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Wycombe owner breaks silence on Derby claims as Rams speak on Wayne Rooney’s future

Wycombe owner Rob Couhig breaks his silence on Derby compensation claims as the Rams speak out on Wayne Rooney’s future amid the Everton job.

According to reports on Wednesday morning, Derby County’s administrators have confirmed that the club are yet to receive an approach from Everton for Wayne Rooney.

Everton are on the search for a new boss following Sunday’s axing of Rafa Benitez, who became the fifth man to be dismissed by Farhad Moshiri within six years.

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The club’s hierarchy initially wanted to bring in Roberto Martinez back to Goodison Park to replace the Spaniard.

However, they suffered a setback, stalling as the Belgium FA said they would resist letting him leave or do both jobs at the same time.

The Liverpool ECHO understands that Toffees hierarchy are discussing the potential appointment of Rooney as the club’s next manager.

But despite Rooney being on the club’s radar, Everton are yet to make an approach to speak to the former England international, with Duncan Ferguson named as caretaker and Frank Lampard also linked with the job permanently.

Wayne Rooney explains 'snubbing' Man Utd fans during pre-season friendly  with Derby - Daily Star

Tonight, a spokesperson for Quantuma told DerbyshireLive: “We are not aware of any approach from Everton regarding Wayne Rooney.

“If they (Everton) were to make an approach, the administrators would expect that approach to be made to them in the first instance.”

In mid-December Rooney was asked about the links to his boyhood club, but said: “I don’t think I could have missed them, to be honest!

“I obviously came up through Everton ‘s Academy, Everton fan, but I see the reports and I have had no communication with Everton Football Club.

“As far as I am aware they have got a manager in place, so for me to discuss anything like that, it’s not my place to do that. As I have said I am committed to this club.

“I’ve had no conversations with Everton Football Club regarding the manager’s job so it’s not even something I’m thinking about.”

Sky Sports reported on Sunday that Rooney would find it hard to turn down the Everton job if approached, although the Toffees are not said to have done so at present.

Meanwhile, Wycombe Wanderers owner Rob Couhig has broken his silence on their compensation claim against Derby County.

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The claim against the stricken club, who have been in administration since September 2021, is said to be holding back a potential takeover of the club.

A compensation claim also comes from Middlesbrough, who are seeking damages for failing to make the playoffs in 2019.

The Chairboys were relegated from the Championship last term on the final day of the campaign, ending their first year in the second tier in 22nd place and only one point behind Derby.

The Rams stayed up on the final day due to a 3-3 draw with Sheffield Wednesday.

Couhig spoke to BBC Radio Derby on Tuesday night regarding his claim.

“I do not know the technical terminology because I rely on our counsel,” Couhig, a lawyer by trade, said.

“What we did is we, right at the end of the summer, wrote and we said we have a claim based on several factors for the losses the club has sustained because of Derby, in our estimation, failing to comply with the rules that should have resulted in an automatic deduction of points.

“Therefore we would have remained in the Championship and Derby would have been relegated and those losses need to be compensated for.

“So yes, that was sent to Derby.”

Couhig was asked about what outcome he wants from his claim.

“Be compensated for our loss that we were denied so that the club can succeed,” he said.

“When we got into this we said we would run a financially sustainable football club.

“I am fascinated by the Wayne Rooney/Derby experience and candidly it is one of the most magical things I have ever watched but the Wycombe experience is very important to us and we want to do it right.

“So I would like us to get compensation.

“We have always said we are willing to meet and talk with people and make reasonable commercial compromise.”

Listen to Couhig’s interview HERE.

Twitter users reacted the Wycombe owner breaks his silence on Derby compensation claims as the Rams speak out on Wayne Rooney’s future amid the Everton job…


@salimag: If Middlesbrough had made the play offs as well as Derby but still didn’t get promoted, would they still have carried out their grievance with Derby.

@CapnBob70: In ’19-’20, Wycombe had 3 games against top six rivals left, Oxford (4). Peterborough who finished 7th had played every side in the top six bar Coventry. Wycombe benefited there. They also played Bolton twice.

@TomBAFCjarvo: If boro claim is legit do Burton have a claim against Bolton and Birmingham for braking ffp in 2018 ? Resulting in us going down Year or so later Bolton in admin to from overspending 🧐

@connor_mh: Think Rob Couhig explained his claim very well in that interview. At the end of the day Derby knew they were getting a points deduction and deliberately delayed it, the owner at the time admitted he knew as soon as they gave the info out they would receive the points deduction

@IanMurfin: @Ed__Dawes great interview and forgive me if I missed it but key question for him is why doesn’t it put the claim against the lawmakers (the EFL) they allowed this to happen on their watch!!!

@Craig74Nov: I don’t know how any Derby fan can come on here and play the victim.

@RamsFanatic1884: Scratch my last tweet…Rob Couhig laying into Quantuma and telling us what we need to know, Quantuma is absolutely out of its depth..we are sleep walking into liquidation with these clowns in charge. Even Pauline Latham said she wasn’t eniterly happy with the admins #dcfc

@LewisBP5: I thought Rob Couhig made a clear case. While most of the Derby supporters clearly didn’t want to listen, I find it interesting that a number on here are (begrudgingly) admitting that he made valid points. #Chairboys #WWFC

@Finchi82: So basically he’s hedging his bets that the new owners blink first… and if they don’t he gets the decision in court… wow… just wow! It’s amazing how the other half live right #dcfcfans #wwfc

@Funkybrewer: Personally, I thought it was fascinating and the key questions were posed towards Morris, the Admins and the EFL. The EFL has issued a statement, the other two refuse. Not in favour of clubs suing each other but I think the questions posed to Admins and Morris deserve an answer.

@Oli_collie70: Sounds like his claim is based on the voices in his head. He knows why we deliberately were late filing the accounts which the EFL have us a date about 2 weeks into the season. We were late because we were still trying to find out what method of amortization was acceptable

@DarrenDoherty83: In his credit I thought he came across very well. Seems Wycombes case is a hell of a lot stronger than Boros #dcfc #wwfc

@ozealous: I’m a Wycombe fan and I do not like this situation and a lot of fans feel the same. We believe if there is a case its against Mel Morris and the EFL. However we know you are fighting for your life but don’t bring up PPG as it won’t help your cause. But we wish you all the best.

@richleyscomet: Derby fan here but this man made an awful lot of sense. It sounds increasingly as though the administrators are to blame for an awful lot of where we are at. I hope to Christ we get a guy as rational and as approachable as this to run the Rams if/when we get out of this.

@1981_kitchen: He doesn’t give a toss. Derby were allowed to withhold their accounting until the following season which didn’t break the rules, because they knew they would get relegated if they did, his argument should be with the EFL for allowing Mel to do that.

@msherwood85: I’ll listen to this guy all day long about this subject. Quite clear the presenter didn’t look into his background of being a lawyer. Wycombe deserve this money, but they also deserve the chance to be playing in the Championship not Derby

@atstephens92: I love @RCouhig

@WayneT70: Crikey, Couhig has literally torn Quantuma a new one there #dcfc #dcfcfans

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