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X-rated message engraved into Paul Mullin’s new boots have caused quite the stir online

An X-rated message engraved into Paul Mullin’s new boots have caused quite the stir online after uploading a photo onto social media.

According to the Daily Mail, Wrexham told their striker to delete pictures of his custom-made ‘F*** the Tories’ football boots taken at the Racecourse Ground this week.

Mullin, 27, got people talking after uploading photos of his new boots, which include the expletive anti-Conservative party message along with ‘Mullin 10’, a tribute to singer Jamie Webster and a silhouette of the skyline in his hometown of Liverpool.

The original images were captured at Wrexham’s home stadium, before being deleted and retaken in a plain setting.

Sportsmail understands the National League outfit were not best pleased that the pictures were taken at their ground and asked Mullin to remove them in talks on Monday.

Boot designers CustomsZebra were then asked by the player to delete their post of the original shots before later reposting with a new, plain background not including the setting of the Racecourse Ground.

Mullin uploaded his new photos of the boots on Instagram, and the post even earned a like from Red Dragons chief Ryan Reynolds.

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A post shared by Paul Mullin (@paulmullin12)

Sportsmail tried to get in contact with Wrexham for comment and the club made it clear they didn’t approve of the initial post that was captured at their stadium.

It is also in doubt whether Mullin will be permitted to wear the boots given FA rules state that ‘equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images’.

Law 4 of the governing body’s rules on Players’ Equipment continues: ‘Players must not reveal undergarments that show political, religious, personal slogans, statements or images, or advertising other than the manufacturer’s logo.’


The Club can confirm that the boots revealed by Paul Mullin on social media will not be worn tonight, or in any other Wrexham AFC fixture and that the photographs taken at the Racecourse Ground were done so without our knowledge or approval.

For the record, the pictures wouldn’t have been permitted to be taken, had we known, and the issue will be dealt with privately by the Club.

The Club has adopted a neutral position on many matters with a political dimension and intends to continue to do so going forward.


The Club also acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether that be employees or supporters but would also highlight that an individual view cannot be fairly attributed, as the view of everyone or the Club itself.

There is no more prominent example of this than the fact that the MP for the constituency within which the Club is found, is a Conservative seat.

After this unwelcome distraction, the Club hopes the focus remains on our objectives of gaining promotion on the field and creating community benefit off it, in which Paul Mullin will continue to play a significant part.

Mullin has so far scored 43 goals in 57 games for the Welsh outfit while striking up an unlikely bond with Reynolds and McElhenney off the pitch.


Speaking on the owners, Mullin said: “It was a bit strange at first, getting used to Hollywood movie stars being about but they are genuine people and we love working for them. Since they have taken over the club, they have galvanised the town.

“They gave everyone a real lift, at the club and around the community. I think that has been shown in the documentary. They have taken the club to new heights.”

But in Mullin's reuploaded post on TikTok, club chief Reynolds liked the pictures of his boots

Mullin revealed his controversial choice of footwear on the day that Rishi Sunak was confirmed as the country’s third Prime Minister in just a few month after becoming the new leader of the Conversative Party.

Reynolds “liked” Mullins’ post of the new boots with the explicit message on the side, seemingly getting his approval.

Wrexham became a Conservative seat for the first time ever back in 2019, when MP Sarah Atherton ended close to 90 years of Labour reign in the city. 

This is what social media users said as Wrexham issue a statement amid a X-rated message engraved into Paul Mullin’s new boots which have caused quite the stir online…

@AJoshMossWorld: Embarrassing statement. Fuck the tories

@choccy1983: I stand with Paul Mullin

@NiallWXM: We side with @PMullin7’s shoes

@MaxPowe80498551: I think they were brilliant and confirm how most of the country feel, top bloke Paul Mullin! You should support him 👍

@CrAiG_MuRpHy_79: @VancityReynolds @RMcElhenney … give that man a raise !!!!!!!!

@JMplaysFM: He’s right though

@Milanjones14: Pathetic statement Grow up

@YorkiePommie: He speaks for the vast majority of the British Isles. 👏👏👏 Mullin

@dolandeclares: Good, reasonable Club comment (P.S absolutely fuck the Tories, and the MP you cite perceives you as nothing more than a photo op)

@DK38660180: “We’ve got Mullin, super Paul Mullin……..”

@BarryAldridge: On the professional side I can understand but Paul Mullin ain’t wrong though personally.

@AdamDavies17: Fuck the tories! @PMullin7 we are all with you on that one 🔴⚪️

@ChrisJa83227230: Thank god for that I was worried it was something important like he had left!!

@conk6488: Fuck Sarah Atherton and fuck the tories, viva Paul Mullin

@nufcjames_: Most embarrassing statement ever. It’s a pair of football boots 🤣🤣

@jwxm791: Boring bastards @PMullin7 is a legend

@sam_jeffs: They are the best boots I have seen in some time. Only saying what everyone else is thinking

@tatieme: Paul Mullin is now my favourite footballer ever! Sorry Gareth Bale.

@ChairmanBryn: @PMullin7 is 100% spot on, this statement from the club 100% wrong !

@ChrisDoyle_23: @PMullin7 best had still wear them lad 😂 spread the word!

@m_w890: Becoming more and more obvious that the CEO is a massive Tory

@OVMTweets: They had to do that for PR.. they need to keep relations with politicians on all sides. But the line about Wrexham being a Tory seat felt like a passive aggressive dig from someone. No need for that. Hoping for long and loud choruses of “F the Tories” throughout tonight’s match!

@OfficialVizeh: It’s literally a pair of boots lads

@elisdylan: You can get fucked if u think anyone is arsed about some painted football boots. Big up Paul Mullin, up the scousers and fuck the Tories

@SquatterMadras: “an individual view cannot be fairly attributed, as the view of everyone or the Club itself” – Absolutely NOBODY saw it as “the view of everyone or the club” just the view of @PMullin7 (and I’m sure by the good people at @WrexhamFoodbank recently visited by chairman @RMcElhenney!)

@DannyTew95: Fuck the Tories. Up the @PMullin7 👏🏼

@HGEN5B: The biggest take away from this is that Wrexham is a Tory seat how the fuck does a half welsh half scouse hybrid town end up with a Tory MP😂

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