shoved a guy with his approx 9/10 year old son, (who was already crying after witnessing the fighting) and he said what’s the last for I’ve got my son here in tears! They then grabbed him and put him (and his son) against the wall. This man had done absolutely nothing he was trying to console his son. I wish I’d got the collar number of the one that did this I’d have reported him straight away. If he’s on this page I hope your son was ok 😿

Sjb Tri: Sarah Poole Johnson that was me and my son and the wanker as I will call him pinned me up against the wall because I apparently raised my arm to him, which was actually me saying get off me as I’m with my son. The scenes after the match were horrendous. That was my son’s first away day and other than the end of the game he loved it. Massive thanks to some of the supports, who were apparently the ones after a fight, for asking how my son was. Can I just say it wasn’t just me and my son there was a group of us that go to every home game and we went with our kids. The way the police reacted to US all was a disgrace. Not saying it’s not a hard job, I’m in the military I know what conflict feels like but the way yesterday was handled has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Just glad I got my son onto the platform before the police decided to bring dogs and go mob handed at the fans.

Clare Feasby: Some York fans today were ridiculous all game though. More interested in trying to set up a fight with their fans after the game than actually watching and supporting the team!

Rachel Taylor: Clare Feasby 100%. That was the worst away game I have attended in recent years in terms of the behaviour of the York fans. The stewarding though did not help either as they should have been authoritative from the start ensuring that people were in the seating area rather than stood randomly. The disabled fans were the ones who suffered the most as none of them could see anything at that end due to the fans deciding to stand along the front walkway totally blocking their view. They have paid their money to watch a game and should be able to enjoy it like the rest of us.

Mick Richardson: Listening to the drunken louts on the train out of Hartlepool a York fan got knocked out outside the stadium, by a fellow York fan who thought he was a Monkey Hanger. The idiots who chucked on the smoke bombs when Dipo scored cost us some momentum. Some of the coppers were behaving like w⚓️s but so were about a hundred or so of our fans, and not just the youngsters.

Neil Wilson: Mick Richardson seems like both the place and some of our fans both bad today. i left just after our goal to get a start walking to the car, as im slow these days. But yeah i nearly got in bother with one arsewipe city fan having a go at a couple of fellow fans, one had a totally unnecessary go at someone cos he was on the trust. Nearly knocking me flying when trying to get at the guy. Then abusing someone else who asked what his problem was. Missed the stupidity of the flares been thrown on the pitch, when we were trying to find an equaliser.

Mark Copeland: Unfortunately, that’s society these days. No accountability for their behaviour and then cry at the consequences.

Lizi Sissons: I’m really glad I didn take my kids to watch it with people like that, it’s a bloody game, there paid to play a game for people to enjoy, people need to get a bloody grip!!

Angie Yeoman: What right has a police officer to hit a 67 year old lady across the face with a baton that made her nose bleed totally disgraceful

Steve Froud: Sounds shocking! Sadly, rightly or wrongly we seem to carry a reputation as trouble makers and so police think it’s ok to be overly aggressive – as I say though, what happened today sounds terrible from the police!

Simon Pickering: No footage but there was clearly some of the police looking for a bit outside the ground.

Deb Morgan: We were on the station platform already so did not see what happened outside and how it all started. Just saw it spill into the station. Some fans on the floor and I saw batons being used. There were some fans goading the police and throwing stuff at them. The police dogs were there at that point and the police were filming it. All quietened down pretty quick. Heavy handed police and a few pissed up fans!! Hopefully nobody got hurt and all made it home safe.

Simon Ewing: It all kicked of at the station

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