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York City respond to League One club’s Bootham Crescent offer

York City respond to a certain League One club’s offer to play matches at Bootham Crescent now that it’s tenants have moved elsewhere.

The National League North outfit have finally been given the keys to their new 8,005 capacity LNER Community Stadium.

York’s last game at their old home was a 1-0 victory over Guiseley, however the stadium has gone on to host under 23s football, before making a U-turn on that decision.

On the 18th of February, the Minstermen stated: “The club would like to keep supporters updated with a Commercial hire deal for Bootham Crescent, which will bring much needed income into the club. 

“Hull City U23s will hire Bootham Crescent for four matches over February and March: 

  • Thursday 18th February – Hull City U23s vs Wigan Athletic U23s 
  • Monday 22nd March – Hull City U23s vs Ipswich Town U23s 
  • Thursday 25th March – Hull City U23s vs Nottingham Forest U23s 
  • Monday 29th March – Hull City U23s vs Crewe Alexandra U23s 

“It is still the club’s intention to provide a dedicated farewell opportunity for supporters, when it’s safe to do so and we will share further details in due course.”

This then went on to cause a huge backlash with the fanbase, due to them feeling it was in bad taste to let anyone else play their when the supporters were yet to give it a final farewell.

Now the history books will have Hull City under 23s team’s match against Wigan as the last match to be played at Bootham Crescent.

York issued another statement: “You asked. We listened. We have listened to our supporters and withdrawn Hull City FC’s pitch hire of Bootham Crescent.

“After the devastating impact of the pandemic on the club’s income we had intended to hire Bootham Crescent to Hull City FC for four matches, to bring some much-needed funds into the club, but after receiving feedback from supporters these games will not go ahead.

“Your feedback is noted and valued. Thank you.”


York City leased the land at Bootham Crescent from York Cricket Club so that they could replace their ground at Fulfordgate based on the outskirts of the city. The ground, nearby the city centre and a mile away from the train station, was constructed in four months, and opened on the 31st of August 1932. In the Second World War, the Popular Stand was converted into an air-raid shelter, and the ground suffered slight damage when a bomb landed on houses along the Shipton Street End. York purchased Bootham Crescent for £4,075 in 1948 before adding floodlights in 1959, and then replaced them with ones twice as powerful in 1995. A number of improvements were made in the early 1980s, with a gymnasium, offices and a lounge for officials built.

The David Longhurst Stand opened back in 1991, after a roof was put up on the Shipton Street End, named after the former York player David Longhurst who died during a match at the ground in 1990. Bootham Crescent hosted EFL matches from 1932 to 2004 and from 2012 to 2016, both spells ending after York were relegated into non league. The ground was renamed KitKat Crescent in one of your more unusual ground names, from 2005 to 2010 as part of a sponsorship deal with Nestlé. York City left Bootham Cresent and moved to the LNER Community Stadium at Monks Cross in Huntington in early 2021, and the Bootham Crescent site is set to be used for housing.

Bootham Crescent has four stands: the Main Stand, the Popular Stand, the David Longhurst Stand and the Grosvenor Road End. The ground has held a league representative match and neutral club matches as well as schoolboy and youth international matches. Other than football, it’s also hosted a concert, firework display, American football and rugby league matches and beer festivals. A record attendance of 28,123 was set in March 1938, for an FA Cup match against Huddersfield Town. The highest seasonal average attendance of 10,412 was achieved in 1948–49.

Fans reacted as York City respond to a League One club’s Bootham Crescent offer…

@vickyfenwick75: Seriously? You “needed the money” so allowed Hull to hire the pitch. They play one game then you “listen to us” and withdraw the contract. So the last match at BC now hasn’t been played by York City, & now you don’t make any money out of it anyway. Honestly. I’m speechless.

@AndrewSlaughte1: All clubs need the money Vicky, I think the club made the right decision to try and gain income in tough times. They are now doing what the fans want and fans still aren’t happy. Fans won’t be moaning about hull city playing there when the club is struggling to stay afloat

@steveparker1978: You never learn and don’t listen. We didn’t want them at Bootham Crescent when they were locked out of Boothferry Park and we don’t want them now. The contemp the club shows to it’s fans constantly amazes me

@DavidWardyWard: The right thing to do, but if you’d announced it earlier you could’ve come to this decision before a game was played. You didn’t announce it because you knew the reaction it would get!

@1904Irrelevants: I’ve never understood the term “tin pot” that so many people throw around on here. I now think I do.

@daleymayall01: You never listened at all; or read comments after the initial fixture was P-P. If you’d gauged fans’ thoughts then, you’d have been wise to cancel the arrangement with HCFC. You didn’t. All YCFC has done is stir more arguments between its fanbase on this issue. Well done!

@AndrewSlaughte1: Can’t get my head round the York City fans. We all know how tough it is at the moment financially. And fans moaning about the club using there initiative to gain income into the club. Absolutely baffles me and now the club has changed there stance, fans are still moaning

@yorkcitytom: Can’t get your head around it? Don’t bother trying. You either get it or don’t. Hiring the place out isn’t particularly the issue, it’s not even telling fans who find out from Hull City’s Twitter feed. Twice. The people in charge of YCFC don’t get it either, so you’re not alone

@db_simmo: Who the hell is making these decisions. If you’d listened to the supporters you’ve have realised the the point was we weren’t the last team… Doesn’t matter if they now play 100 games or 0. Damage is done.. we are now angry we are throwing away extra income!! #ycfc

@MikeHull84: Presume all the York fans will be putting their hands in their pocket to support the club and cover the money they’ve lost from this then

@Max_Innes: Pressured by fans that are clueless for business. I know is it hurts and it’s got a sting to it being Hull but ffs. It’s money we need in a dull time for the club. Especially financially.

@DunnDunny: The club can’t do right for doing wrong! Covid is the reason our departure from BC was bogged up, just like everything else it has stripped away, it is what it is; BC isn’t our home now, we have a brand new one most clubs would kill for. Time to detach emotions & move on IMO.

@branz21: The stupidity never ends, honestly. I was on board with why we have taken the money i get it, but to then cow down when youve already pissed everyone off and now arent even getting the cash is mind numbing

@Rev_RichTea: Here’s an idea. Invite 22 former York players for a game at Bootham Crescent under the lights. Stream it live. No fans, but never mind. That can be the last game. Everyone will be happier.

@RustySh46721632; Or a friendly against Scarborough or Another local team that is unable to play league games

@lotslottie16 as York City respond to the League One club’s Bootham Crescent offer: The damage is already done. It’s too little, too late I’m afraid. A back handed gesture, at best.

@yorkcityforever: Thanks for listening but the decision should have been made BEFORE the match last night. It will still go down that the last match at Bootham Crescent was not a York City team. Incredibly sad

@YCFCtune: May as well take the money now the last game at BC didn’t involve York City… Find more information about my campaign to reinstate the Hull Under 23s matches at Bootham Crescent at: https://tinyurl.com/BoothamCrescen

@BCAFCBH: Didn’t they play there last night anyway? Damage is done surely.

@bobbinsoncrusoe: Bit of a horse/stable/bolted thing here though now you’ve let them play?! May as well just have let them carry on at this point, taken the money, but commit to there being some sort of YCFC game, maybe a legends type game, so we are definitely the last one.

@cal_ycfc_efc: What do people have against the club generating income? It’s hardly at the expense of sentimentally. We played Guesley in a NLN league game with limited fans. These last few years at Bootham really won’t be held in high regard in the memories of most fans, let’s be honest.

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