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Wycombe fan breaks into Swansea stadium before being ejected out

A Wycombe fan breaks into Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium before being ejected out on Saturday with the Championship game getting halted.

It’s not yet clear how the fan, who appeared to be wearing a Chairboys shirt, gained entry into the ground, however the Welsh outfit are to review matchday security protocols.

Referee Keith Stroud stopped proceedings during the closing minutes of the 2-2 draw, after spotting the individual in the North Stand.

Stewards ended up ejecting the supporter, who appeared to be wearing a Wycombe top, with supporters currently banned from attending matches since March 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In a statement, a club spokesperson said: “A Wycombe Wanderers supporter gained entry to the Liberty Stadium during the game before being apprehended by stadium security staff.

“South Wales Police swiftly dealt with the person involved and he was ejected from the premises.

“While this is very much an isolated incident, the club will continue to monitor all areas of security on a matchday.”

Wycombe below published to social media…

It was on the day of the game that the Wycombe fan, who has had both his vaccinations, was talking on social media about going to Swansea and standing outside the ground to show his support to the club.

Whilst The Sun claims he tried to make his way onto the pitch after flying down the steps of one of the stands, the fan states this wasn’t what he was trying to do, but instead try to provide extra motivation with Wycombe giving up their 2-0 lead.

The fan also suggested that he was going to try and pretend to be a journalist or scout, however that plan failed and he adds he didn’t think he’d end up in the news.

The door was supposedly open for the fan to make his way into the ground, to try and catch a glimpse of the game, before being found out.

The Wycombe fan says no charges were pressed as he didn’t make it onto the pitch, and that he doesn’t feel he deserved to be banned with the police allegedly telling him that it is highly unlikely.

Fans reacted after seeing that the Wycombe fan breaks into Swansea City’s stadium before being ejected out…

@_Darz94: As a Wycombe fan we do not claim this man

@ccfcmatchworn: More away fans than home fans at the Liberty..

@RussWWFC: Over the top stewarding, treating fan like major criminal. He was daft, yes but I can’t really condemn him for wanting to see his team. Prefer local football myself though.

@hbomb1927: Guaranteed those two had his wallet away

@The_JackArmy: Fair play to him getting in. The mean sods should have let him stay

@jacks_are: Class

@dannygltd: Just tell him to leave, no need to man handle him like he’s murdered someone. Idiots.

@nathanbluebird: Brilliant social distancing. Disgusting

@JJsLeftFoot: What exactly was this person’s end-game? How long did they think they were going to stay unnoticed wearing a Wycombe shirt?

@JJsLeftFoot: Swansea’s security must have been pretty thin, although getting into a fully enclosed ground like that when, presumably, most of the entrances are locked has got to take some doing.

@_danmcdonald: This mug is in the Wycombe Facebook Groups posting videos and acting like he’s pulled off a grand heist ffs

@youtube_artix: Got to rate it tbf

@paulchapman18: Just wandered in😂

@WriterPritchard: I kind of admire the fact that he did haha

@SCFC_Rhys2: Legend 😂

@matts_musings: Fair play to him.

@vetchfieId: He hid in the gap of one of Bayo’s guns.

@nathanbluebird: Will Hughes was in two places at once??? Some player.

@chairboy84: That is totally bizarre!

Pete Newberry: Fair play to him, that’s commitment but obviously not very clever given covid, I hope he doesn’t receive a ban

Jenny Priest: I hope he does get a ban

Nick McLaughlin: You entered the ground when you knew you were not allowed, whether the door was open or not this is illegal. You blatantly publicised you were going to travel all the way to Swansea ignoring the express advice of both the Welsh and U.K. government. You were also clearly not even wearing a mask (still at least you will now be recognised or was that your aim?) You did not support the club but embarrassed us and yourself, congratulations on proving yourself to be a deceitful and nasty piece of work!!

Adam Wilkinson: Shows how poor the security is, if anything he should be questioned on his skills to get in.

Peter Oxbrow: We all want to go to games but we can’t what makes this idiot think he’s got some special right. If he travelled all the way from Buckinghamshire to Swansea I’m going to be kind and suggest that maybe he has some kind of mental health problem.

Chris Spratt: As well meaning as I’m sure his actions were, the fact remains that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and whilst figures in this country are low, that does not mean that will necessarily remain low. We have all been instructed to limit travel and for now we’ve all been banned from doing something we would all love to do – attend football matches. People being able to succeed in getting into games in this way and then the advertising of it only encourages others to do similar thus risking the chances of us all being able to return to matches.

On the same day, Luton Town were left disgusted after a Watford fan threw a flare of Watford’s colours during a minutes silence for Prince Philip.

Luton Town tweeted on the ill-timed incident and have vowed to take serious action against the person responsible for it.

They tweeted: “To the @WatfordFC fan who didn’t realise the yellow and red flare thrown into the ground would turn 🟠

“You car registration plate has been passed onto the authorities.

“Awful timing with the minute’s silence for HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, taking place.”

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