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Yate Town left stunned by X-rated message sent by OnlyFans model for raunchy content

Yate Town have been left stunned by an X-rated message sent to them by an OnlyFans model for raunchy content at their stadium.

The Southern League Division One South club posted a screenshot of an request in which the model, named as Ellie, sent them the unusual enquiry.

Despite responding back to her, saying that they would keep her message confidential, they went and posted it anyway.

The exchange began: “Hi, sorry for the random message but I was wondering if you would allow me to make Only Fans custom content at the ground during a match day?”, the performer asked.

When a club official questioned what kind of content she was looking to make, ‘Ellie’ replied: “I’m looking to have photos taken and possibly video clips taken of me performing sexual acts on myself in the changing rooms and out on the pitch.

“Ideally, it would be before or after the game when there are no fans around for the on pitch content. And the same for the changing room content.

“I say on a match day as I wonder if any players or staff would be interested in being a part of it.

“Faces can be blurred in photos or videos.”


The next message in the exchange hadn’t been included in the screenshot the club posted. 

When contacted by LBC, Yate Town had apparently said they were hacked and they would not have posted such a message.

Not only was Yate Town left stunned by X-rated message sent by OnlyFans model for raunchy content, so were the Twitter users…

@GHF_BM: Yikes. What’s the title? Welcome to Wrectum

@NLBIBLE4: I mean it’s one way of generating income 😂

@ENGkemish94: Yate Town V Melksham Saturday 3rd February! See you there Ellie.

@FanHubHatter: “it’s private don’t worry.” 😬

@Dafydd_Nich: One normal day in Non-League is all I ask for….. 🤣

@Unreliableyeltz: Absolutely vile, when’s your next home game?

@R00N3Y_: These birds have no shame for themselves 😭

@1894am: Out of anywhere you could choose..🤣

@carefreekieran2: What the fuck 🤣🤣

@Jon_BOA: Again I reiterate my love of non-league football. Imagine the admin receiving this, if it’s anything like City it’s just a couple of volunteers who’s phone will have pinged!

@nocontextfm1: Thats disgusting. What’s her @ so I can avoid this type of content?!

@keelan_____: Do it infront of the fans and you’ll have a new season ticket holder

@ConnorOwen2: Some birds are fucking creeps. Let me know when this is happening so I can avoid visiting Yate town that day.

@mickm1988: Disgusting. On a totally unrelated matter, thinking about playing football again, anyone know of any teams looking for players or even staff? I live in Yate, Gloucestershire

@Wellsy_OX: Trailing through Yates 8000+ followers and following any bird called Ellie….

@lukexgr96: Would make for an interesting half time show

@PerrySpurs: How much are your season tickets???

@samueljameslee1: Do you need a keeper ?

@vilechelsea7: Ya bird wants to finger herself in the 18 yard box at yate town

@KernowDeej: At least Ellie is honest about what she wants 🤣

@Dunn2Damian: I can pretend to be a player or management for a day for u and take one for the team

@kevhammond37: So……… is it happening?

@Farke_In_El: Record crowd expected at @YateTownFC at the next home game….

@DannyDobs: Are you looking for any new staff members? 😉😂

@SteveCapes94: Man these people literally have absolutely zero shame.. I suppose you have to have none to do that but I was getting second hand embarrassment for her just reading it 🤣

@amshaw1973: Rude to say no, need any players signing on?

@Jasontmoore89: Props to her for the initiative honestly! Never know unless you ask

@pokeefe1: This time next year. “We can report attendances are up 500%”

@Alexander_S_R: Is this a new commercial parnership opportunity all football clubs should be embracing ? 🤣🤣

@7_crogers: Football gets weirder and weirder by the day

@RobertsLeftPeg: These only fans birds are moving mad

@NoahRob57629177: Today I feel… Yate Town football club player

@marcwebber: Interesting new revenue stream for football clubs…. 🧐😄

@SCFCkirky: How much is a season ticket?

@hornetboy84; Yate Towns recruitment advert to get more match day staff (volunteer only / no pay) is a bit weird .

@Ryan_Reviews_: Hi @YateTownFC, if you’re looking for players, I’m 6’0”, great man marking, speedy, and a very forgettable face!

@TheBookiesOffer: Totally new idea for match day entertainment 😂😂

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