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Wrexham players try to hold back James McClean as goading Mansfield fans try to jump barrier

Wrexham players try to hold back James McClean as goading Mansfield fans try their best to jump a barrier, only to be stopped by stewards.

McClean could be seen exchanging words back and forth with the home fans after the FA Cup First Round clash.

A video has surfaced with McClean pointing his fingers at an opposition supporter, who takes to follow the Irishman towards the tunnel.

Wrexham players and staff try to diffuse the situation, holding their teammate back.

McClean often receives jeers, especially around the time of Remembrance Weekend over his decision to not wear a poppy.

Yet, the home fans’ attempts to taunt their opponents didn’t stop Wrexham from advancing through to the Second Round, thanks to goals from Paul Mullin and Sam Dalby.

The Stags saw Rhys Oates return back to the starting lineup, and get a goal back with an excellent strike on the hour shortly after Mullin scored.

Speaking to iFollow Stags after the match, he said: “Yeah without a doubt [the finishing was the difference between the teams].

“I thought we had more situations and opportunities [to score] than they did. We didn’t hit the target enough and we certainly didn’t finish [enough of our chances].

“We didn’t make the [opposition] goalkeeper work enough.

“They put two great finishes away. One into the top corner and then Mullin curled another one in. There was an element of misfortune for the second one, certainly.

“I think it’s fair to say we haven’t had a break in the last couple of games in the penalty area. But, we have to be better, we’re creating the chances.”

Nigel was pleased with his side’s effort and general play in the contest.

He added: “I thought we started the second-half brilliantly. I thought they played well in the first-half, they were just a bit fresher than us.

“[The players] Have given absolutely everything, they were absolutely on their knees down there so I can’t ask any more of them.

“They [Wrexham] won’t have had many tougher games than they’ve had tonight.

“We’re just going to totally focus now on the league. No excuses now, [we’ll give] every single league game [our] full attention.”

Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson said: “I am immensely delighted.

“Mansfield have been flying high apart from Tuesday’s defeat. Before that they were unbeaten in 19 games, so I thought tonight we were immense.

“The two goals we scored were really good, particularly the first one and we had other chances in the first half. I know they did too, but we had some clinical moments of great football which we didn’t quite capitalise on.

“I said before the game that it was important we respected the history of Wrexham AFC in the FA Cup.

“The FA Cup means a great deal to Wrexham, who have a great tradition with it.

“So it was important we put in a performance our supporters who made the long trip and the ones back home watching on TV could be very proud of – and I think we’ve done that.”

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Twitter users reacted after seeing Wrexham players try to hold back James McClean as goading Mansfield fans try to jump the barrier…

@joshwilliamsDNO: Hahahahahaha state of them Mansfield fans, probably gunna go to Minecraft club in the morning and tell all there friends they had a fight with James McClean the dopey cunts

@_OnTheConcourse: Those fans look ard

@Connor_0404: Thank god the open gate held the Mansfield massive back, feared for his life for a moment there

@wxbster_: Dirty scabs hiding behind a fence 😂😂

@YogiOldfield: Don’t know who’s more embarrassing McClean or the Scab? Follows him down the touchline where the advertising board is knee height yet waits till the gate (that’s open) but tries to climb over before giving it Barry McGwigan being held back by a teeny tiny woman 🫣🤦🏼‍♂️😅 #shithouse

@jamie_nffc: Guy at the pretends to jump the open swung gate got me 😂🤣😂🤣

@GeorgeJonesWxm: Will never understand how a bloke refusing to wear a flower pisses off so many grown men. Get over it

@Joshhjones_98:Pretending to hop an open gate 😆

@JoshKempton_: McClean has his beliefs from where he grew up and how it affected him (whether right or wrong) I absolutely love when a half cut fan gets larey, knowing if they got face to face with him would end one way 😂😂 the charity work he does is incredible!

@rhyscardiff: How are people still outraged with the way he acts 🤣 you come from where he’s from, you grow up like he has, you’d have the same thoughts and beliefs as him. Always be proud of where you’re from 🫡

@KTics90: Grown man giving it big time whilst wearing a club shirt over a hoodie 😂. Get back to the early 2000s or the rugby

@OwenBradley87: Mulls pissing himself whilst the nobed attempts to climb over the already open gate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@awdavies1: Mansfield fan trying to climb an open gate!! 🤣🤣

@Paskins_tache: Macca needs to be careful there…. Those “football shirt over your coat” types are well known to be dangerous. Especially When they are out of the sight of their carers.

@Cianevans280702: Trying to climb an opened gate 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

@nickjwelsh: 😂😂😂. Good job that locked gate held you back

@RobCTID21: Why fan trying to climb empty gate 🙈🤣

@woolley3583: Shirt over hoody and fingerless gloves and stonewash jeans on 🤣🤣🤣

@Exhoolie46: What a lad, got them all on strings! 🤣🤣

@MrDRoberts95: Mullins laugh at the end. 😂😂

@arw84: Fan trying to climb the gate when it’s open to his right 🤣🤣

@tommyshuffle1: Mullin pissing himself when he tries to climb the gate hahahahah

@MichaelSStarkey: 😆😆😆😆 Legend. Absolute legend. Also, Mulls rolling when the kid climbs the gate. 😆😆😆😆

@Luke_s18: Grown adults wearing football shirts over hoodies. Says everything I need to know.

@ella_jadee_: It’s so funny because he would actually knock fuck out of em 🤣

@DanWrexham: Sensational piss boiling reds

Mullin absolutely creasing 🤣🤣
Some guy McClean 🍀

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