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York chairman slammed for sacking manager by ‘making him stand next to printer as P45 printed out’

The York City chairman has been slammed for sacking manager John Askey by ‘making him stand next to the printer as a P45 printed out’.

The Minstermen got rid their first team boss after making him stand next to a printer as the letter confirming his dismissal printed out, the sacked Askey said in an interview.

John Askey, who has also managed the likes of Macclesfield, Shrewsbury and Port Vale, admitted he was left “hurt” by the way in which he was axed after just over a year in charge of the National League club.

It was only last season when the 58-year-old guided the club to promotion from the National League North, and currently sit 12th, with 24 points from 19 games played.

“To have to stand in front of a printer and wait for a letter to be printed off and then be given it to see that I had been sacked… that hurt me more than anything,” he told BBC Radio York. I’m disappointed with how it’s been done.

“They talked about me coming in to talk to them and said it was about my contract. I said if it was about my contract I would need legal help and they said just to come in and pick the letter up. I think I deserve better than that. I think anybody does.”

Askey was a popular figure at the club with fans praising him with their promotion last year. York are without a win since the 15 of October in all competitions. Yet the decision to axe him has really gone down badly.

The club released a statement insisting that Askey had asked to leave at the start of November – a claim that the former City boss has denied.

“The reason I said what I said was after the chairman’s interview. I felt undermined and that there was no encouragement,” he said.

“I said that I couldn’t work with an owner or chairman who is doing this all the time. That’s what I said, I didn’t say I wanted to leave.

“It started in pre-season with the chairman going to the players and asking if they were happy with the style of play. He said when we won promotion that he didn’t think we were playing good football. It’s not what you want to hear as a manager.”

Meanwhile, York City fan Guy Mowbray has reacted with anger and dismay at the news that John Askey has been sacked as manager.

The Match Of The Day commentator was left shocked at the news that new chairman Glen Henderson had ousted the boss.

Guy took to Twitter to make his feelings clear, just minutes after the club issued a statement saying the decision “was in the best interests of the football club”.

He took aim at Henderson, who styles himself the ‘cheeky chairman’ on his Twitter account.

“I’m afraid our ‘cheeky chairman’ has just (in my opinion) made a huge mistake. As I said to him in the summer – he didn’t have to worry about the actual football side of the club for some time. He still didn’t.

“Yes, he will know things we don’t. But, with respect, fans steeped in club for a lifetime know a lot more about what it is, where it could go, & when the going’s good – which it was. Unless he can convince otherwise, this seems to be about ego, vanity & family goals.

“So much goodwill killed off at a stroke. If possible I would like my not insignificant ‘boost the budget’ donation returned – given that it was specifically advertised as going to ‘John Askey’s playing budget’ – which was a bit of a red flag in itself.

“It’s a very difficult job running a football club. You need help, goodwill, support, money. Why would you make it even harder? The next move from @ycfcchairman will have to be conciliatory, impressive, realistic, and above all – for the LONG TERM good of #ycfc. Fuming.”

A Boost The Budget campaign run by the York City FC Supporters’ Trust, had raised more than £25,000 by last week.

Since the club was sold by previous chairman Jason McGill, the trust is now a 49% shareholder in York City FC, while Glen Henderson is 51% shareholder.

In a tweet directed at the trust, Guy Mowbray reiterated: “Seriously @ycfcst. I would like my donation returned. The idea of what it was for no longer applies.”

As mentioned, the York chairman Glen Henderson has been slammed for sacking their manager by ‘making him stand next to a printer as the P45 printed out’…

@alenbardet: This should be interesting. How the trust and the board come back from this I have no idea.


@MickCordukes: Only thing that can save the trust is Henderson out the club and John Askey and Kingsley James back in . Nothing else will do .

@RobdHay: His ex wife is disgusted by this decision tells you all you need to know

@chuitar: So where do we actually go from here? Clearly nobody currently feels much desire for this chairman to stick around. And as a Trust lifetime member, sure I’m not the only one feeling pretty let down by their actions and response. What a gutting couple of days. #ycfc

@YfrontFanzine: Whatever is said in the statement no words can repair the self inflicted damage that has been caused.

@JM__19__: If the chairman thinks time will ease tensions then he’s sadly mistaken. I’m still fuming over the worst decision that I’ve ever seen in football. An utter charlatan treating our best manager in years like that is totally unforgivable #ycfc #askey

@Yorktone: We dithered with McGill, whose descent was long and always disputed by some. Never seen 100% support for anything #ycfc before. Quite looking forward to seeing and hearing how creative and vociferous the home support can be when united in anger at how we’ve been disrespected.

@alenbardet: I have not seen one tweet in defence of Henderson over this. Surely his position is untenable.

@charliefewster: Hearing John Askey clarify the way he left and was treated during the muppets reign since his arrival I simply do not believe a word this board say #Hendersonout #getoutofourclub #ycfc

@78ajs: This was all avoidable, Glen not keen on John fair enough but for the good of the club let it run we were all on the same page! either we push play offs/ do well he’s poached or if we fall in drop zone get rid, not all would have agreed but would have seen reason why. Glen gets to bring yes man In to co manage the team & we see how that plays out, By sticking his nose & opinions in John will have said he couldn’t work with Glen this is where trust should stand up to chairman & told him to step back for good of the club/fans & big pic. All they had to do was wait for THEIR right time instead of this cluster fu@k! The damage this has done between boardroom & fans is likely not retrievable you have well & truly burst the bubble for nothing but what looks like an ego trip, what a mess😞 #SackTheBoard

@MickCordukes: The trust criticised McGill for not communicating and they do the same . #sacktheboard #Hendersonout

@YCSP84: Announce Immediate reinstatement of John Askey & Kingsley James. #ycfc

@RobertBeaumont: What a surprise. What was their excuse? #ycfc @ycfcst no respect for fans and no accountability. They will never be forgiven

@MarkReynard3: I thought the supporters were going to be at the heart of everything Glen ? Given that do you not think you need to stand up and be accountable, actually explain this from your side to the loyal supporters. You’ve turned the whole fanbase against you in one move.

@916connor_: At this point we don’t care! It’s FAR too late! They’ve let the entire fanbase down MASSIVELY throughout this entire situation, left us in complete darkness throughout the whole thing and watched as everyone cancelled their BTB subscriptions! What help can this produce?!?

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