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Wrexham owner Rob McElhenney goes viral with incredible speech and others should take note

Wrexham owner Rob McElhenney goes viral on social media with an incredible speech and others should take note of what he said.

The celebrity turned non league chief has been applauded for how he views the responsibility of running a football club.

Back in February, after months on ongoing negotiations, Rob, along with Hollywood partner Ryan Reynolds surprised many when they completed their takeover of the fifth-tier National League outfit.

Some fans were understandably wary of the takeover but after taking the reins from the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST), they quickly became a hit with many, even more so after making many a gesture to the fans and community, then promised the club a £2 million investment before making their intentions known.

In an open letter addressed to the fans, they also promised to invest in a much needed permanent training facility, as well as exploring the renovation of the Racecourse Ground as it’s getting outdated in certain areas, yet still is an iconic ground that every now and again hosts international football.

Months later and, in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Hollywood actor McElhenney has once again earned respect for his views on being an owner.

In the interview, presenter Chris Stark brings up the subject of owners and the “very impassioned” debate on those at the top following the European Super League situaiton.

He then asks McElhenney if he feels “more of a burden” seeing how the European Super League has played out – which brought a perfect response from the American.

McElhenney says: “No, not necessarily and I think a lot of it is because of the approach.

“The word ‘owner’ as it pertains to a football club, makes no sense to me. I don’t understand how I, an American who was born in 1977 in Philadelphia, could own a football club that was born in the middle 1800’s in Wrexham, Wales.

“It doesn’t make any sense. The way that I approach it is that we are stewards of the club. I like the title ‘chairman’ much better than I like the title owner because I truly can’t own that. The town owns that.

“Our job is to come in as chairmen and to help facilitate the success so that the town can continue to flourish, the team can continue to flourish – and they can have success long after we are gone and there are new chair people that take over.”

As mentioned, the Wrexham owner Rob McElhenney goes viral with his incredible speech and there are calls that others should take note…

@robj_j: This is exactly how it should be @RMcElhenney is showing all the people who are in football for the wrong reasons exactly how it SHOULD be done . Hope he gets to enjoy massive success with @Wrexham_AFC and this becomes a blueprint for many more clubs and chairmen. well done sir!

@clouseofbristol: @BrynLaw think you could have struck gold with these fellas, they seem to understand what it’s about

@BrynLaw: I’ve been very encouraged by everything I’ve seen and heard so far. It’s not about making money, for themselves at least, they’re already very wealthy. It’s not about ego, they have other outlets that provide a far more suitable platform for that. It’s about the club & community.

@LiamRosney: What an unbelievable outlook of being top dog at a football club. Yes it’s only Wrexham and it’s completely different at the elite level but the so called big 6 could learn a lot about what fans want and need from his attitude towards ownership

@msj71: A lot of football club “owners”, try to say the right things. If you truly believe it and feel it, you don’t have to try

@MartynPmusic: That is so refreshing to hear, as Wrexham is my local club, I’ve got loads of mates how are passionate Wrexham fans, and I’ve been so impressed with how they’ve conducted themselves through the whole thing

@EwaSR: This is ridiculously wholesome.

@Rheady85: I’m not sure if I’m wearing rose tinted glasses, because of the fact Always Sunny is amazing, but this is a great stance to have as someone who has financially backed a lower league side. The Glazers et al could take note.

@Paul19646: Fantastic 👏 👏 👏 that should be the outlook of every football club owner.

@sarahwxm: We are so lucky to have you at Wrexham 🥰

@Tony_Bee: Absolute class. Lucky Wrexham!

@andyianbrown: Bang on! Now if only the ‘owners’ at the top of the pyramid shared your view

@MrScottW: This is exactly how a custodian of a football club should think. Excellent @RMcElhenney

@johnjones_97: Love it

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