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York City Supporters’ Trust respond to Glen Henderson’s statement with agreement made

York City Supporters’ Trust respond to chairman Glen Henderson’s statement with an agreement made following a season of unrest.

Henderson stated in a club statement on Wednesday that he had given his shares back the Trust and would be leaving the Minstermen in the near future.

Henderson said that the Trust was unable to purchase and that Henderson will offer his share to the open market starting April 4th.

The Trust responded by confirming their involvement in the replacement of Henderson and providing working capital to help ensure the club’s short-term survival.


York City FC Chairman – Glen Henderson – would like to provide supporters the following update:

I’m very much aware of the recent rumours around the Club, and whilst I appreciate that many fans have made their decisions about me, I feel it is appropriate to remain open about my ongoing involvement, and to ensure that fans are fully aware that I have agreed to sell my shares which I don’t believe has previously been made public.

Since the Trust’s announcement in January, I have been working with them as much as possible, and following all relevant protocol. The Trust have been working hard to secure funding to buy my shares in the Club, and as many of you would have been, I was expecting something concrete by today. However, I am told this has not come to fruition at this stage, but I confirm my commitment to keep working together with the Trust.

The Club remains priority, and I have no doubt that fans will agree, that it is vital that we continue to pull in the same direction aiming for success both on and off the pitch. I have offered to continue to provide resources to ensure stability, and am not looking to profit in any way, but can confirm this has not been accepted due to the ongoing purchase negotiations, so my hands are tied until 4th April. Following this date, I would then have the option to offer the shares to the open market.

We will all continue to work hard for the best interests of York City Football Club. Please continue to show your support for Mikey and the team.



The Trust would like to give supporters an update to clarify the situation with regard to our acquisition of Glen Henderson’s shares in the football club.

Glen has indicated in writing his willingness to sell his shares to the Trust in accordance with the Acceptance Notice we submitted to the football club on 5th January 2023. It is important to stress that Glen has been working positively with the Trust to ensure that the transaction proceeds without delay at the appropriate time.

Due to various pressures both on and off the pitch, the Trust is working with various interested parties to expedite the process as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the Trust is providing an injection of working capital to ensure the smooth ongoing operations of the football club. The Trust welcomes online donations from any supporter who would like to contribute via our website at https://www.ycst.org.uk/one-off-donation/

The Trust were proud of the unrelenting vocal support shown throughout an exciting 90 minutes at Southend on Saturday.  We are sure that supporters will continue to get behind the players, Mike Morton and Scott Barrow to help them achieve much needed points in our upcoming fixtures. Stay strong and keep the faith!

This is what fans had to say as York City Supporters’ Trust respond to Glen Henderson’s statement with an agreement made…

@Aaaaaaa20611573: Thanks for the update Glen ! Still don’t trust you, & I always knew you wouldn’t go quietly.Honest question? Due you ever regret sacking Sir John Askey ??

@patrickwmhullfc: The trust are just as much to blame as they jumped into bed with GH! Fan owned club is one thing,financing things are a different scenario and I can see cash flow problems arising very shortly..Some of those on the trust board are living in their own fantasy world

@RossGlover14: Short term this is frustrating but we wouldn’t want the trust to rush and bring in another Glen. Over to the trust to explain their plans to achieve a buy out before it’s in Glens hands come April.

@Yorkie_182: Most sensible and well said thing he has done while at the club. If only he could have conducted himself like this before it was too late. Seems to have anger issues more than anything. A short fuse is not what was wanted to run a football club.

@cal_ycfc_efc: Incredible. That’s possibly the most open and honest anyone at the club has been in recent times and it’s come from Glen Henderson.

@matty_ycfc: Club is going nowhere on the pitch/off the pitch until he goes. Needs sorting soon otherwise we’re back playing regional football again next season

@mally308: Well credit to him for clearing that up, let’s hope for the sale of the club and fans progress is made and people stick to their word

@Yorktone: Great. He’s being a c.., sorry, a ‘successful businessman’, what a surprise. Whatever happened to ‘why does it always have to be about money?’ Paying anything over his investment is rewarding abject failure. Who can independently assess what’s owed/the value of his shares? #ycfc

@DerwentReds: Surely a crowd fund should have been set up when GH originally indicated he was willing to sell to the trust. It’s just going to drag on & before we know it we will be in free fall in the league

@shaqai_szn: If what he’s saying is true (it is still Glen Henderson) then fair enough, nice to actually hear something too. Still a knob though

@harrogate2: Glen has offered to fund the club but this has been refused due to the “ongoing purchasing discussions”. The Trust asking for money is an insult to all York City fans who constantly fund the club. What has happened to the “John Askey fund” ? A little concerning to say the least.

@morganzwynne: Clueless. If I was as bad as Mike brown and Alastair smith. I’d be jobless by now.. get them jokers gone and rid of the trust.

@BenycfcMorrison: Some of the questions on here are nothing short of embarrassing and show a clear lack of understanding on the process however I think some clarity on why GH thought he would have received a concrete offer and have things tied up by today as per his statement would be helpful.

@tombarneybarnes: The only way to ensure success on and off the pitch is with you gone, might be taking time to sort but until then the club is in trouble, the sooner you’re gone the better

@09_yorkie: No thanks. No donation from me. After the John askey squad builder fell on its face. I don’t trust you!!!!

@lotslottie16: Two statements from two different parties and the back biting starts again 😞 #ycfc

@GarryGibb: And no one is any wiser to what’s happening.

@rmf80: Another day of #ycfc 🙃

@YCFC1972: Just have to hope we have enough to stay up. Not gonna be easy but we have to stay up. It will be a disaster if we go down. What a fucking mess it is. We don’t even own our ground anymore and have very few if any assets. Last season’s promotion seems light years away!! #ycfc

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