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Wycombe’s Ryan Tafazolli causes a stir as video shows him using hand to clear ball off the line

Wycombe’s Ryan Tafazolli causes a stir as a video shows him using hand to clear the ball off the line in the game against Peterborough.

Peterborough United Memes said after watching the footage: “Possibly the most controversial moment of the game… Wycombe player clearing the ball off the line with his hand – nothing given.

This led to a lot of mixed reaction, some defending the player, while others were left reeling at how he escaped any kind of punishment for what he did.

The Chairboys defender revealed this week that his goal against the Posh was ‘long overdue’, as he registered his first strike of the season.

The centre back netted from Jordan Obita’s corner just over 20 minutes remaining minutes to put Wycombe 2-0 up in a League One game that ended 3-0 at London Road.

Speaking as per Bucks Free Press at the full-time whistle, he said: “It was long overdue!

“It was about time I scored as I got five last season, but, we’re a team that prides itself on winning our individual battles, and we knew if we did that today [January 1], we would have a great chance of winning.

“Peterborough are a free-flowing, high-scoring team so we knew it was going to be tough to contain them, but we started off really well and it’s a great start to the year.”

Tafazolli continued: “It was great to score and to be honest, I really couldn’t miss because Jordon [Obita] has pretty much put it in the goal for me, so all I had to do was get a little touch on it and I’m delighted.

“It settled us a lot as we really needed that second goal to push on, and Wingy [Lewis Wing] got his second strike of the game which was unbelievable too, and killed the game off.

“And I need to score more!

“I got five last year and I think the most I have ever scored in a season is seven, so for a centre back, I would happily take five but anything above that is good.”

As mentioned, Wycombe’s Ryan Tafazolli causes a stir as a video shows him using his hand to clear the ball off the line…

@Fez100: The most obvious horrific decision. Obviously this one was too late to matter anyway but it is indicative of many other poor decisions including the foul on EMC at only 1 nil which should have been a penalty & a red card

@grassrootsrefJa: Can you show me what the view the referee had? Are you aware that referees don’t have x-ray vision?

@Nacha533: How about you blame the person who decided it was sportsman or ethical behaviour to scoop the ball out. The ref is conned by a cheater, he is a victim but you blame him and say nothing about the cheater. Such is the state of our game. Refs have 22 plus trying to deceive them.

@LewisHoldich: The ref was absolutely shocking, he watched Clarke Harris get his shirt ripped off of him throughout the whole game- gave nothing, I seem to remember a hand ball in their box- nothing given. Finally the whole ball had crossed the line- nothing given.

@stevedarney: … CH like most big attackers get hold of the defenders shirts earlier doors, dragging them down or trying to keep them in position to get an advantage when balls come onto them … Taff was just giving it back. Happens up and down the country in every game – nothing new here …

Three thoughts:
1) this clip doesn’t show where the referee was positioned to see the offence
2) why are people not blaming the player for cheating? Only blaming the ref for not noticing!
3) As you were 3-0 down in the 88th minute, I don’t think it affected the score!

@therealcjhill: How do you all think the ref could see that. Please tell.

@JamiePike82: Still would have lost 3-1? Spilt milk job.

@WhistleBlowerDK: How can the referee give something they don’t see?

@dreddy2: Nothing surprises me with match officials 95% utterly useless @FA_PGMOL killing the game.

@3TeamTonyBez: We were shite, but this is a red card and penalty that might have given us a chance.

@MattyHC5: This is peak EFL officiating

@benleisner: 😂😂 great save

@TomWalker_04: Couldn’t of happened to a better club

@w4key7: How have no officials seen this?! Its an absolute joke @EFL It’s ok though you just keep fining managers for having their say. 👍🏻

@PRF_DerbyCounty: I wonder what the Wycombe ownership have to say on this example of blatant cheating…?

@BrnrdSmth2: The ref really needs investigating icl, let johno get bullied all game, not even a card, then the same player pulling him around goes and hand balls it out of the goal and not even a pen given. Blatant cheating, someone check his bet365.

@darrell_ben: Not the only ones to see Wycombe are by far the biggest cheating club in the EFL

@OneRoversVlogs: Same old Wycombe always cheating

@PaishyGashead: Weird side Wycombe. They aren’t really very good but always seem to be up there shithousing

@JGsLongThrow: Whats he meant to do? Just let it go in? He took a risk and it paid off. Made no difference to the result – we won comfortably. Much more for Posh to worry about than a great piece of goalkeeping

@PAFCRyan: Bet that won’t be in one of his YouTube vlogs 😂😂

@Iain2509: Love all these “cheating” comments. Tell me one player that lets that go in. Took a risk, ref didn’t see it. Just even better that it happened against one of the biggest moaning fanbases in the UK

@joshh_owenn: wycombe are used to cheating so it doesn’t really surprise me

@ChrisCooper_22: Love all the comments on here trying to display a sense of moral highground, if your team does it and you win- you don’t say boo to a goose.

@TheDancingYak: He only used 1.74 of his hands in total. So It’s fine.

@RWillows: Some set of fans to turn their compass about refereeing decisions

@UnknownUser0311: I mean come on, it’s so obvious. #pufc

@ConnorB_19: @RyanTafazolli I see you 👀😂😂, great technique that

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