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Wrexham fans sickened by vandals defacing mural with Chester ‘firm’ behind offensive message

Wrexham fans have been left sickened by vandals defacing a special mural with a Chester ‘firm’ behind making the offensive message.

Social media users expressed their disgust and disappointment with a message in reference to a fan who died written across a mural.

It comes a day before the Red Dragons’ title parade with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney expected to be in attendance having seen their side promoted from the National League for the first time in 15 years.

Wrexham’s parade takes place on Tuesday the 2nd of May, but on Monday, a day earlier, vandals wrote offensive messages on the mural which is displayed on the side of a house on Crispin Lane made in celebration of their promotion.

The message on the wall is thought to be a reference to the death a long-time fan, with ‘CFC,’ and ‘125’ added. This appears to be a reference to Chester’s firm.

Thankfully, the vandalism has since been cleared up, ready for the parade. The fact someone could be mindless enough to write such a thing, pure disrespect.

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The mural includes a red dragon hand-painted, which is the club symbol, as well as the slogan “Welcome To Wrexham”, referring to the popular Disney+ TV series that documents the club’s growth and transformation.

Ahead of the parade, Wrexham AFC CEO Fleur Robinson said: “It’s been a huge effort by everybody, on the pitch and off it, and this is a great opportunity for us to thank for the community of Wrexham for their incredible support.

“We are looking forward to commemorating a truly memorable and record-breaking season together.”

Lead member for economy and re-generation Cllr Nigel Williams said: “I’m sure that people will be out in large numbers to show their support for both successful Wrexham champion teams, it will be a fantastic momentous occasion for Wrexham.

I would encourage everyone attending to spread themselves out along the entire route to get a good view of the parade.”

This is what Twitter users said with Wrexham fans sickened by vandals defacing the mural with the Chester ‘firm’ accused of making the offensive message…

@Jon_hughes1: Sad, sad people. This will be condemned by most fans at Chester as well as everyone at Wrexham, I’m sure. Let’s get it cleared up and have a great night tomorrow.

@Louisejones283: Absolute sad tw*ts

@StattoWrexham: Flintshire Council need to re possess their ground and turn it into a Sewage farm!

@prog_head: I’m a Chester fan and don’t condone this in anyway. I have friends who support Wrexham. It’s a small, but pathetic minority.

@13Hillst: What an awful thing to do Jealousy at it’s worst 😡

@ProjTeotihuacan: This is gross as fuck

@jamesgls1985: I’m from Chester and don’t understand why people would do this. Shame on them.

@MJwxmafc: Fkin scum 😡

@AdamCooper180: This is just pathetic really had to be a child

@MikeJarvisWxm: 🤬 they’ve shamed their city and club

@aliMeg2022: 🙄 pointless and it won’t change the fact that Wrexham have been promoted …. Whoop whoop. Easy get that cleaned off…. Let’s not tarnish all fans with the same brush and not give these airheads the air time they want. We’ve got a party to go to tomorrow

@Damien186204: That’s actually vile. You always get cunts that take things way too far.

@NottsCountyZone: Absolutely vile thing to do. Pisstaking between clubs is great but things like this are way over the line, should be banned from Chester when identified.

@Hayleyjpearson: Absolutely disgraceful

@DewiHughes_: Convenient that it’s right by the train station, isn’t it. Whichever person/people responsible probably legged it up Crispin Lane straight home after they did it. Utter weirdos.

@djdavies16: Stay classy Chester… schoolboy brigade

@davekeighley80: Absolute scum from Chester fans this! Banter is one thing, this is shocking! Bet they did it at night with No chance of being seen the gutless c@*ts. Be nice if a few lads went to next Chester home game!

@Sher_is_Fierce: This is awful. Hopefully it can be repainted and cleaned up! ❤️‍🩹

@BarryWxm: @ChesterFC Hope your will condemn and actively attempt to identify the scum amongst your fan base that caused criminal damage to this mural and mocked a deceased Wrexham supporter. #DisgracefulAct #NotRealFans

@Steve767033961: @ChesterFC as a club you need to come out asap and condemn the appalling graffiti left by some Chester moron on the wrexham mural. It’s sickening and you need to distance the club from it now.

@sparri1986: Jealousy that’s all it is

@fearlessidzine: Mindless actions of a few morons desperately trying to keep their club relevant as the gap between ours and theirs widens. Disgraceful.

@Nuttall_Journo: Vandalism achieves nothing! 😡 @Wrexham_AFC

@foreveroufc: utterly grim this, really hope the catch the culprit because that’s sick and needs punishing! as if someone decided to think that was acceptable

@JessSteward344: It looks as good as new! So kind of you to do this for the club ❤️ Thank you from a fan! My daughter was upset when she saw the photos of it yesterday so she’ll be pleased to see it back in all its glory tonight!

@KieranJ86: Literally the best response to such a pathetic act 👏 Community, togetherness, Up the town!!

@JadeLWilliams86: Our town!!!!! ❤️🤍

@ricosbikeshack: This town 😍 Perfect for the parade later too! @wrexham @Wrexham_AFC

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